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The key point of TAN-LUXE’s ‘tanifesto’? To change the tanning game and make it easy to achieve a flawless, streak-free post-holiday glow (without photo filters). TAN-LUXE uses patented ‘Transparent Tanning’ technology that delivers a natural, two-weeks-in-the-Maldives tan without the heavily pigmented chemicals found in some traditional formulas. Taking the smell, streaks and uncertainty out of at-home bronzing, TAN-LUXE is tested on real people, spelling the end of faux glow horror stories and heralding a new era of subtle sunkissing.



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Looking for non-transferable tanning from the comfort of your own home? Cue: TAN-LUXE. Putting you back in control of your bronzing, the brand blurs the lines between skin care, science and self-tanning to boost a sun-kissed sign off on-the-go. Fusing skin-loving ingredients with its Triple Tan Technology, TAN-LUXE understands that fake tan should not be a one-shade-fits-all product. With that in mind, it’s selection of streak-free mousses, serums and gradual tans build up to create your perfect shade.


After working in his hair salon for many years, TAN-LUXE founder and CEO, Marc Elrick realised that his clients had great hair and make up, but when it came to their self-tan, he couldn’t say the same. It was at this moment when the creative polymath began to research into how to achieve a natural, sun-kissed look from the comfort of your own home. After five years of research, developments, focus groups and 1000’s of submissions, Marc Elrick dreamt up TAN-LUXE to put you back in control of your home-bronzing. And the rest, is as they say, history...


TAN-LUXE prides itself on bringing a science-backed skin care approach to self-tanning. How? By bridging the gap between the three and creating the ultimate triple tanning threat. Powered by skin-loving ingredients, the brand’s products use natural tanning actives and it’s Triple Tan Technology to react with your natural skin tone and deliver a natural, soothing, sun-kissed glow. Oh, and did we mention that TAN-LUXE's crystal clear formulas are non-transferable – keeping both your sheets and clothing clean.