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Precious Sodimu
Writer and expert2 days ago
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An extreme close up of a medium-to-dark toned bronzing oil formula that features shiny speckles reflective off the liquid.

Ever wondered if self tanning was for hue? No — I don’t mean if it’s your ‘thing’, I’m referring to you and your skin tone. Here’s the short answer: self tanners are for everyone — and my deeper complexion loves them. Be it tanning drops, gradual tan oils or a trusted tanning mousse, I’ve found myself looking for new ways to embrace top-to-toe radiance, without a holiday in the calendar.  

Growing up, I wasn’t sure if shortcuts to sun-kissed skin included people who look like me — with my deeper complexion. There had always been a lot of misinformation surrounding self tanning on Black skin, all of which boiled down to... that’s not for us. If anything, the concept almost seemed unnecessary because achieving a golden glow felt like — and has always been — a process that my skin does all by itself without my help. After taking an SPF-slathered nap on the beach or the scenic route down to the Post Office on a warm day, my skin is left beaming with an even-toned, sun-warmed hue. Baring this in mind, it dawned on me that while the sun plays a consistent game of hide and seek in the UK, I’m also far too impatient to wait for the 30-second burst of summer. Enter: fake tan.  


I recently got my (tanning) mitts on TAN-LUXE's The Future Airbrush 360 Self-Tan Mist and let’s just say I think I’ve found the ultimate cheat code for must-be-Mykonos radiance. First things first, there’s zero mess and for someone who’s admittedly not the most clued up on self tanning trials and tribulations, that’s just what any novice needs. This not-to-be-mist formula is powered by the brand’s Triple Tan+ Technology, which works to develop a tailor-made glow that truly lasts. In just two hours, expect a golden tan and after four hours, unlock a deeper bronze hue. For me, this might just be the dream hack to all-year-round radiance. The best part? Its sweet notes of cassis, violet petals and white leather leave my skin scented with holiday nostalgia.  



My body (and face) are a hundred different shades at the best of times — which I’m okay with — but on the days when I’d like a bit more uniformity, fake tan comes to the rescue. When you put the tone-evening actives and exfoliators aside (thank you BHA and retinol), the Bondi Sands' Techno Face Serum in 'Caramel' grants a glow *without* needing another stamp on your passport. How do I use it? On clean and dry skin, I apply a liberal coat and leave on for up to six hours — just enough time to binge more than a few episodes of Desperate Housewives, if you’re anything like me. Its lightweight, lotion-like texture glides over the skin and unveils a brighter, sun-kissed finish (minus the damage) that’ll have everyone asking for a photo dump from your latest travels. The secret to the magic? Vitamin C and the brand’s Blemish Control Complex team up to keep breakouts at bay while ushering your skin’s natural luminosity forward.  



Not to quote the oontz oontz song of the century but... how deep is your glooow? The right answer: it’s up to you! One of the best things about fake tan is that it’s designed to adjust to your skin tone and preference. Typically ranging from fair to deep, there’s a shade match for everyone. Unsure of your happy medium (no pun intended)? Welcome tanning drops into your GRWM routine and mix a pipette or two with your moisturiser to either intensify or tone down your results. The one on my wishlist? TAN-LUXE's Super Glow Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum has caught my attention for many reasons. For starters, it’s packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients, which work to brighten the skin and its potent hyaluronic acid complex helps reveal a dew-drenched complexion... and lest we forget the golden glow. Talk about a skin care trifecta! 

*embed tanning serum* 


Obviously, we can’t talk about tanned skin without stressing the importance of a healthy, sun-shielded complexion. Achieving the ultimate summer radiance should never come at the cost of risking UV damage and so that’s why an icon like Nuxe’s Face and Body Sun Tanning Oil SPF 30 is a must-have. Forming a nourishing, protective layer, this spray-on oil delivers a satin finish that enhances your tan in seconds. Its formula boasts a botanical blend of rice and rosemary extracts, which work together to ensure your skin’s barrier remains intact. As if that wasn’t enough, Nuxe has bottled the essence of summer with a scented fusion of sweet orange, tiare flower and vanilla notes to teleport you to a faraway escape.  


The misconception that fake tan is exclusive to fairer skin tones is... you guessed it, fake news. If there’s anything I’d encourage you to take from my experience, it’s that you should explore — and debunk — your own beauty myths. Chances are, there’s a whole world of glow-giving secrets on the other side of your curiosity... 

Precious Sodimu
Writer and expert
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Precious is a Midweight Copywriter at Cult Beauty. Sticking her teeth into all things make up and skin care, Precious is always on the hunt for products that work perfectly together (while remaining loyal to her can’t-do-without staples). Like most beauty devotees, Precious doesn’t go a day without her trusted SPF 50+ and is a self-proclaimed fragrance-phile. Away from the vanity mirror, Precious can be found sat with a good book (probably by her favourite author, Toni Morrison) or nurturing her nostalgia with a quality animated film – namely Shrek.