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    LIXIRSKINVitamin C Paste<p>Founder of LIXIRSKIN Colette Haydon (doctor in dermo-pharmacy and the mastermind formulator behind many of your favourite &#8216;cult&#8217; products) is about to change the way you view skin care. A hero product in her streamlined, fuss-free and seriously pretty millennial pink range, Vitamin C Paste harnesses the unrivalled efficacy of vitamin C in acid form &#8211; L Ascorbic Acid 10%, which LIXIRSKIN advocates is more effective than any &#8216;pretender derivatives&#8217;. This formula is designed to be rinsed off, partly to 'activate' the vitamin C and partly because acid should not remain on your face all day. Getting to work in a few minutes (or 15 if you have more time) this neutralises dulling oxidised sebum on the skin&#8217;s surface to uncover the radiance beneath. It also acts as a shield against UVA and UVB rays, regulates melanin production and fights free radicals, diminishing pigmentation and promoting a brighter, more even toned appearance. Enveloping your face with warming jasmine and mandarin, the paste melts beautifully into skin, leaving it vibrant, luminous and smooth from first use. Refreshingly flexible to use, LIXIRSKIN suggests using this every morning for a few minutes or, on those rare days when you have time, for longer.</p><p><br></p>LXR0031492050605411000085 stars, based on73 reviews 32.00Cult BeautyNew
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    LIXIRSKIN Vitamin C Paste

    Vitamin C Paste
    ( 50ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Created by Colette Haydon (the mastermind formulator behind many of your favourite beauty products) LIXIRSKIN is the streamlined range that’s about to change your approach to skin care. Championing the efficacy of vitamin C in acid form – L Ascorbic Acid 10% – this innovative wash-off treatment neutralises oxidised sebum, free radicals and UV rays (which can zap your skin of glow and cause pesky pigmentation) leaving your complexion vibrant, luminous and more even toned from day one.

    • Description

      Founder of LIXIRSKIN Colette Haydon (doctor in dermo-pharmacy and the mastermind formulator behind many of your favourite ‘cult’ products) is about to change the way you view skin care. A hero product in her streamlined, fuss-free and seriously pretty millennial pink range, Vitamin C Paste harnesses the unrivalled efficacy of vitamin C in acid form – L Ascorbic Acid 10%, which LIXIRSKIN advocates is more effective than any ‘pretender derivatives’. This formula is designed to be rinsed off, partly to 'activate' the vitamin C and partly because acid should not remain on your face all day. Getting to work in a few minutes (or 15 if you have more time) this neutralises dulling oxidised sebum on the skin’s surface to uncover the radiance beneath. It also acts as a shield against UVA and UVB rays, regulates melanin production and fights free radicals, diminishing pigmentation and promoting a brighter, more even toned appearance. Enveloping your face with warming jasmine and mandarin, the paste melts beautifully into skin, leaving it vibrant, luminous and smooth from first use. Refreshingly flexible to use, LIXIRSKIN suggests using this every morning for a few minutes or, on those rare days when you have time, for longer.

    • How to use

      Every morning, warm a pea size of paste in the palm of clean hands and apply to your face, eye contour, lips, neck and décolleté, massage with damp fingers, leave for a few minutes and rinse with a clean towel mitt. If it is one of those mornings when you just don’t have the time, don’t worry, you can catch up the next morning; if, on the other hand, it is one of those mornings when you have more time, leave it on for a bit longer.

    • Full ingredients list

      Glycerin, Aqua (Water), Ascorbic Acid, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Oryzanol, Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) Flower Extract, Lavandula Hybrida Flower Oil, Benzyl Benzoate, Limonene, Linalool

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    LIXIRSKIN - Vitamin C Paste

    LIXIRSKIN Vitamin C Paste Reviews

    Lixir Vitamin C paste
    This has been a repeat purchase for me, Perhaps one of the better C serums I have tried in this price range. No stinging or grittiness upon application and it's effective. Shake tube before using I have received compliments when using this and it does improve the complexion. I apply to the skin first thing and let it soak in before rinsing off a short while later and completing AM routine.
    It didn't impress me
    It's a not a bad product, it leaves the skin mat but I didn't see the brightening effect I was looking for so I would not buy it again.
    Pretty good!
    I was hesitant buying this at first because of the price but I had heard good things and my skin was quite dull. However, in the first few weeks of using it I did see that my skin was brighter and more even-toned, and I do think my spot scars have faded a bit. A lot of reviews mentioned a revolting smell but honestly it just smells a bit metallic and to me isn't strong at all. It's gentle on the skin and feels hydrating too. I use it in the mornings and leave it on as long as possible, wipe it off with a damp cloth and do the rest of my routine. Just wish the price was a little lower/ the tube was a little bigger! FYI I'm combination skin.
    Gentle and effective product
    Pleased with results: improved skin tone, less visible pores and no irritated skin.
    This is a game-changer. I can see instant results, really. It makes my skin super smooth and hydrated. The smell isn't the best but besides that I really love it. Will def get it again.
    This has totally changed my skin. I use this every morning and I can see an immediate and lasting difference. I have been getting so many compliments on my skin since I started using this and my makeup applies better. My face is brighter and firmer and my discoloration from old acne scars has faded so much. This is the one skin care product I will never switch up.
    could't get over the smell
    Tried it twice, and it went straight to the garbage. The texture was fine, easy to wash-off, but the smell is terrible. For those who doesn't mind the smell, give it a try, it might do the job.
    A perfect morning glow
    A perfect solution for tired skin. It brightens the complexion substantially and tackles dark spots. Would really recommend for anyone who is looking for a lost glow! Just note to really wash it off well as it otherwise leaves yellow stains.
    My Favourite Morning Cleanser.
    I first received one of these in a 'Gift with Purchase' bag of goodies, and have since continued to use it daily as my morning cleanser. I apply a small amount and leave on for 5 minutes before washing off with a cloth and warm water. It's a liquid balm type of cleanser, leaves my skin well cleansed but lovely and soft. I've tried other Vitamin C Cleansers but this is definitely my favourite and I always keep a spare tube!
    Leaves an oily layer on the skin
    It does not irritate the skin, really makes the skin smooth and luminous. But it is not completely washed off, leaves an oily layer on the skin. It bothers me.
    caused an allergy
    Used this mask first every other day in the morning, I really liked the effect. Skin after this mask is like velvet, even like a little tightened and after a couple of months began to use every morning and then I was disappointed. After a week of everyday use in the evening the face in some places began to blush, I was sprinkled with small red pimples, all itched... so hello allergies((( tried to have a break and to use on less sensitive areas of the face, the same result... I'm sorry, I liked it so much and, speaking of smell, everyone here says that it is horrible, but I think it's quite tolerable. ******* использовала эту маску сначала через день по утрам, очень мне нравился эффект. кожа становилась после маски приятная, бархатная, даже как-будто немного подтянутая чтоли. а через пару месяцев начала использовать каждое утро и тут меня ждало разочарование. после недельки каждодневного использования к вечеру лицо местами стало краснеть, меня обсыпало мелкими красными прыщиками, всё чесалось... в общем, здравствуй аллергия((( пыталась сделать перерыв и использовать на менее чувствительных участках лица, тот же результат... очень жаль, а она мне так нравилась. и, кстати, насчет запаха, все тут пишут что он ужасен, а мне нормально, немножко отдает аскорбинкой, вполне себе терпимый аромат
    Loved this product from the very first time I used it. Lovely procedure to start the day and feels very good - has become an essential product for my skincare regime.
    Couldn’t live without
    Have used this product for about a year and a half now and couldn’t live without it. I use it every morning. When I have not been organised and restocked in time, I have definitely noticed a difference when not using it.
    Absolutely wonderful
    I started to use this product, together with the Universal Emulsion and Electrogel Cleanse, a month ago. After a short time (a week) I could notice a difference in my pretty deep forehead lines as well as the lines from my nose to my mouth. After 10 days, my friend asked if I had had any cosmetic work done! I am 47 years old, have taken good care of my very dry skin for the last 17 years. I have used cleansers, serums day and night, day and night moisturizers and the list goes on and on... Now, I was looking for an effective, yet smart routine with as few products as possible. I must say I have found it!
    High hopes
    I really want to write a different review for this. The first time I used this product, it was amazing - really made my skin look and feel glowing. However, the second time I came to use it (maybe a week later) the product had separated and it had begun to smell - like raw sausages (I think) which does not make it pleasant to use. I am still trying to use it (pushing through the smell and make sure to give it a good shake beforehand) but I don't think the results are as good as my first-time use. Not sure if it was a bad batch but I have seen a few other reviews complaining of the smell. I wish it would have been different... I had high hopes.
    Very good product!
    It is a really good hydrating mask. Love how my face feels after it every morning.
    I dislike the smell...
    I received this product on the November Beauty Bag 2018. I use it every other morning and I love the fact that it leaves my skin very soft and smooth after every use, however, the smell is horrible. I don't know why, but is very unpleasant. I would keep using it until I finish it although I won't purchase it.
    Hero product
    I really enjoy the Vitamin C paste. I use it every morning before my skin care, and it has definitely brightened my skin, and given me a more healthy glow! I am on my second tube, and will repurchase for sure.
    Great product
    I used this in the morning when I wasn't feeling my best and you really can see the difference. It makes your skin brighter and more alert! will be a staple in my beauty box from now on!!!
    Nice morning mask
    This is my 2nd Tube! I really love that warming sensation when applying the product on the skin. I have an tingling experience with other vit C products but not for this one. Also I can see brightening effect in the 3rd week. Love it! The packaging is so cute though!
    Really good
    Five minutes in the morning and your skin really notices it. I have very sensitive skin and I have not caused any reaction. I will certainly repeat.
    Great but can cause blackheads
    I got this in the 2018 Goody bag and feel in love! It instantly refreshed my skin and felt great! I have now been using it for a month so I think I can give a fairer review. So I use this most mornings and keep it on as a brush my teeth and I have noticed my skin tone getting better. I had stopped using my Liquid Gold through the mounting fear of over using acids and ruining my acid mantle. However I might need to include it again because I have noticed blackheads appearing which is normal with the use of vitamin C products. It is not nearly as bad as when I used the ordinary Vitamin C suspension, so I am willing to play around with my skincare to see if I can keep using this as since including this I have felt more and more confident to leave the house without foundation.
    It works..
    I bought this and did have high hopes as it's developed by a skin doctor and after over a week of use, it's made a difference to my skin for sure. My scaring on my cheeks has faded and I love how much brighter my skin looks. I've been using it every morning and leave it on my face while I brush my teeth and it works well. Sometimes I can feel the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) sting a tiny bit but it's nothing intolerable. I'm glad I bought this!
    I had high expectations of this product based on all the hype, not to mention the glowing reviews. Sadly, this mask made no difference to the look or feel of my skin after several uses. Even worse, it completely separated after less than 2 months, and the tube was still 80% full.
    Love Love this Mask
    After reading the review by Cult Beauty Co-founder, I was encouraged to try this mask. I've used it a couple of consecutive days and love the results. Will continue to use and purchase!
    I’ve already given this a glowing review, however these past 2 weeks I’ve been avoiding this because it has a distinctly musty smell. It’s very unpleasant on my skin and I have no idea what happened. It’s also separated, so I shake the tube before applying, but the smell is still there. Disappointed.
    Velvet dream
    I received this delightful pink wonder early this week and have been using it every morning. It’s truly wonderful and leaves my skin plumped and feeling like velvet. I’m in my mid 50s so hardly a spring chicken, but with a bit of help from this gel mask - and some other goodies - my skin feels fabulous.
    Simply amazing!
    I have been very intrigued by this whole line since I first stumbled across it while browsing skincare. I was immediately drawn to the lovely packaging and the simplicity of the whole range of products. I decided to try the vitamin C paste as it was a new concept to me and I have nothing similar in my current regimen. Well let me just say I am so delighted I took the plunge, this stuff is magic! I suffer from redness and hyper-pigmentation and I have tried many different vitamin C products in the hopes of improving my skin (including the famous Drunk Elephant C-Firma Serum) however this is definitely the best I have used by far. I apply it every morning after cleansing and leave it on for around 5 minutes while I brush my teeth etc. When I wash it off, my skin is so bright and glowing, it looks amazing. I have also been noticing some real improvement with my hyper-pigmentation. This has now got a permanent place in my skincare routine and I will definitely be trying out some of the other products from the range in the future.
    Literally the best thing I've ever put on my face
    I spend a lot of time, and too much money, hunting for the perfect thing to give me that glowy, even skin tone we're all hunting for. I've stopped wearing foundation thanks to this; I only wish I'd found it sooner.
    New way to start the day-it works
    Like everything else from the Lixir range, I love it. Everything about this is new, but it delivers exactly what it promises. Clear, supple, nourished skin to start the day. Only good things to say about this, definitely worth a try if you're curious. Everything else pales in comparison now.
    Slowly but surely getting the job done.
    First off, the smell is very off-putting and almost foul (like a fart or a garbage can) but not enough to be a complete dealbreaker. It doesn't take much effort - I usually pop it on before I go into the shower and take it off after. It has a 10% LAA concentration which is perfect for daily use and in combination with my Vit C serum, I'm slowly noticing a brightness to my skin. I use it every alternate day and can notice the acne scars are fading well. I will continue to use it and repurchase.
    Excellent product
    I just got this a few days back and so far it has made some difference to my skin most definitely. It is more moisturised, supple and I notice a brightness. I leave it on for good 15 mins or so in the morning and I can tell the difference. Hoping it helps my scars fade away I plan to repurchase this. Worth a try!
    Better than my expextation!
    First thing first, I’m always allergic to vitamin C-contained product. This amazing mask, however, does nothing but makes my skin look super fabulous. I’ve been using it for around a fortnight and my skin is brighter and all the dark spots, which is used to stay on my face gradually faded out. Moreover. it leaves my skin super soft and healthier. Love it! This will be my ride-or-die mask after all!!! XX
    love, love, love
    I have tried many Vit C products, I love this, I have used it for 3 weeks now. I don't use it every day, sometimes I leave on for 15 mins or 5 mins. It feels tingly on the skin, can't believe how bright and smooth my skin looks and feels. I also use the emulsion and am about to buy the cleanser. I'm 48, I let my 19 year old daughter try it too, she felt it was a little strong for her, so uses it twice a week. We love.
    Lives up to the hype, and more
    I wouldn't be without this for my AM cleanse. It really does do everything it promises, and I rather like the fragrance: reminds me that this is a "do" product rather than a "fluffy-smelly" product. Buy it.
    Verry good paste, terrible smell
    I love this mask!! It does wonders for your skin, it leaves it glowing, I just wish they would improve the smell it smells like a toilet to me :S
    Love everything about it
    Can’t understand the issue with the smell. It feels good, leaves my skin looking bright and fresh. Love it.
    From the first use I noticed my skin was brighter and more even. It's also great when I have had a break out, they clear up much quicker. The smell isn't great but I'm used to it now! About to reorder.
    Love this!
    I bought this after reading India Knight's review in the Sunday Times, I'm slightly obsessed with Vitamin C products! I have to say that this is amazing - my skin seems to be brighter, evened out pigmentation and made skin softer (that might be other products). I would highly recommend - I use it alongside Alpha-H's Daily Moisturiser SPF 50 and a raft of The Ordinary products. Did I say I was slightly obsessed.
    Lixirskin Vitamin c paste
    I have never had so many compliments about my mid 40's skin! Its evened out pigmentation and generally brightened my complexion. Love it!
    thumbs down from me
    I really trued to love this product!!! I got it in a beauty box linked with Lydia Elise and really wanted to love it and just didn't. Didn't like the feeling of it on my skin and didn't feel it brightened my skin at all. Would not buy again.
    Stellar product!
    This Vitamin C paste is my staple! I repurchase backups every time i start running out of it. Applies beautifully, brightens my skin and nourishes it so well. I have better skin since using it. My skin is sensitive & dehydrated and with this paste I do feel like I’m soaked with C bomb bath. Love, can’t live without!
    My new glowing morning Routine
    I am using it every morning and to be honest, I gave it a try cos I never thought it would really be that nice effect as described. Well it does: I am using it all over the face, eyes, lips, neck decollete: 15 min and more every morning in the meantime I get ready and its a skin perfecter before applying the daily creams. Thanks, CULT team for proposing these items
    I've purchased a number of times, packaging cute and a great one for travelling as it's smaller than most cleansers. Thick and gloopy in texture, glue-like, the scent is weird -sweet but metallic however not enough to put you off. The result after I've added water and rinsed is brighter and smoother.
    Obsessed with this!
    I am obsessed with this paste/mask! Been using it for a week and my skin is looking amazing! Glowing, smooth, refreshed and calm. It’s a really lovely consistency and very easy to use. I’ve used it about 5 times in a week either morning or night. There is a unique/natural smell to this. If you are sensitive to smells this could be an issue but I have no problem. I’d much prefer that to an artificial perfume scent! Would buy again immediately when I finish.
    A hero product
    This tube of goodness has its place on my shelf for good! It is THE product to make a difference in the appearance of my skin: brightens, evens out skin tone, adds glow and freshens up my face. I also noticed that my skin has been very calm and soothed since I reached back for this product few weeks back. I have just ordered a new tube...cant leave without. Love!
    Love the packaging
    Bought this for a second time. It has great texture; kind of oily and balmy. You have to shake the tube first, then rub it in your fingers and then to your face gently, also under the eyes. Perfect in the morning so you can combine it with another vitamin C product.
    Smells terrible
    I tried to use it but I cannot get over the smell. I had it on for 4-5 min and I had to wash it off. Maybe it works, maybe it's a good product but for me, it's not pleasant to use and I have other alternatives to make my skin glow.
    Smells citrus-like
    I like to let it stay for a good 10 mins before washing it away (I do that 2-3 times a week, no more) to reveal beautiful, brighter, healthy skin. The scent is orange-y to me, don't you think? I think that it oxidises a little toward the end of the tube, so be careful not to let it be open for too long. I can't tell you why I'm not giving it 5 stars, it's just that I'm not fully convinced by it... It's worth a try though.
    The product works. Skin feels different after applying it. Gorgeous.
    Бессмысленно, странно и дорого *** Senseless, strange and expensive***
    Не разделяю восторга по этой маске.. не делает абсолютно ничего и имеет очень странную жирную (даже маслинную) текстуру, приходится очень долго и сильно встряхиваться перед применением потому что консистенция расслоения какая-то:( ***I do not share the delight of this mask, does not do absolutely anything and has a very strange oily (even olive) texture, it takes a very long and hard shake before use because the consistency of the bundle is some kind of unusual : (
    Not suitable for me
    I got it in my Goody Bag, and I'm very happy about it because it isn't worth the money. After using it once I didn't see any effect from it. No cleansing, no smoothing. After 2 weeks I got an allergic reaction... After other 2 weeks I gave it a second chance, but the allergy came faster. Be careful with vitamin C. It is not a good idea to use it on the skin. The vitamins must be used as a food. Don't recommend.
    Can’t live without
    I have gone through so many tubes of this (no really, I have lost count) It’s a permanent fixture in my morning routine for bright skin, even when I get up for work at 5 am.
    Fantastic glowgiver
    I’m on to my 2nd vitamin c paste. It’s so simple to put on first thing in the morning and within minutes, skin looks lit from within. Highly recommend.
    I didn't enjoy this at all. I have hyper sensitive skin around my nose and mouth, and this was quite stingy, also, I broke out after using it. I only used it once, I might try it again just to be sure and not feel like i wasted my money, but I don't want to risk breaking out.. so far I am not a fan.
    Love the texture
    I've been using a combination of LIXIRSKIN products for about 2 months. I really love the effect of those products. It has evened out my skin tone and lightened my scarring. I'm not sure how much this paste did by itself but I do love its texture. I put it on then brush my teeth before I rinse it off. It didn't dry out the skin, and no strong scent either. The only down side is, I think it doesn't last very long. I only use it when I use my Night Switch which it needs to switch out every 3 weeks so I think the paste will only last around 3 months for me even without continuous use. I will consider to repurchase when it has GWP or discount.
    Does the job, but problematic ingredients
    I have been using this for about a month now. I leave it on about 20 mins, cleanse and then do the rest of my skincare. I have extremely sensitive combination skin and bought this because I like the idea of a minimalist product and a non-leave on acid. It does the job. I see a brightening effect. My problem is that out of the 15 ingredients on the list, 5 are fragrant ingredients that do nothing to improve the skin. Even so, the product still smells like cat pee (that’s just what ascorbic acid smells like, no offence!). The smell doesn’t bother me at all, skincare isn’t supposed to smell nice. Essential oils and fragrance are some of the most allergenic and photosensitizing ingredients in the world. If the end result is bad smelling anyway, why even put all those botanical extracts and essential oils and other substances masking as ingredients but are really just stealth fragrance ?!?? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.
    Good but need to exfoliate
    I really like this product, especially since I’ve started to use it with my FOREO UFO! Skin is brighter and just glows. However, I have to make sure I have an oil-free sunscreen to follow up and strong AHA/BHA and retinol system going for my evening routine to avoid oxidisation. This isn’t an issue which is solely reserved to this product though, it’s something that I think combination/acne prone skin tends to face when using vit c products... and in its defence, as it rinses off it doesn’t oxidise as badly as some other vitC products I’ve tried. Also, yes it separated but I make sure I give it a shake before using it.
    No thank you
    I had very high hopes buying this product, hoped it would be an irritation-free way to give myself a perfect glow. Irritating free- yes when applying (which is uncomfortable because of texture en runniness) but the day after I get little breakouts all over my face.
    Great for sensitive skin
    This is such a find! I’ve been trying all sorts of vitamin C formulas to help with pigmentation, texture, anti aging etc. Everything else I’ve tried I’ve either had a bad reaction to or it’s dried my skin out. I have very very sensitive skin and get hives from lots of products...but not from this!!! Now I can get my dose of vitamin C each morning with no reaction and my skin feels so soft, smooth, firm and radiant! I’m so glad I found this product! I just use a pea size amount every other morning after cleansing and leave on for about 5 minutes whilst I make my bed etc then wipe off with a damp very soft cloth. So happy about this product! Xxx
    A Mixed Bag
    I've got very combination skin, and this product is very gentle and brightening on my drier parts but broke me out horribly in the oilier parts of my face. Its a real shame, but if you even slightly prone to acne I would avoid.
    Don’t know what the fuss is about.
    This doesn’t do anything to improve my skin, it really does smell bad but I’d put up with that happily if it worked. I’ve given it 2 stars because it doesn’t make my skin any worse either. This was an expensive mistake.
    Surprisingly good
    I'm onto my second tube of this product. I initially bought this when there weren't any reviews and because CB was offering a discount code. I was always a bit iffy with leaving an acid on my skin during the day. I've used this for over 3 months daily, and I can truly say that it has made an improvement in my skin. It's one of those products that are 'not a sprint, it's a marathon.' I love the simplicity of the packaging also, and there's no waste - you can get every last bit.
    Hmm not sure yet
    It is ok I guess but I don't see a really big difference on my skin - and it smells really weird for me, kinda like urine and that makes it hard for me to even use it.
    Part of my everyday routine
    With every skincare routine, you'd have to give it time to settle in and let your skin adjust. It works well for me. I have skin that has pimples or whiteheads due to hormones but using this product does clear up my skin, making my scars lighter and skin more supple.
    lovely morning routine
    I really love this sweet thing, it leaves my skin even, bright and healthy. I have a sensitive skin and also goes a bit dry, especially after the winter months it always is the worst. I cannot even apply my make-up properly, but after using this paste, my make-up is flawless. Amazing <3
    Brilliantly simple, easy effective skincare
    I have used many terrific products over many years, but this regime is just perfect now for my stage in life. I have regularly used skincare since I was 12, and now I travel a lot and this capsule collection, with the night switches and the brilliant cleanser, everything emulsion and this shot of Vic C every morning is really kicking goals for me. Just love it. I have never used one cream for everything. What a revelation, the softest lips, hydrated eye area, perfect makeup base. Just brilliant. Thank you.
    Made My Skin Glow
    I didn’t expect much from this product if I’m honest. I bought it on a whim, because of the reviews (and packaging!). But one morning, I smashed the mask on my face, waited a few minutes, hurriedly washed it off with a muslin cloth, and when I looked in the mirror, I was shocked! My skin looked so radiant and dewy like I’d had 9 hours sleep. Definitely part of my skincare routine now!
    Nice addition to the routine
    I love the texture of this and I love using it as part of my routine. The smell, like other reviewers have said, isn't great but it's not a deal-breaker either. I haven't seen a major effect on my skin though so unsure whether I'd repurchase.
    The big unveil
    Just to get the only negative thing out of the way, I'm not a fan of the smell but you wash it off so it's not at all a problem. I am a fan of the lack of 'Fragrance' in the ingredient deck so will move on quickly because results is the most important thing, and this product DELIVERS! A speed-mask that I use on a whim as a quick fix to brighten my dull skin and create an even, hydrated surface for an assured GMD (good makeup day). It's a great new addition to my skincare arsenal as my skin becomes dull really easily and I can use this as many times a week as I want to without it irritating my skin. I love the packaging, I love the story behind this brand and Collette is a skin genius, so I look forward to following her journey as a true Cult founder!
    Great resurfacing mask gentle enough for every day
    I have seriously sensitive skin...so sensitive that I have to limit exfoliating to a few times a week max. I've been using this every morning for the past four days. So far my skin not only tolerates this but turns out so baby soft! I also notice it makes any eye wrinkles seem softened. Also, makeup goes on beautifully. I love this because you can use it as a quick wash or leave it as a mask for a deeper clean.
    Uber effective
    Took a chance buying this as I had no clue what vit c would bring to my skincare routine. My skin is quite good for my age (56) so didn’t expect too much change. Used it every morning now for 5 mornings and...WOW....this is fantastic!!! Leaves my skin bright, alive, smooth and sort of taut. Am now about to extend my experimentation further into the products of this brand to put the cleanser and see what it delivers like. If you are sceptical...take a chance on this as you will not be disappointed.
    Game changer
    This product has replaced my regular vitamin c serum, my enzyme mask and morning cleanser\mask routine. It surpasses the effects of four different products and simplifies my morning routine. For the price, I am saving LOTS of money! Leaves the skin bouncy hydrated. Deep. Some resurfacing very gentle on my rosacea-affected skin. I believe there has been an improvement in skin strength something my old vitamin c serum hasn't done. I leave on for several hours rehydrating with rose water mist often. No adverse effects on my very sensitive skin. Just the opposite. Major win.
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