Founded in the 16th century, Trudon is the oldest, active candle manufacturer in the world. Starting its legacy by supplying the French monarchy and Napoleon, the brand’s indulgent home fragrances are hand-poured in Normandy and inspired by history. Complementing your surroundings and filling your space with unique scents, each aroma combines the finest ingredients with exceptional artisanal skills.



TRUDON Alabaster Atria 270g

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Beginning its heritage on the rue Saint Honoré in Paris, Trudon is the world’s oldest luxury candle and home fragrance brand. Created in 1643, by Claude Trudon, the brand’s decadent candles were formed from impeccably white, bleached bees wax – which is still used to this day. Housed in glass vessels and hand poured in Normandy, each home fragrance is associated with a historical theme or famous person... we’re talking everyone from Josephine Bonaparte to the wooden floors in the Palace de Versailles.


After opening his store in 1643 selling spices and homemade candles, Claude Trudon began co-creating with a manufacturer, receiving the prestigious Royal Manufacturer honour in 1719. By 1737 the next heir to Trudon — Jérôme — acquired the Royal Wax Manufacture in Antony, France and here perfected the bleaching of the brand’s famed beeswax. By 1811, Trudon was supplying white candles to not only the Royal Court of France, but also Churches throughout the country. By 1889 the company was awarded a gold-medal for groundbreaking candle-making techniques. It wasn’t until 2007 however, that Trudon turned its attention to scented wax. Working with some of the world's most renowned noses, the brand’s aromas captivate and enhance their surroundings.


A Trudon classic, the Salta scented candle is a love affair dedicated to grapefruit. Considered by the Chinese as one of the most sacred fruits in the world, it’s also a symbol of prosperity. Blended with a mix of verbena and hyacinth this olfactory offering is citrusy, fresh and aromatic all at once. Taking inspiration from the brand’s history of supplying churches across France with white candles for mass, the Spiritus Sancti fragrance recalls the emotive and heady aroma of holy scents. Featuring a fresh and floral heart with notes of lily of the valley and a rich base of labdanum and exotic incense vapours, this candle offers an uplifting, floral finish which is said to bring luck in love.