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Discover your signature scent with our fine fragrance range

Cult Beauty
Writer and expert3 years ago
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From BYREDO and Kilian Perfume to Le Labo and Jo Loves, our thoughtfully edited fragrance boutique has a perfume for every persona… (we recommend a wardrobe).

{For the free spirits}

A reflection of the unbridled energy and experimentation of youth, BYREDO's {Young Rose} marks a new era of floral fragrances; reimagining the classic rose scent by injecting it with notes of musk, ambroxan, Sichuan pepper and ambrette seeds, this exuberant perfume captures the spirit of freedom, adolescent optimism and pure passion.

{For the hopeless romantic}

Like the exhilarating innocence of first love, Kilian’s {Love, Don’t Be Shy Eau de Parfum} encapsulates those first nervous giggles, that initial tentative kiss, the secret soft touches and that tingling anticipation for the future. Here’s what one enamored customer had to say: “Heavenly. I read so many comments about this perfume — and how good Rihanna smelt wearing it — that I had to buy it. Wow, I’m glad I did. I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist and so many people stopped me to ask me what I was wearing!

{For the tireless adventurer}

Inspired by the Thailand's mouth-watering flavours and dizzying sensory onslaught, Jo Loves' {Mango Thai Lime} is ideal for a friend who is craving escapism - whisking them straight to the buzz of Bangkok with its mood-boosting blend of fresh, yellow-fleshed mango and zing of green citrus. A genderless scent that is licensed to thrill, the heart of fresh mint and the kick of black pepper then make for a memorable trip...

{For the men about town}

Cheap smells are not for this dapper dandy, whose suit is tailored and whose brogues are bespoke. No, it's all about the details for this man who moisturises and his scent must be as subtle as his Hermes socks are snazzy. Step forward Escentric Molecules' {Molecule 01}, which comprises just one fragrance molecule - Iso E Super - which magically melds with his own pheremones to enhance his powers of attraction. Think: 'the lynx effect' for more sophisticated gentlefolk. It's also unisex so you're at liberty to 'borrow' his bottle...

{For the bibliophile}

If your friend's highly strung, {Bella Freud's} Psychoanalysis - an aromatic homage to her late great grandfather Sigmund - is the nearest thing to therapy for those who're prone to stressing. Inspired by his study, this sultry, woody blend is infinitely reassuring with an unexpected edge - an androgynous medley of amber, tobacco and musk that evokes the oak-panelling, leather and plumes of cigar smoke integral to Mr. Freud's life as an analyst. Both soulful and intelligent, this is the thing for 'thinking women' - those who like their style with a generous dose of substance.

{For the francophile}

The French shrug distilled into bottles, Le Labo's chic, pared-back aesthetic belies their empowering Eau de Parfums. Ideal for garçons or les garçonnes, {Santal 33} is a sexy (we mean sexy), androgynous fusion of 33 notes that is equally 'right' with a t-shirt and jeans as it is with le smoking *exhales*. Harnessing the warm allure of ambrox (a synthetic ambergris), this opens with fresh, floral top notes of violet and iris before it evolves to the sensuous depths of loved leather and musk. It's a great way to subtly leave a long-lasting impression.

{For the seventies siren}

If your friend feels at home in a floor-sweeping jumpsuit and towering platforms, Charlotte Tilbury's {Scent of a Dream} is ideal for all disco divas. Unapologetically sexy, this hedonistic blend is spellbinding - boasting a bold 'fleurotic' heart and 'psychoactive' base of hedione, Iso E Super and ambroxan, this ensures she'll be belle of the ball. Studio 54-esque, Charlotte cites supermodel Kate Moss as her muse, so tell your friend to mist this liberally, lace her lids with glitter and prepare to dominate the nearest dancefloor...


Cult Beauty
Writer and expert
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