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Why staying in is the new ‘going out’

Cult Beauty
Writer and expert3 years ago
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If you're reeling from the realisation that your usually chock-a-block December diary is unavoidably yet decidedly sparse this year, we're here to show you the well-being wonders of staying in... Let's face it, even the most extroverted struggled to cope with the whirlwind of festive receptions, prosecco-fuelled lunches and Monday-night drinks (remember those?) that traditionally accompanies the run-up to Christmas, so we've curated an edit of {self-care} essentials that will leave you feeling refreshed and make staying in seem more bearable…


Swap getting soaked for a soul-soothing soak as you rush home to wash the week’s stresses away with the bathwater. Lace a hot tub with goop’s {G.Tox Detox Salt Bath Soak} – a softening cocktail that helps to negate the effects of the festive excesses and grant an excuse for some much-needed ‘me time’.


Now that your body’s in prime ‘hibernation’ mode, give sluggish lymph nodes a much-needed ‘tszuj’ with some dry body brushing. A great way to stimulate drainage and help your fatigued filter system eliminate toxins, getting to grips with some bristles will slough away scales and help flush out a hangover. Try Dr. Barbara Sturm's {Body Brush Medium}.


Pining for sunshine? Simulate summer by making a date with your favourite self-tanner. A brilliant distraction and our age-old excuse to duck out of drinks when you need a night off (never again...), invest in a glow-bestowing formula to make sure you radiate health when you finally honour your pals with your presence. Isle of Paradise’s {Self Tanning Water} comes in three shades for an envy-inducing, post-holiday bronze.


Lost your glow-jo? Don’t worry, {Westman Atelier} has enough for everyone! A little something to help you feel more put-together (read: pretend as though you could be seeing other life forms), the {Vital Skin Foundation Stick} melts into skin for a radiant finish that looks just like your natural skin, enhanced. The creamy formula blends effortlessly for an uber-dewy finish while a medley of antioxidants and good-for-you actives protect and perfect your skin.


Finding some valuable time with your thoughts can be tricky when flooded with festive requests, work commitments and back-to-back Zoom calls — didn't we learn from the first lockdown? Stay sane by carving out five minutes of mindfulness aided by Uma’s {Pure Calm Wellness Oil} – a heavenly, fret-quelling cocktail of chamomile, jasmine and vetiver that helps you feel ‘zen’ when you’re starting to stress.


When you’ve made it through Hump Day reward your survival by building the cosiest ‘nest’ you can fashion and lighting the ‘bougiest’ bougie. Cire Trudon’s impressive confections have famous (and infamous) fans so discover your dormant Madonna (she’s in there) and don your best loungewear to bask in the joy of an evening enveloped in opulence. You’ve earned it…


‘“Sorry, I’m washing my hair” is legitimate cause to renege on just about any occasion - be it virtual or otherwise - when the weather’s sub-zero and night-time starts at 5pm. I swear by this rich and replenishing hair mask that knows how to nourish stressed, winter-wrecked tresses so make time to show locks some much-needed love when the mercury plummets.’ - Verity, Content Editor


Cult Beauty
Writer and expert
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