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    MOA - Magic Organic ApothecaryThe Green Balm 15ml<p>M&#243;a&nbsp;The Green Balm is made in small batches in Britain, using 100% natural ingredients and working to calm, nourish and renew the skin.</p><p>Crammed with organic yarrow, this cure-all product works wonders; it's brilliant for eczema and psoriasis, helps to soothe bumps, bites and grazes while resuscitating lacklustre locks and even wages war on cold sores! It also makes for a wonderfully gentle cleansing balm (to balance dry or oily skin and eliminate every last trace of residual make up), a calming post-shave moisturiser and a handy, healing tattoo treatment. Ideal for all skin types (even the easily upset) this little pot of loveliness is the emergency service for skin that's in a crisis.</p>MOA001 15ml174850600834001615 stars, based on63 reviews 7.00Cult BeautyNew
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    MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary The Green Balm

    MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary
    The Green Balm
    ( 15ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Each pot of The Green Balm combines MOA’s hero herb yarrow (Achillea millefolium), used for centuries to soothe, heal and repair, along with tea tree oil, nature’s powerful antiseptic. Certified organic, its endless multi-tasking beauty and first-aid properties make it a perennial must-have (never leave the house without the pocket-friendly 15ml size)! In fact, this is such a natural product it can even be added to hot water and honey, and gargled to ease a sore throat. Its abilities know no bounds!

    • Description

      Móa The Green Balm is made in small batches in Britain, using 100% natural ingredients and working to calm, nourish and renew the skin.

      Crammed with organic yarrow, this cure-all product works wonders; it's brilliant for eczema and psoriasis, helps to soothe bumps, bites and grazes while resuscitating lacklustre locks and even wages war on cold sores! It also makes for a wonderfully gentle cleansing balm (to balance dry or oily skin and eliminate every last trace of residual make up), a calming post-shave moisturiser and a handy, healing tattoo treatment. Ideal for all skin types (even the easily upset) this little pot of loveliness is the emergency service for skin that's in a crisis.

    • How to use

      Warm balm between fingertips before use. Apply liberally to dry, burned or scarred areas as often as necessary for instant relief and moisturising action.

    • Full ingredients list

      *Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, *Glycine Soja (Soy Bean) Oil, *Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, *Cera Alba (Beeswax), *Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, *Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Extract, *Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil, Chlorophyll, **Limonene.

      *organically grown **occurs naturally in essential oils

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    MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary - The Green Balm

    MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary The Green Balm Reviews

    The ultimate multi-tasker
    Love this product. I use as a cleanser (removing eye makeup), antiseptic (on minor scrapes etc.) and lip balm in winter and it works great. I always take it travelling as its such an easy and useful multi-tasking product. I have combination skin and find this a little heavy to be left on as an overnight mask/moisturiser, so would advise against doing this unless you have super dry skin. I would also be careful using this as an 'after-care product for piercings' - did not sit well with my cartilage one!
    Changed my life!
    This is the only moisturiser I will use on my face now. I had a severe allergic reaction 2 years ago and afterwards decided to switch to all natural skincare. It healed my skin after the allergic reaction and has helped clear most of my acne too. It can take a while to absorb, but mix it with your foundation for seamless makeup and use it whenever you get dry patches. Perfect for everyday use and for overnight. I honestly cannot recommend it enough. I'm on my 7th jar already!
    Greasy mess
    I struggle with eczema and extremely dry skin on my hands. I tried applying this but the texture is so thin and greasy it just felt like I’d eaten a bag of chips with my fingers. It moisturized them about as much as the chip fat would have too. As a last ditch to make this product useful for me, I tried it as a lip balm - would not recommend!
    Don't pair with acne
    If you have acne stay away from this product! It broke me out so badly you can't even imagine. It's not worth the risk.
    Not for me :(
    I was highly hopeful with this product after reading such good reviews and also after listening to few you tubers. Unfortunately, this product didn't help me at all with dry skin patches or acne spots. Rather I have broken out so bad wherever I have put this on - mainly around my mouth areas. I have so many dark spots now around this area and some live acne which is making me very upset.
    Fabulous for winter skin
    This nourishes my dry and sensitive winter skin without causing spots...fabulous.
    Perfect for winter
    Honestly, I put this on underneath my BB cream, and as someone with SUPER dry skin, it's incredible 10/10.
    Great treatment but not an oil cleanser for everyone!
    This is a magical formulation for soothing a multitude of complaints from dry patches to cold sores! Unfortunately it did break me out when I used it as an oil cleanser (it is still coconut oil which my skin doesn't love), however super effective as treatment.
    Rather brilliant also for cystic spots
    Great for eczema that is in the mild to medium severity range - but because it is an oil (coconut) it's not helpful for really severe cracked skin for which only turmeric cream works in my experience. But it's fantastic all the same and weirdly efficient for cystic spots. I'm not particularly tolerant of coconut oil but this is one of those magic formulations that works out fine. So I highly recommend it as it is a great lip balm, eye cream, and deep spot killer - while conditioning the skin.
    I bought the small tub so that I could test it out first and it is amazing! I wish I had bought the big one straight away! I use this all over my face in the morning and night time after I clean my face with Micellar water and it's great. I thought it being a balm it wouldn't 'sink' completely into my skin but it does! I can apply make up on top of it after about 5-10 minutes. My husband has even used it and he has extremely sensitive skin on his face, but its so gentle he had no reactions to it. It is fantastic as a lip balm and under eye moisturiser. Will be purchasing again :)
    A nice balm
    I bought this after reading that this helps with eczema. I have a patch on my face that will not budge. The balm has not helped it go away but it soothes it
    A must have!
    Well what can I say - this stuff is amazing. I've used it on spots, dry skin, dark circles, sore patches...The list goes on - this seems to cure practically anything on your skin! Worth every penny!
    If you don't have this, it's time to get one. This little pot does everything, much better and cheaper than other creams and balms. A must have!
    A pot of green goodness
    I have sensitive and acne-prone but dry skin and have tried so many moisturizers i can't even begin to list them all. My skin was getting worse one day and i decided to do a skincare detox by reducing my routine to only cleansing and moisturizing with the greenest and simplest products. This green balm has helped improve my skin so much these last few days. It is solid in the pot but melts instantly with the touch of your fingers and glides onto your skin like a dream. I've tried many different organic oils as well but they were either too greasy or not smoothing enough. This green balm is just the perfect consistency. The light green color also has a soothing psychological effect every time i use it. It's made of all the good and natural ingredients and smells of green tea (most probably the ingredient responsible for treating my pimples). A little goes a long way too, since it spreads easily, you can take your time to smear it all over your face and let it sinks in. Definitely a HG status moisturizer for me now i'll definitely stock up on this :X
    A Medicine Cabinet MUST.
    There is nothing, nothing that this balm can't handle! As far as skin complaints go, this stuff's Incredible Hulk in a pot and I've used it for so many things over the past couple of months, and it's worked like a charm every time. A tiny bit under my eyes at night has gone a long way to improving any dark circles.
    A multi-use product for everyone
    This product can be used from first aid to nourishing to cleansing. It is extraordinary and every household should have a pot.
    CherryGirl, beauty fanatic!
    love love love this miracle product! soothes dry patches and lips. I had a coldsore and it cleared it right up. Use it once a week as a treat to cleanse my skin - FAB!! I put it onto dry skin and massage it around and wash it off with a hot cloth - DEVINE! my skin looks great after it. Ive only bought the small pots to date but will defo be buying the bigger one soon!
    Cleansing balm
    This is just the BEST cleanser and at such a good price! I usually use it to cleanse my face at the end of the day, tissue it off and then leave my skin bare, with whatever residue of the balm still on. It works as an all-in-one night cream as well! I’ve tried lots of cleansing balms, but this is definitely my favourite!
    Not too happy
    I am not too happy with this, I have quite dry elbows and this has brought instant relief but has not made any lasting change.
    An absolute allrounder and NEED.
    This instantly became a staple in my routine/beauty box/shelf. I can see myself in years to come thrusting it onto people for any skin related issue. I'm a massive fan of Farmacy Honey Skin Saviour and this is like it's more chilled out older sister. It's a lot thinner in consistency but applied onto and sinks into the skin like a dream. I'm just off the back of having a really reactive skin period, Honey Saviour quite literally saved my skin but where I didn't need the added hydration about 5 times a day that I had to apply it, I started to break out from product build-up, this is where Green Balm comes in. It smells wonderful and its all-round personality is extremely attractive. I panicked a little when I saw it could be used as a cleanser but I can assure you that it doesn't feel like you apply a cleanser and leaving it on. I would say go for it and buy the big size, but I will admit the baby size is brilliant to have for in your handbag or travelling!
    Magic in a jar!
    Everyone should have a jar Handy at home! This is great for everything! I use it as a moisturizer, especially on dry or itchy patches, for stretch marks, for bug bites, scratches and scrapes, dry lips, BEST MAKEUP REMOVER, for minor burns, mini facial at home with the face cloth... on my baby: when she scratches herself, if she gets dry spots, on hives. My husband uses it as after shave. I’ve probably finished over 10 jars.
    great product, awful jar
    I really love this product - I get eczema at the corner of my eyes and it's the only thing aside from steroids that seems to soothe it. It's really nice as a lip balm, too, and when my nose was sore from hayfever I used it on that as well. But the green jar is terrible - the colour is always flaking off in green plasticky bits, and sometimes manages to get into the product. In fact I complained about the first jar I got and was sent a replacement, but the same thing happens. I will buy it again, but I think I'll need to get a jar to decant it into!
    Just ok
    I'm yet to find a real use for this. Bought it originally in the hope that it could be my oil cleanser but realised it was mostly coconut oil so was no good for my face. Tried it as a lip balm but it didn't do much. Tried it on cuts and grazes, didn't really make any difference to healing time and didn't really soothe it. Didn't do much on insect bites either. I wouldn't repurchase.
    Not good for summer!
    I ordered this balm in the small size so I could keep it in my handbag for applying to my sore patches of psoriasis, and any additional dryness I suffer like lips/elbows/knees etc. It's a reeeeeallly melty balm, I had it in my bag for one day in 24 degree heat and it melted (little facepalm on my behalf there, my own silly fault!) So I would just caution anyone to perhaps keep it in the fridge during the summer months! As for it's effectiveness, I don't find it particularly moisturising as a lip balm, but it has definitely soothed the dry itchy patches of skin. Probably wouldn't buy again as there are other products I prefer.
    I love this product so much! I use it as a 2nd-step cleanser (after micellar water) and it is perfect for removing all my makeup. It leaves my skin feeling super clean and I love the tea tree scent.
    hype not worth it
    I bought this over hype on glamour.co.uk. I used it on my face it felt soooo greasy. I now use it as a lip balm but its mediocre at best.
    Absolutely worthless thing, when I apply it on skin it just feels oily, it does not moisturize the skin and I have no idea why it’s so many good comments here. Will use it for my feet’s and never buy it again
    Cannot believe how good this product is in SO many ways. Great for cuts or scrapes (especially with my 4 year old), great as a Cleansing balm, lip balm, moisturiser, etc. Works wonders for my psoriasis too, and on days where I do an intensive exfoliating treatment on my face in the evening, this is the perfect moisturiser for afterwards because it calms everything down and doesn't irritate my skin at all. 100% recommend, especially if you're going traveling. I took it with me to Bulgaria and it worked amazingly for everything I needed it for. Great for kids too because you know it has no nasties in it.
    Love this, but it's not the best as a cleanser
    I love this balm and I'm on my 3rd jar. It doesn't aggravate acne on my skin, but it also doesn't cleanse very well. It's not like an oil cleanser or melting balm. It layers a kind of film over my skin which I can be washed off with a second cleanser, or leave on to moisturise my skin. I use it in the mornings with hot water and don't need a moisturiser after. It's magic for cuts, cuticles, and other things but not as a hand cream as it's too oily. If I can have ONE product in my bag it's this one as it does most jobs satisfactorily. I take off one star as it's NOT great for removing makeup, which it claims. Would still continue to use but for other purposes.
    Greasy lips
    I like that this is natural, but it makes my lips feel greasy rather than nourished. Good for dry hands though.
    As close to magic as they come ...
    I've always struggled with dry, dehydrated skin, resulting in bouts of eczema every time I used the wrong products or suffered from weakened immune system due to stress, a common cold or bad nutrition. A few years ago, I developed a rash on my leg that looked like something straight out of a horror movie. My GP's solution was what every doctor nowadays seems to think is the be-all end-all for when you don't particularly care to properly solve a health problem but need to be done with it - cortisone. I was prescribed oral medication and a salve which both did exactly nothing. A few weeks into this ordeal, I had ordered the MOA balm for my dry hands, and in a moment of desparation decided to apply it onto my leg overnight. When I woke up the next day, I actually screamed - there was no trace of any skin irritation, the rash had just disappeared completely. Fast forward to a few months ago, I started suffering from stress-induced eczema on my scalp. Since that happened before and I was also only prescribed cortisone back then, I didn't even bother visiting a doctor at first and tried it with different targeted shampoos and salves. They made it bearable for some time but after a while, it still got so bad I wasn't able to properly think because the itching and burning was making me insane. I had almost forgotten about MOA but then it came to my mind and I immediately ordered it again. After one application last night, the inflammation has considerably subsided, the itching has become tolerable and the problematic skin is just flaking off and healing up. So yes - the word "magic" in the name is no exaggeration to me. This balm is not necessarily suitable as facial skincare, a cleanser or moisturizer, because it is greasy as hell and far too heavy. But for actual skin diseases, it is an absolute savior.
    MOA The Green Balm
    This is truly one of the best cleansing balms I’ve ever used! It ‘melts’ into the skin, and leaves skin feeling lovely and soft. Yes, I haven’t tried it to remove eye make-up, but it’s the best facial cleansing balm ever... I don’t even put night cream on after, it seems to ‘feed’ my skin sufficiently. 10 out of 10.
    HG for dry lips
    As it has a balm-y texture, I preferred not to apply it on the whole face yet only on my very dry lips and around the eyes at night and it worked wonderfully. I bought the mini size which for the only lips is the perfect quantity, but if I'll buy the bigger one I'll apply it on my body rather than my face.
    I don't really understand what the fuss is about. To me this is just a mediocre lip balm...
    As someone with very dry skin, I tended to use it for rough areas on my arms and legs. It feels quite heavy for the face so I only used it for sensitive areas/post iffy products that left my face sensitive. It's great and reasonably priced.
    Must have
    Love this little pot of goodness. Bit of a strange consistency, almost grainy but when rubbing in it disappears to a velvety oily balm that does wonders for my skin. Best to use sparingly at night, mainly for dry or chapped areas or as a treat/mask. Smells gorgeous and refreshing. Good for burns, dry elbows and patches dried out by intense spot creams.
    A great facial moisturiser for dry skin
    I use this as a night time moisturser for my dry skin. I don't even have to warm it between my fingers first as the main ingredient is coconut oil (the first on the list) which melts upon contact with the skin. I love using this especially when I feel blemishes coming up - the tea tree oil in the formula works wonders! When I travel, I just bring this and use it all over (face, lips and body)
    Pretty nice cleanser
    I use this as a cleanser and really like it, and I am incredibly fussy with balm cleansers. Definitely needs work to take off, unlike balms that contain emulsifiers, but not as thick as something like the Sunday Riley balm or elemental herbology (my skin hates beeswax though). Love the smell, not too teenage-spot-stick tea tree, just sort of herbal and botanical. The green jar travels well too in my experience.
    Shame about the packaging
    Unfortunately I received this item and it seems that it has already been opened so not brand new to me. I am a bit disappointed and would have expected this not to happen with cult beauty. The trouble is I bought the small version so not worth returning because it will cost me more in postage. I'm sure the product is amazing but don't trust to use.
    I purchased this balm a few months ago and I have very dry, sensitive and sometimes acne prone skin I wasn't very hopeful. But this product is amazing. It has helped clear up my skin so well, I can't go a day without it. I am going to buy little pots for all my friends - everyone needs this.
    A great all rounder±
    I love this as a lip balm and also general all purpose cream to treat dry areas. The smell is wonderful and the soothing effects are immediate. I'm so pleased I found this and thank you for those other reviews who helped me decide to purchase. Reviews are invaluable!
    This is a wonder. Every February I get a dry patch of skin on my neck that I've previously only cleared with prescription creams. I tried this last year and it was healed in 48 hours. This year I used it preventatively and for the first time in five years I didn't get the usual dry patches. It has also soothed my sister's burn and a friend's eczema. It lasts for ages as you only need a tiny amount. As with most balms it is also a good lip balm.
    Most Amazing Product Ever
    This is my holy grail product. My favourite way to use it is as an after shaving balm on my legs, leaves them so soft! Its great for eczema and any dry skin. They need to make this in a bigger tub! I have to buy 2 or 3 pots at a time to make sure I have back ups.
    Just incredible!
    Having had a problem with painfully chapped lips (and being on the verge of being referred to a specialist because of it) I tried this balm after trying everything on the market - medicated/over the counter/expensive/cheap or otherwise. Quite simply, this product has stopped whatever the irritation was in its tracks - my lips and the surrounding skin around my mouth is now normal after 5 days of using it! I no longer look like the Joker from Batman! Please try it if you have any kind of skin irritation - I can't tell you how happy I am!!!
    Nature's best
    This balm is just great for anything. I've tried it under my eyes, on my cheeks (with enlarged pores), on my lips, my hands, nails, feet...It has an amazing effect on all areas of my body where I've tried it. The smell is really natural; you won't have the impression you're putting chemicals on your body, just pure nature. The balm softens the lines under my eyes, softens the lips, makes my pores look smaller, softens my hands & feet...it's a miracle worker. I originally ordered the mini of it here at Cult Beauty and have just ordered the 50ml size because I love it so much. The small pot is really a good way to try it for a reasonable price!
    Oh so Green!
    This green balm (and it is green!) is perfect for soothing away annoying patches of dry skin - often the result of kissing boys with too much stubble, ahem. I've also been using it to get my feet into shape for sandal season, softening up dry hard wintry heels. You have to warm it on your fingertips before applying as it's quite hard. It also has a lovely herby smell - you know it's doing you good!
    Emotional Skincare?
    Other people have already reviewed the great powers this little fellow has, the only thing I have got to say about that is : IT's ALL TRUE! Now the crazy thing: This balm makes me feel better in every way. I was passing by a rough time when I bought it, and every one knows that good cosmetics can cheer up a girl's soul but this is a true caretaker. I don't know if is the smell of...well green stuff :) Makes me feel like I can take care of myself. Do you know that great food you eat when you're down? It's not the fanciest or the most expensive, right? Probably will be some slow nice and simple food... This is the same in a skincare way. There are good products around here, but this one truly deserves the Cult label.
    i am so impressed with this product. im a big fan of balms in general and have been addicted to eight hour cream for years now. this has replaced it. it smells delicious, slightly medical, slightly herbal i love it. i use it for cleansing, moisturizing - its cleared up my oily skin better than any of the harsh things i've used before. its made my hair beautiful and i have incredibly difficult hair. what else? it cleared up a coldsore i had in two days. soothes shaving rash keeps my eyebrows neat also amazing amazing amazing at fading scars and making them less tight and painful. i cannot praise this product enough.
    Cleansing balm
    I have dry, acne-prone skin and wear make up every day. This is perfect to use as a first cleanse. Only a small amount can cover the entire face, and I remove it with a damp cotton pad before using a simple cleanser. I ran out recently and my skin is feeling dry and looks dull as a result. Reordering ASAP!
    Not sure...
    I’ll be honest: I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting when I ordered this. I think it was to use as a lip balm, but the balm was quite greasy and didn’t taste very nice so that only lasted once. I then tried to use on my eczema but that flared a reaction. So I used a little for dry hands and then it’s been sat in my draw ever since... so I suppose it’s OK at being a multi-use balm, but I haven’t been inclined to use it again.
    Not a good cleansing balm, but works for razer rash
    I originally bought this to try it as a cleansing balm as it does advertise it as a potential use. I would not recommend it for that, especially if you have oily skin as it is very thick and hard to remove with a flannel. However, determined not to waste my money and the product, I experimented with it and found it makes a really good post-shave balm if you struggle with razor rash like I do. Not the worst, but not the best product I've tried. It does smell amazing though.
    Fantastic product
    I suffer from eczema, particularly behind my ears, as well as irritable, sensitive skin on my face. Using this each night in small doses has worked wonders. It is oily when used, but very little is needed. Now a must-have in my bathroom cabinet.
    NOT a cleansing balm
    The only reason I am giving this three stars is because even though this is put on the search as a cleansing balm I really would not recommend as such. It leaves the skin with a film and slimy (from the coconut oil I am guessing). However this product has redeeming qualities. I used this for some midge bites and it work really well to soothe the itch. I am sure there are other uses I can find for this product. I just definitely would not recommend it as a facial cleanings balm. For context, I have combo to dry skin and the majority of my problem areas are on my chin.
    I have used this balm on spots, bites, bruises, scars, piercing infections, and pretty much EVERYTHING. It lasts forever and it works miracles overnight!!!
    Best ever cleanser!
    I’ve been using this for a couple of years now and it’s wonderful! I have quite dry and dehydrated skin, and this doesn’t dry my skin at all. Often I just use this, wipe it off with a tissue and leave my skin with nothing else all night. It’s gentle and nourishing.....and also a very fair price! I’m a definite fan!
    I get very sore under the eye at times and this balm is extremely soothing and versatile. 10\10
    Product as described
    Needs a bigger pot. Can't get enough
    I bought this and cannot use it enough. I use it on any areas with dry skin and breakouts and it heals overnight. The only downside is it doesn't come in a bigger amount although a little goes a long way
    Little TMI but this saved my nipples!
    I don't write reviews often but this balm is a miracle worker! It's only been a few days but I've been using it as a cuticle oil, lip balm and to help soothe spots and bumps but the real reason I'm writing this is that it has completely saved my nipples! All winter I've had dry and cracked nipples to the point they have recently been bleeding and nothing I've tried has helped until now! I saw that it was safe for piercings and I've used tea tree on them hundreds of times before so I went for it with low expectations but after using this balm before bed I woke up with nipples that weren't dry for the first time in months, and after 4 uses the sores are so much better and I haven't had any bleeding so to me this balm is a miracle product and I'll definitely repurchase! Just a note to add that I have not used this on fresh piercings so I'm not sure how it works to heal piercings but it's excellent on dry skin.
    Jar flakes
    I forgot to add this to my previous review. One very annoying thing is that the green emulsion on the jar flakes off after just a few uses and lands in the cream, and may end up on your face. Just a bit annoying and it sticks to everything. It's happened on all 3 of my previous jars.
    Универсальный бальзам
    Универсальный бальзам для всего (кроме кутикулы – не подходит). Легкий аромат, приятная текстура, отличный состав. Universal balm for everything (except cuticle - not suitable). Light aroma, pleasant texture, excellent composition.
    прекрасное средство ***great remedy
    Это самое лучшее средство на все случаи жизни! Во-первых, бальзам убирает зуд после укусов насекомых, при аллергии и воспалении. В России настольно эффективного средства от укусов насекомых просто нет! Во-вторых, бальзам прекрасно смягчает сухие участки: стопы, колени, локти и тд. В-третьих, этот бальзам прекрасен при простуде на губах. Я никогда не видела настолько универсального средства! Купила весной большую баночку, ее хватило всей семье на лето, буду брать еще обязательно! ***This is the best product for all occasions! Firstly, the balm removes itching after insect bites, with allergies and inflammation. In Russia, there is simply no such effective remedy for insect bites! Secondly, the balm perfectly softens dry areas: feet, knees, elbows, etc. Thirdly, this balm is perfect for cold sores on the lips. I have never seen such a universal remedy! I bought a big jar in the spring, it was enough for the whole family for the summer, I will definitely purchase it again!
    Healing balm
    My son was having extremely sore, inflamed eczema, and I had some patches of it too. My friend recommended this and I thought it sounded too easy. But it worked great! Inflamed skin went down within a day of using it. Totally impressed. I wouldn't use it as a beauty product I think, but as a treatment esp. for hands, it's great.
    Magic little pot
    Bought this after reading reviews from people who’d used it on eczema prone skin as my face was going through a bad flare up. I was originally using this as a cleansing balm but I had to stop as it made my face eczema a little worse. It worked wonders as a nourishing balm on my body eczema though. The little tiny pot is a great lip balm size!
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