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Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow Memory Foam Edition - White 1 piece

Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow Memory Foam Edition - White 1 piece

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Like it, don’t love

I’ve been sleeping on this pillow almost daily for 2 years.  Pros: comfy, soft, doesn’t pull on skin, easy to clean, you can get replacement cases, easy to travel with.  Cons: personally, I move a lot in my sleep so I end up falling off the pillow most evenings, my face doesn’t look any different (lol), not real silk, my partner thinks I’m crazy, it looks silly on your bed.  I wouldn’t repurchase one if I lost it. 

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Best night sleep ever!

This pillow looks bizarre but is absolutely brilliant. It initially seemed very hard but after a couple of nights it felt very secure and I am hooked. My face doesn’t squish and I mostly sleep on my back now. An added bonus: I have a sleep tracker and since I have been using this pillow my sleep score has improved immeasurably! Highly recommended 

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Surprisingly enough it helped me to sleep on my back, which I tried many many times, but never succeed.

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I was hasty and now I like it

My last review didn’t post “I’m not sure why” but in any case I was hasty. I gave it a scathing review. I guess the clue is in the name “memory foam”. I’ve never owned a memory foam pillow but it seems that after a few nights of no sleep and neck ache, the pillow will eventually ease up and then it’s actually very nice. I’m now very happy with it and glad to have it. Lol. 4 stars is a little generous but 3 would be too low. I have had a good night’s sleep with this but I do use it in conjunction with a small body pillow (a tube shape long pillow) and together I think I’ve finally found a good strategy. So keep with it even though the first few nights will possibly make you so angry you fling the pillow across the room ;)

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I feel a mug for buying this and the Uplift

...But I got it on an awesome Cult Beauty promo. In fact it was so good I just bought it impulsively... Cult beauty always know how to reel you in ;) it was still expensive, but let’s just say I like to think of it as £25 each item give or take. The uplift roller well it’s just a bit silly really. But the pillow I had genuine high hopes for. The fact it was low appealed to me as I don’t sleep with a pillow and didn’t want a big puffy affair. However it’s worse than no pillow at all. (I threw away all the packaging so can’t return.) I’ve started using it as a neck pillow as in my head is still on the mattress but the nurse Jamie pillow supporting my neck. I fold it over itself to get more support/ height. This works fairly well but because of trying to use this pillow putting me head on the “prongs”, I lost at least 4 nights’ sleep, waiting for it to “adjust” which it never did or would have... It’s an elevated plane neck pillow so if you’re one of those people who can happily doze off on the window seat then I envy you and you’ll love this pillow. Lol. Maybe it’s good for back sleepers although I’d assume it’s too low but anyway speaking as a side sleeper it was worthless. As stated I am using it as makeshift neck support so I won’t give it 1* however it’s not what I was planning to have and now I will probably have to buy another expensive pillow. Mind you the expensive pillow I was debating on is £100 so there is that. But for the price of this pillow it should come with a silk case so I’m sure for this money you can get better. Overall I would steer people away from purchasing this, unless they love those plane neck pillows in which case it’s best summarised as a souped up plane neck pillow.

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The worst

I cannot believe I wasted my money on this pillow. First of all it is much smaller than you think bcause the image is misleading. It is also very uncomfortable I cannot sleep properly and wake up with backaches. It looks like one of those pillows you put on your neck during a flight.

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Keep going with it

At first, I found the memory foam pillow too hard and uncomfortable. There were a few nights that I’d try sleeping on it and revert back to my usual pillow during the night. After a few uses, it does soften slightly. Now it’s the only pillow I will use. It’s helped me sleep more on my back than on my front or sides. I love it.

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