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    Nurse JamieUpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller<p>As un-put-downable as a bestselling novel and a favourite with discerning A-List beauties, the Nurse Jamie UpLift Massaging Beauty Roller is an innovative tool designed to revive and uplift the face and body. Simply roll the unique hexagonal barrel all over skin to leave it feeling energised and enhanced &#8211; thanks to the 24 tourmaline stones which help stimulate sluggish skin cells (and &#8216;exercise&#8217; the underlying facial muscles). Utilising a rhythmic rolling action, the UpLift replicates the techniques used in real life nurse (and clinical skin care expert) Jamie Sherrill&#8217;s exclusive, collagen-boosting facials. Renewed, youthful-looking, even skin is just a roll away &#8211; use it daily for optimal results.</p>NUR015107978565170053625 stars, based on104 reviews 55.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Nurse Jamie UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller

    Nurse Jamie
    UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller

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    • Why it's Cult

      Like a workout for your face, this innovative tool is encrusted with 24 massaging stones containing tourmaline quartz to tone, tighten and energise skin. A firm(ing) favourite among skin-savvy celebs (Khloé Kardashian called it her ‘magic wand of beauty’), the roller replicates the techniques used in Nurse Jamie’s signature facials. 

    • Description

      As un-put-downable as a bestselling novel and a favourite with discerning A-List beauties, the Nurse Jamie UpLift Massaging Beauty Roller is an innovative tool designed to revive and uplift the face and body. Simply roll the unique hexagonal barrel all over skin to leave it feeling energised and enhanced – thanks to the 24 tourmaline stones which help stimulate sluggish skin cells (and ‘exercise’ the underlying facial muscles). Utilising a rhythmic rolling action, the UpLift replicates the techniques used in real life nurse (and clinical skin care expert) Jamie Sherrill’s exclusive, collagen-boosting facials. Renewed, youthful-looking, even skin is just a roll away – use it daily for optimal results.

    • How to use

      Massage each desired area for 30-45 seconds. Use daily for optimum results. Promotes anti-aging techniques used in our renowned collagen boosting facials. Avoid contact with sensitive areas such as the middle of throat and nose and direct contact with immediate eye area or open wounds. Suitable for most skin types.

      Precautions: If you have a pacemaker or electronic implanted device, have metal allergies, have epilepsy/seizures or active cancer, are pregnant, are under the age of 18, or if you have any medical concerns, please consult your doctor before using this beauty tool.

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    Nurse Jamie - UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller

    Nurse Jamie UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller Reviews

    Yeah I didn’t pay for this either, so can I even complain?
    It’s a fun gimmick and I will use it but it’s very unpleasant to use on my forehead or neck or chest or nose so that only really leaves my cheeks. I’ve not noticed any temporary or permanent improvement and the price is very amusing when you consider it’s made in China and the identical genetic can be readily bought direct for less than a tenner. But I didn’t pay for it so for me it’s harmless (hopefully) fun. I don’t find it stays cool in hot weather. I have a ‘real techniques’ under eye roller which stays cooler than this. But, I’m open minded enough to keep going with it and if I’m surprised I will update this review ;)
    My favourite step in my routine!
    I love a tool, especially when it does a lot for me with minimum effort, this is so easy to use I often find myself grabbing it and using it while I'm watching something or just relaxing on the sofa. I get really bad tension around my temples, sinuses, and jaw, using it daily has really made a difference and it does an amazing job at depuffing and lymphatic draining without requiring me to be an expert in facial massage. I have noticed that my skin looks firmer and more toned and it is really easy to use on the neck too, I love that it also helps my products to penetrate more easily into the skin to make the most of my skincare.
    Self massage self love!
    I was a bit sceptical about this product but as loads of review recommended it and I wanted to treat myself, I thought I'd give it a go. I followed the routine (instructions given with the roller) and honestly my face felt so good after. I'm not sure if it made a difference but my face definitely felt great afterwards.
    Morning skincare routine just got upgraded.
    Wow! I just LOVE this tool. It's addictive and once you start rolling, you can't stop. Super easy to use and perfect for someone who would like to start introducing a tool into their routine but doesn't know where to start (let's be real some tools can look pretty confusing). The visible difference to the skin after is incredible. So much less puffy and more lifted!
    Um obsessed
    I am a big fan of all this facial massaging, tools, and anything to help depuff, decongest, lift and firm the face and this little beauty does it all. The Tourmaline stones are so joyous and cooling and calming I find I am constantly reaching for it for pure facial rolling enjoyment. I'm not going to lie I really feel not only relaxed but my skin looks so much more glowy as well, it's a winner for me.
    Highly recommended
    Love this product! My skin looks so much firmer and plump after a few uses and loves the way my skincare gets absorbed into my skin after using this!
    Highly recommend
    Very cooling and perfect after applying skincare to ensure it’s all massaged into skin effectively. I love it.
    Highly recommend
    Love the product, much easier to use than quartz or amethyst roller.
    Love this!
    I really do love this. many people told me my face looks thinner and I've been using it every day for 3 consecutive weeks. it really helps the serum sink in the face and tones my face
    Really does the job
    I bought this because I had a case of FOMO and I love it. It instantly depuffs my face in the morning and gives me more of a sculpted look when applying it before make up. I like rollering after putting on any serums as I feel it helps them penetrate into the skin better! It's really heavy and feels luxurious.
    Perfect Face Pick me Up
    I love the feeling of giving my face a little massage in the morning and evening. I keep it in the fridge and I love how that helps depuff my face!! Definitely worth the investment.
    Really love how you can see an effect really quickly.
    My new fav
    It feels great on the skin and really relaxing. This is the best one I bought recently!
    Blown away..
    I was quite sceptical of all the rave reviews I read of this before purchasing. Pleased to say, I have been blown away by the amazing results I have seen. I think consistency is key, I've used religiously every day for 10 mins or so every evening, and honestly believe my crow's feet are less and everything just seems slightly lifted. At 46 years old this is a godsend!
    Absolutely amazing
    I cannot recommend this highly enough. It helps with everything from reducing swelling to product absorption! It's not as cheap as a jade roller but it's so worth the money! The best beauty tool I've ever owned.
    I hardly write reviews but this “magic wand” as Khloe Kardashian calls it is actually a magic wand. Just three days of use and my face feels lifted and fresh.
    Just splurge!!
    In all honesty, I bought this because of Tati and Jessica Alba. My God! They are right! This works like magic! Just splurge I’d say! See it for yourself!
    It works
    I didn't know what to expect but I am pleasantly surprised. My concern is mainly puffy face in the morning and loss of elasticity. I feel like this roller instantly gets rid off my puffy face and it makes it look more fresh, tighter and gives it a nice colour. If it is just thanks to a facial massage or this specific roller that I don't know. I am just happy it works and will continue to use it.
    With daily use, results are awesome.
    Pretty to look at, but feels cheaply made and hasn't done much...
    I spent a lot of money on this roller, hoping it would stimulate my glands and encourage my skincare products to absorb more quickly. It is a fancy-looking tool and the cold feeling on my face is nice when I use it but it hasn't made any difference at all to my actual skin. In addition, for the price paid, the roller feels quite flimsy and cheaply-made.
    After 3 months of use, the massager began to rotate badly. When I contacted Cult Beauty’s support, they said that they could not replace it as it was outside warranty.
    I use it in different ways
    High quality, but unfortunately didn't notice any improvement on my face, however I use it on my upper arms to get rid of cellulite and found it firming, I also use it to massage my scalp it feels good! Don't like it on my face.
    The very best!
    The best hand massager. He is better than Japanese ReFa. Made very high quality, works well all the muscles, besides, it is very beautiful.
    Powerful tool
    I used it everyday on my face, my neck and my arms. I could clearly see the difference on my body straight away. My face was brightened and looked younger. Because of my work, I often use my mobile phone. When my eyes are tired, I use this roller to massage my forehead for five minutes and it soothes me eyes. The quality is great. So I highly recommend this product.
    so easy to use
    It feels great on the skin, rolls very effortlessly and smoothly. Helps to relax and roll in products. It´s just quite expensive but apart from that I really enjoy using this tool!
    Poor quality. Stones are falling out.
    I bought this item less than a year ago but did not have chance to use it on a daily basis. I was using it maybe once in every few weeks. I was using it without any creams or serums. However the stones started to fall out from the tool! I already lost some of those. Very poor quality for this price.
    Relaxing roller
    I've not noticed any reduction in puffiness, nor fine lines but find using this roller really relaxing. It's lovely and cooling on my skin and makes my sensitive skin feel calmer. Would recommend for the relaxation alone :)
    Nurse Jamie roller
    Did not do anything for me. The roller had such a squeaky noise when I received it and really irritates me when I use it. Would not recommend.
    Amazing results.
    I bought this because Kausal recommended it on Youtube. This is worth the buy. You can use it while watching TV. My mum was with me for a while and she started to use it. She loved Nurse Jaime. Really amazing product.
    Works really well. Very pleased with this purchase
    I really wanted to love this but it makes an annoying sound when using it. Kinda irritating for something priced this high. I requested to return this item but customer service replied saying its normal to have the squeaky sound when rolling. As for the "effect" after using it, did not really notice a huge difference on my face.
    Must have
    Really help. I use every morning and happy!
    My favourite beauty tool!
    Love it! Leaves skin glowing and lifted. You definitely see a difference after a few minutes. I love it so much that I've gifted it a few times, lol. I recommend.
    Неожиданно -отличный продукт!
    Не ждала особенных чудес, но оказалась приятно удивлена результатами. Отлично снимает утреннюю отечность, помогает освежить цвет лица. ***I did not expect special miracles, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Excellent. Removes morning swelling, helps to refresh the complexion.***
    Nurse Jamie magic wand!
    I have to say I am not one for writing reviews. However felt this product has been such an amazing obsession. I roll my face every morning and evening and love how it feels on my skin. Also the results are quite astonishing! Wouldn’t be without now.
    Fab Product!
    I love this! You do have to use it daily to get the benefits. With daily use, I have noticed reduced puffiness around my eyes. It feels lovely and cool on the skin too!
    No difference
    I haven't really noticed any difference since I started using it, to be honest. Now I just use it because I feel like it's a nice way to get serums and creams massaged into the skin.
    Great product
    Love using it but I notice the difference only the days I use it.
    Love love
    I just love this beauty tool!
    Nothing special
    Absolutely agree with RBLDN. Just another expensive useless tool in my collection.
    The Best Tool
    Really like the effect of it. Super relaxing. I keep it in the refrigerator when I use it in the morning it's depuffing my eyes and wakes me up. Don't regret buying it.
    Love this tool
    I absolutely love this tool. I wake up very early to start my day. So when I start my makeup, my face is still puffy. Since I started using Nurse Jamie Beauty Roller (recommended by Beauty guru Tati) I noticed that my face de-puffs so much quicker. My eyes feel so much nicer and ready to put eyeshadows on. The whole face feels awake. This tool will not give a long-term uplift, but it definitely uplifts you for a day!
    Nurse Jamie
    Amazing product!
    Not worth it
    The product was so hyped up because of celebrity use but this product is not worth it at all, you can get cheaper facial massagers around that does the same thing. Also, I have used this for few weeks every day for a few minutes and there has been no difference.
    I don’t get the hype at all. I wish I got better results from this than just a nice feeling of something massaging the face. I’ve been using it a few weeks and can’t notice a single difference. I think massaging the face with fingers is far more effective as you can apply different pressure which you can’t do with this tool plus it’s far too large to actually move around the face properly. Save your money!
    Not worth the hype
    I didn't see any change or lift to my skin at all. It feels nice but the pressure isn't deep enough for it to really give a lifting effect. It feels cooling on the skin but the cooling doesn't last because the wand warms up after you're done with one area of the face. Don't waste your money!
    So good and really easy to use!
    Such an enjoyable product to use
    This is not a miracle tool BUT it is definitely worth the purchase if you can afford it. You only have to buy it once and then enjoy it forever! The massaging effect for someone such as me who frowns and holds tension in the face is lovely, but the effect of the feeling and appearance of my skin is the real winner. I suffer from puffy skin after I've used moisturiser or serum so I really enjoy using this product to help reduce some of that puffiness and help my products absorb. I have noticed my skin appears firmer and I particularly enjoy using it around the jaw and gently around the eyes. It feels good quality (not too heavy but certainly weight there to make it feel more substantial) and I enjoy that you can use the smooth side for more sensitive areas whilst the other more heavy duty side is more suitable on the cheekbones (and the dreaded double chin!) Twice a day use with a moisturiser or serum and I'm finding the quality of my skin improved - I feel like it is simply the temporary effect from regular use however as long as it's working I'm not complaining!
    So relaxing
    I love this tool. It is relaxing and so effective. Feels like a little facial. I even noticed my headache vanishing after using it. Nice.
    Quick and easy
    I use it twice a day before the skincare routine. After about 3 weeks, I noticed the results around my eyes. Circles are less dark and almost no puffiness at all when I wake up.
    Quick; easy with uplifting results
    So I ummmed and hmmed about this for about 4 months before deciding to buy this as it's pretty expensive and considered the jade roller instead. I was looking for preventative tools to help the structure of my face. This is incredible I wasn't expecting to see an instant result which I did with this. It's quick and easy but also works all over. I use this on my stomach where it was stretched to insanity after my two kids. It's actually helped there too and helped the skins elasticity and feels like the tummy pouch I have is slowly firming up It's a very versatile product I feel like it will last for years and I'm glad I got it.
    Excellent tool for my beauty routine
    I love the radiance you get after a good facial, so I have grown to love facial massage as a mild, healthy way to improve blood flow and boost collagen production. To be honest, I expected very little from this tool; I ordered it just so I could work my skincare products in better at the end of the day. I was surprised to see my beautiful, radiant complexion the next morning. The lifting results may be temporary but the healthy, plumped skin means I skip foundation now, even though I don't get nearly enough sleep. I have been using this for weeks for a few minutes in front of the telly at night. It's the best version of my skin I've ever seen, apart from my trips to the beautician's. Absolutely recommended.
    Relaxing & effective
    I have been rolling twice daily, morning and night. Skin appears smoother post 'roll' and it's a pleasant somewhat relaxing experience. The box is sturdy and the tool is fully protected (thought this would be good when travelling or on a flight) box contains good instructions on how to use. Tool feels sturdy and well made. The cons: none. Great tool, feels effective, think it will travel well and be particularly handy on flights or when you want a skin / facial contour pick me up.
    Are you serious?
    I am glad I didn't pay for this. After watching skin decisions I became a fan of Nurse Jamie and had to try her products. This was a free gift....I thought it was like an electronic that vibrates or something but it is basically an overpriced roller and heavy as well.
    Black tourmaline
    I really like this simply for the inclusion of black tourmaline. Sweeping this grounding and negativity clearing crystal across your face whilst also working to help de-puff and drain your complexion of toxins is a uniquely satisfying experience for me. Since I haven't been able to get regular facials during the lockdown, it's been nice being able to treat my skin in a different way with this tool.
    Feels amazing with a Benefit Included
    This really does feel like a massage for the neck and face and I find helps just destress weather at the beginning, during or end of the day. I love using this with a face mask to add some tonnage to the face, help with some lymphatic drainage and add some heat to help the absorption of ingredients ... looking to try using this with the FaceWrap Skin Perfecting Silicone Mask to really double down on the product penetration.
    Surprisingly addictive
    I love skincare tools, but I am notoriously forgetful in using the. Enter UpLift! I love that I can use this at any time, and I don't need to worry about removing any gel or about what product I have on underneath (obviously not makeup). This is so easy to add into your routine and it's so relaxing for my severe jaw tension too. I love that this gives a good flush to your skin, it shows it's working and stimulating the skin. Of course, this isn't doing what a micro current device would do, but for de-puffing, relaxation and overall stimulation then this is an absolute must-buy! Do not under-estimate the power of facial massage! The tourmaline stones feel so lovely and cooling, I can't wait to use this on hot summer days. Perfect as a pick me up in the day, and for a relaxing facial massage before bed.
    Don't waste your hard earned cash
    Really terribly made. One of the stones came out in a week. Have been using it twice a day for 3 weeks and noticed no difference. The only plus is that it has helped cool my skin in the mornings of hot days. There are plenty of other things to spend your money on.
    Love it!
    Been using the roller everyday. I have bad and complicated skin. Redness, puffy through the day, extreme oily T-zone and itchy dry cheeks. Now this roller doesn’t cure it all, but my face looks much more toned and I have less red spots. If there’s a “redness trigger”, it’s still bad, but overall I do love how it improves my skin.
    Nice one.
    Its nice and lift the face up!
    Best facial roller I’ve used.
    It’s sturdy, ergonomic, comes in this gorgeous purple colour and does the job really well. Don’t look anywhere else, this is the roller for you.
    Nurse Jamie roller
    It’s expensive for what it is. But effective if used everyday to give a glow. Doesn’t do much else.
    Feels pleasant enough but no results
    I like the feel of this tool on my skin first thing in the morning gently under my eyes in an upward motion, especially as it’s quite cool. Think it’s also good for waking up my skin but I don’t think it’s doing anything to soften my wrinkles or firm my skin.
    Not worth the price
    I got this with such high hopes it’s so disappointing no results after so many uses. Disappointed.
    Beauty Secret
    I was skeptical at first, but after a few uses, I started to understand the appeal. It's very handy, accessible and makes noticeable differences to your face and texture of skin. I always use after I put on a serum and the roller really helps soak everything in. I even do it while watching TV in the evenings! Its worth investing in.
    I like it
    I've bought this roller because of the positive reviews and been using it for a month now. I don't see such a huge difference on my face but I do like the massage. I would also like to have a travel bag for it.
    Holy Grail!
    I absolutely love this tool! I use it in the morning and evening for about 10 minutes and I really notice a difference. My skin looks depuffed and uplifted. Also, I noticed that the lines under my eyes as well as my prominent smile lines are less noticeable. It’s a holy grail for me and I can honestly see the difference when I don’t use it!
    Excellent product,works like a bomb. I would defiantly recommend. However, i wish it came with a little case to keep it in especially with the price you pay for it
    Can’t see result, quality is worrying
    I tried to roll under my eyes to help with my eye bags for almost a month, so far no improvement. The roller starts to make noise after first week of using and starts to lose its colour after 2 weeks. Maybe it takes time, but I thought it’s advertised as instant but temporary result? Anyway, it doesn’t work, disappointing.
    So so
    Okay tool that is relaxing and does seem to stimulate blood flow in the face. I like that is it cool to the touch and has a weight to it but it is wildly overpriced. I got this tool on sale for £30 which I’m not overly mad at but I 100% would not have bought this for £55. It is a relaxing, luxury product but certainly not a necessity or revolutionary product.
    Очень порадовал! ***Very pleased!***
    Использую каждый день!Снимает утренние отеки,кожа и правда как будто подтягивается,нисколько не пожалела,что заказала! ***I use this every day! reduces the morning swelling, the skin feels tightened up, so I do not regret what ordered!***
    Miracle Worker
    My skin is so much more plump and glowy. All because of this product! I absolutely love the results. Use this every morning and every night and I l promise you won’t be disappointed with how great your skin looks when adding into your skincare routine.
    Nice to have
    Really good tool, I believe that it can make difference in case you'll use it on daily basis. Price is up there also, but result is visible almost straight away. Nice cool filing.
    Doesn't do as it says.
    I would not recommend someone to spend their money on this item, it's very expensive and you will not see any changes. I've had this product for two years now, and I see no results or changes. The only good thing about it is that it feels good when you roll it on your face as it feels cold. It's a waste of money.
    Great product.
    You can see the different from the first day of using it. Now I use it every day.
    Not really useful for a girl under 30
    Haven't noticed any results. However feels good.
    Allergic reaction
    I previously left a 3 star review for this product but the site does not let me amend it so this is an updated new one. Previously I found the roller relaxing but did not see any results. Since then, I’ve noticed my skin getting worse and worse with lumpy blemishes everywhere, especially on my eyebrows (!) and under the chin where I work the Nurse Jamie roller a lot. For several weeks I thought my bad skin was due to something else, perhaps stress and lack of sleep. But now I’ve connected it to the roller and am disappointed with this product all round. Research implies that the roller contains nickel and I’m allergic to nickel. Now, it does say on the description of the product on this website that people with metal allergies should be wary. I can’t remember whether I didn’t see that warning or whether I didn’t pay it much attention as I don’t react to any other metals, and usually nickel is contained in more cheap products and I assumed this wouldn’t contain much. Quite disappointing for a ‘quality’ product but I should’ve been more cautious when reading the description. Overall, it had no instant effects (or even any affects after 2 months of daily use) in terms of uplifting the skin and making it look rejuvenated in any way, and was very effective in giving me a face full of blemishes. Shame.
    No instant results
    I’ve been using this for about a month daily for at least 15 minutes. I haven’t noticed any difference yet whatsoever, but I do have a solid skincare regime. I believe in the positive effects of facial massage though, so I’m fairly confident this will give good results over the long term. I think proper massage with fingers is best for the skin but as I don’t know how to do that and haven’t learned, I’ll use this tool as an almost-as-good option. In general, I certainly can’t see any instantaneous effects - although if I’m ever extremely puffy or whatever, I’m sure it would help. I keep it in the windowsill downstairs where it stays cold so feels lovely and refreshing when I give my face a once-over in front of the tv.
    Smooth happy skin
    I've been using my roller for about a month now and I haven't noticed the squeaky sound that some people have mentioned. The lines on my forehead have really reduced, to the point where I can't even see them on some days, and I've found it's really good at helping your moisturiser get into your skin - I rub my day cream/night cream in with my fingers first, then use the roller, and my skin feels so much softer and better moisturised after using it. I don't know how it stays so cool even in a hot room, but I love it. It's magic!
    Lives up to YouTube videos - purple is not my favourite color.
    Nurse jamie facial roller.
    Really pleased with this product I use it 3-4 times per week and feel the results instantly. It's fab especially when I use my eye cream and roll under the eye area and above as it depuffs my eyes and really cools my skin. Overall I would recommend this product.
    Ролер nurse jamie
    Очень понравился ролер, кожа после массажа более упругая и подтянутая , снимает отечность и улучшает кровообращение. Использую каждое утро, очень довольна!!! ***I really liked the roller, the skin after the massage is more elastic and toned, relieves puffiness and improves blood circulation. I use every morning, very happy!!!***
    I started seeing a difference quite quickly, my face just overall looks better. I don't have wrinkles yet, but my cheeks became a little saggy after losing weight, and this definitely made a difference <3 I'm so happy with it.
    Surprising, great
    Went through a tough test a week ago when I was beyond tired and looking not my best. It looked like I had 3 hours more sleep.
    Je l’utilise tous les jours et j’en suis ravie! Le massage tonique active la circulation sanguine et donne un effet immédiat. Au bout de quelques semaines d’utilisation la peau est p’us ferme. Très simple a utiliser et très agréable !! Je recommande ce produit *** 263/5000 I use it every day and I am delighted! The tonic massage activates the blood circulation and gives an immediate effect. After a few weeks of use, the skin is firmer. Very simple to use and very nice !! I recommend this product***
    A great morning must have
    I really love using this tool every morning, it really helps to depuff my face and very relaxing.
    Firming up my face
    I love it. it's just finding the time for myself to massage my face. Besides that I can see benefits in my appearance. My eyes are not puffy any more and my frowning lines have reduced.
    Great product
    Love using this every day it definitely helps reduce the puffiness and it always feels nice and cool on the skin.
    Not sure...
    When I received it I started using it twice a day morning and evening. On the following morning, I have woke up with a swollen face especially significant under the eye area. Not sure what I was doing wrong. Since then I’m hesitant to try it again. Otherwise good quality product.
    A Treat
    Love using this, it's quite relaxing in an odd way. I definitely feel refreshed and somewhat de-puffed immediately after use. I haven't been diligent about using it every day so can't speak about long-term benefits (not that I'm expecting any miracle results) but it's a handy tool to have and treat yourself. I can see myself bringing this along with me for my travels as a pick me up. Product quality is excellent save for the occasional squeaks when rolling.
    Best face roller
    So far this is the best facial roller I have purchased. Nothing like the jade rollers far easier to use and a firmer massage.
    Very-very good!
    I loved this tool from my first massage! My skin feels so good! Thank you!
    Easy to use
    It's a very handy tool to have, especially if one travels frequently. I did not notice any major difference in my skin. However, it feels very soothing and firming while using the product. A little bit disappointed that it is MIC due to the high price point. [Doesn't mean it badly made, just a bit disappointed towards the price tag.]
    Good, but annoyingly squeaky
    Good product with noticeable results but it is so squeaky it's incredibly annoying!!
    Great addition to my skin care
    Fab tool only used for a short while and have already noticed a change in my skin appearance being more smooth and has a glow to it.
    Nurse Jamie
    I enjoy using this product. Nothing to charge, no special creams, gels or serums to purchase. It feels nice and relaxing. I have not used it for long so not sure what changes it will make to my skin. The squeaking is a little annoying.
    The perfect skincare tool!
    I initially purchased this on a random late night shopping whim. I am so happy I did! I have really noticed a difference in the texture of my skin. It looks smoother, more revitalised, firmer and healthy! The tool itself feels much heavier than I thought it would be and it takes a few days to find a routine but now I really enjoy using it morning and evening. My skin feels like I've been for a facial after use.
    Great beauty tool!
    Really like the effects on Nurse Jamie's Uplift roller, the skin feels tight. Super relaxing doing it at night and every morning after my day cream.
    I like it! Works
    I wanted to buy this massage roller because it has reviewed Giulia Cova, a famous and very professional Italian YouTuber of which I trust, and I must say that used with constancy works very well, face more deflated and contours more defined. I also took him on the road and I adored him! I have swollen eyes especially in the morning and placing the roller under the jet of icy water is great for massaging the contour of the eyes! The next morning I woke up finally with deflating eyes! I'm glad of the purchase!
    So good!
    Can't explain it - it just works!
    Magic wand
    So I've been wondering if this is a beauty tool or a magic wand. I've only been using it for a week and I've never looked so well rested! I hold a lot of tension in my face so it feels amazing and the benefits speak for themselves.
    Yasss Nurse Jamie
    I too was a little sceptical about this product but once I made it a consistent part of my routine I grew to love it immensely and I now use it 1-2 times a day! It's great to use at night with a facial oil and even better used after waking up when your 'pillow face' needs invigorating fast. I really respect the the brand have made this product so easy to use with foolproof instruction pamphlet that is included! You cannot go wrong with this!
    I love this product
    It is so relaxing and it refreshes your face instantly.
    A very easy face massage
    I'm a huge face massage advocate (I do this twice a day for years with oils and by hands). I was looking for something that would not be as time-consuming and that would not require to wash everything off with water. At first, I was skeptical about how the UpLift Facial Massage would really make its way into my routine - I have 3 other devices that I do not use that much, unfortunately - but this one, I just love it! It's really easy to use after you've completed your skincare routine: it rolls very well on the skin (you do not need to apply any pressure at all), provides a relaxing experience and it really helps with the blood circulation so that your skin looks very glowy at the end of the massage. I could definitely get the same effect by tapping my face with my own fingers but it would be far more tedious to do it for this long on myself. I also love that you don't need to charge it, you can basically bring it with you everywhere for a quick lifting effect.
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