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    MorphePro Deluxe Buffer Brush (M439)<p>Tired of looking in the mirror to find patchy, uneven foundation? It&#8217;s time to change that, Cult Beauties &#8211; and we&#8217;ve got the perfect tool for the job. Morphe&#8217;s ever-popular Pro Deluxe Buffer Brush (M439) is known for its dense, domed head that perfectly distributes your foundation (cream, liquid or powder) for a non-cakey, almost sheer effect. Why not finish you&#8217;re look with Morphe&#8217;s {<a href="https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/morphe-brushes-elite-angled-contour-brush-e4.html" target="_blank">Elite Angled Contour Brush (E4)</a>} for added depth and definition too.&nbsp;</p>MRP01658996356354512575 stars, based on37 reviews 17.00Cult BeautyNew

    Pro Deluxe Buffer Brush (M439)

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    • Why it's Cult

      Who needs ‘glass skin’ or an Instagram filter when you’ve got Morphe’s Pro Deluxe Buffer Brush (M439) to flawlessly blend your way to an airbrushed finish? This full, fluffy, professional-grade make up tool will effortlessly cover, blend and create a seamless finish that will have everyone wondering, ‘how do I get my skin to look like that?’


    • Description

      Tired of looking in the mirror to find patchy, uneven foundation? It’s time to change that, Cult Beauties – and we’ve got the perfect tool for the job. Morphe’s ever-popular Pro Deluxe Buffer Brush (M439) is known for its dense, domed head that perfectly distributes your foundation (cream, liquid or powder) for a non-cakey, almost sheer effect. Why not finish you’re look with Morphe’s {Elite Angled Contour Brush (E4)} for added depth and definition too. 

    • How to use

      Apply your desired product in a light sweeping or buffing motion. 

    • Full ingredients list
      Synthetic Bristles

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    Morphe - Pro Deluxe Buffer Brush (M439)

    Morphe Pro Deluxe Buffer Brush (M439) Reviews

    Worth it
    A great sized brush for foundation and cream contouring. Only problem is you lose a few bristles from it after washing.
    Nice n Easy
    A cute and efficient brush that helps smooth on an even application. I like the size and length, that makes it compact and it’s also easy to store. This is my first purchase from this brand and I will definitely browse online again!
    Best blending brush
    Best blending brush I have ever used!! Won’t go anywhere else now. Worth the price!
    I originally felt it was expensive for a make up brush however completely obsessed by it now, blends and also cleans so well not losing any bristles. Would recommend.
    Love it
    Perfect for high coverage foundations
    Converted from a flat brush...
    I was recommended this brush and it didn’t disappoint. Gives my foundation an airbrush finish. Converted from using a flat brush and definitely won’t be looking back.
    Love it
    The first time I tried this brush for applying my foundation I didn’t really like it. But after using it multiple times I have learned how to use it properly and stipple my foundation on, so as to not to disrupt my skin. I really love it :) Glad I tried it out as it’s been a while since I used a brush like this that I enjoy so much.
    A very useful brush
    I like a lot the brush, the bristles are very soft and not too dense, it blends the foundation really well but the handle it's a little bit too big and sometimes can be hard to manipulate.
    Worth the money
    It took me a couple of times using it to love but now I wouldn’t be without it . I have always liked a bigger brush for foundation as I like to really blend my foundation in but this is next level and AMAZING . Can’t wait to try other Morphe brushes .
    Most fav
    OMG this brush so amazing I love it is very soft and is blending the make up so quickly ❤️
    Works like a magic
    I used this brush for Chanel cream bronzer it really changes the game loving it
    Good for foundation
    I use this brush, spritzed with fixing mist to buff in my foundation. It's a nice dense brush but can be a little stiff/scratchy to use. However, it's a nice big size so applies makeup quickly. I use it in both a patting and circular motion.
    I love it
    It's a nice big brush, very large size and can put on the foundation on your face very quickly and nicely.
    I bought the rose set of brushes which was not great - left hairs everywhere on every use. But this one I got as a gift and I love it. It doesn't shed hairs unlike the rose gold set, and is great at creating flawless foundation base used in a buffing or circular motion. Will try other ones now that this has come up trumps.
    Amazing brush for liquid foundation
    I use this with my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation and its amazing. It applies the foundation to my skin flawlessly and with great coverage. Using a brush is better that a beauty blender as it doesn't soak up all of the foundation. Tip- patt in the foundation with this brush instead of swirling it around your face as it will give the most flawless finish
    Love love love
    Never bought Morphe brushes before but thought I'd give this one a try. I LOVE it. I use it for powder and also to blend foundation and edges. Super soft and (as I'd expect for the price) no bristle fallout.
    Not worth the hype
    I don't think this brush as incredible as everyone makes out. I definitely think it's good brush to have although it's a shame it is so expensive. I would use this brush for my foundation and then have to go over it with a beauty blender to get the best results. Also, my brush did break so will have to replace.
    Great value
    This brush is easy to use, easy to clean and is worth every penny.
    Excellent value
    Nice size, really quick for applying base, fingers crossed it washes up ok!
    This is the best brush I’ve ever used for my foundation! It blends so well and leaves an even coverage.
    Love it
    Fantastic brush great quality for the price.. tip -wash it straight after use as otherwise can be Very hard to clean especially if you’re using full coverage foundation. Doesn’t leave streaks as I find most brushes do. Gives a lovely flawless finish quickly. Very good if you like medium to full coverage.
    I do love using this brush. Its packed with soft bristles and not too dense, best used when you stipple the foundation against your skin. It gives a lovely airbrushed finish as well. Definitely recommend in comparison to a flat brush!
    It is so worth it.
    Very happy
    Adore the brush!! It's absolutely fantastic and blends better than my more expensive foundation flat brushes. It's brilliant. The only thing I would say lost a star was the fact it does seem to keep product in its brushes so you have to use a touch more than with other brushes. However, I have since seen other brushes I will be ordering off of the quality of this Morphe brush.
    Worth the money 100%
    Love love love this brush, puts my foundation on so smoothly and nice! Would defo purchase again :)
    Love the weight
    Very easy to use. Would give it more stars but I never give a product full. Lets just say , 9 out of 10.
    Morphe brush
    Blends in almost perfectly. Good enough for me.
    Amazing brush!
    Amazing, will never use any other foundation brush again!
    Don't understand the hype cheap brush poor quality nothing good about it.
    Great Brush, Bad Quality
    I love this brush for applying foundation, I want to be able to give it 5* but it just sheds so badly! I haven't had it all that long, especially by comparison to most of my other brushes, and yet I'm finding that the bristles are stuck out here there and everywhere and clumps upon clumps are coming out when I wash it. Currently trying to find a duplicate that will be better quality, as I'm very disappointed it lasted such a short length of time and am loathed to repurchase.
    Great buy
    I use this for powder - as I prefer to use a Beauty Blender to apply my foundation. This is my first Morphe brush and I'm really happy with it. The bristles are lovely and soft and it diffuses my face powder to give a light, natural look.
    Great brush but so hard to wash
    I really want to give this brush a 5* but I just can't due to the fact that it is so hard to clean!!! I've tried everything from baby shampoo to the mac brush cleaner and it just won't budge. I use the estee lauder double wear foundation and literally trying to get that off the brush is a nightmare. I've been through about 3 in the space of 5 months. I'm going to have to find a different one brush which is sad because it's so quick and easy to use.
    Great buffer brush
    Got this as I noticed a lot of people saying how good it is and also some makeup artists on youtube. Being a new makeup artist myself I wanted to try it out. I love how big it is, I have a small face so it helps to cover my face pretty quickly in foundation. It doesn't soak all the product up and leaves you without any streaks and evenly blends. Feels super super soft and fun to use. My first Morphe brush and very happy with it. Easy to wash, slightly miss shapes, but only what every other buffer brush tends to do. I did read people saying it broke which I was nervous about so I haven't been really buffing super hard but you don't need to anyway with it :)
    The Best
    This is absolutely perfect for blending my Skin Foundation Stick to achieve flawless coverage, don't know how I ever lived without it!
    Amazing for applying foundation!
    LOVE this brush for applying foundation! It's so dense and buffs your foundation in giving you the most flawless finish. Gets in all the right places and blends out any harsh lines, doesn't make your foundation look caked on at all and it so worth the money!
    Best buff brush I've ever purchased, it's so good I'm buying some for my nieces.
    Loooove this brush
    A beautiful brush for applying foundation or buffing out harsh lines/contours. It's a lovely size, not too big for under eyes or small but is very dense. The brush doesn't take up too much product at all since it is synthetic hair. Morphe is an amazeballs brand with great ethics, they make gorgeous products at affordable prices. This brush is also great at applying sunless self tan to faces, knees, ankles, feet etc. (got this genius idea for Jaclyn Hill's youtube) The only downside I've found to the brush is that it's not the EASIEST to wash, but a bit of coconut oil and elbow grease does the trick
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