However well-intentioned, our hands are too often neglected – expected to fend for themselves as we shower our face with devotion (sorry hands)… but now that we’re washing and hand-sanitising with antibacterial gels and hot (hot, hot!) water, we have to acknowledge the pleas of our over-dried mains and show precious extremities overdue care and attention.

With hand soap that’s gentle (yet no less effective) and nourishing creams to replenish and soften, we’ve cherry-picked hand care to cherish the gnarliest palms and upgrade the mundane (make a date with your basin…)

If you’re longing for dinner with friends at your fave SoHo hangout then bring the esprit of its beautiful bathroom to yours with Aesop’s Resurrection collection – {Hand Wash}, {Hand Balm} and their chic {Rinse-Free} formula not only cement your impeccable taste but their blend of botanical extracts respect your industrious digits and leave them delectably scented.

The brainchild of perfumer Jo Malone, Jo Loves’ {A Hand Wash} brings much-needed chic to your WC with its minimal styling and soft, lavish lather. The fresh scent of crisp 'Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods' instantly conjures expansive outdoors with its clean, alpine profile. Try closing your eyes while you sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and letting your mind venture out for a while…

You’re unlikely to bask in Sevillian sunshine this summer so why not bring sun to your sink with this stunningly citrus-y {Orange & Bergamot Fine Liquid Hand Wash} and {Lotion}? Transporting you straight to the heart of España – evoking its lush orange groves, dappled sunshine and azure blue skies – Molton Brown’s duo will let you pretend you’re in Spain (when it’s pouring with rain). Who knew that washing your hands could equate to escapism?

If your fingers are feeling the pinch, replenish stressed, over-washed hands with Laura Mercier’s lightweight yet deeply conditioning {Hand Crème} in ‘Fresh Fig’ – a summery scent that envelops your sore, itchy skin with a comforting blanket of (non-greasy!) calm. Boasting a buffet of butters and extracts to soothe and accelerate healing, keep this by your desk to hydrate scaly skin and uplift with its ‘holiday’ perfume.

Simple and straight to the point, BeYou’s anti-bacterial {Hand Sanitiser} leaves no tacky residue (or dastardly germs) in its wake. With 70% alcohol to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, this helps to protect while respecting your skin and restoring your confidence by swiflty obliterating every insidious speck that could compromise health or wellbeing.