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    Lime CrimeUnicorn Hair Bunny<p>Making all your hair fantasies come true, Lime Crime&#8217;s Unicorn Hair will leave your locks silky-smooth, smelling spring fresh and &#8211; of course &#8211; coloured with brilliantly bold, semi-permanent dye. In the dreamiest line-up of shades, the tints and full-coverage dyes are designed to last a long time and fade gracefully, so you can go on enjoying the colour effects. Kicking off the hypnotic tint hues is pastel baby pink &#8216;Bunny&#8217;, followed by pastel lilac &#8216;Dilute&#8217;, warm 'Caramel', Victorian rose 'Shook' and nude &#8216;Sext&#8217;, while the full-coverage options are deep burgundy-red &#8216;Chocolate Cherry&#8217;, traffic-stopping orange &#8216;Leeloo&#8217;, clean vibrant peach &#8216;Neon Peach&#8217;, warm rose &#8216;Bubblegum rose&#8217;, pink-red 'Lipstick' and crimson red &#8216;Valentine&#8217;. Formulated from only the purest, vegan ingredients, the dyes are gentle on hair and completely cruelty-free.</p>LIM014 Bunny8166520200404 stars, based on26 reviews 15.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

    Lime Crime
    Unicorn Hair
    ( 200ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Three years in the making, this semi-permanent hair dye is all your unicorn dreams come true (even if you’re positively grown up…) Designed by Lime Crime’s purple-haired CEO Doe Deere, this dynamic dye lasts longer than most and fades gracefully, formulated with only the purest, vegan ingredients that are gentle on hair. In full coverage and tint formulas, in a rainbow of 11 shades – from ‘Neon Peach’ to ‘Chocolate Cherry’ – this is the perfect way to go beautifully bold and transform your look.

    • Description

      Making all your hair fantasies come true, Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair will leave your locks silky-smooth, smelling spring fresh and – of course – coloured with brilliantly bold, semi-permanent dye. In the dreamiest line-up of shades, the tints and full-coverage dyes are designed to last a long time and fade gracefully, so you can go on enjoying the colour effects. Kicking off the hypnotic tint hues is pastel baby pink ‘Bunny’, followed by pastel lilac ‘Dilute’, warm 'Caramel', Victorian rose 'Shook' and nude ‘Sext’, while the full-coverage options are deep burgundy-red ‘Chocolate Cherry’, traffic-stopping orange ‘Leeloo’, clean vibrant peach ‘Neon Peach’, warm rose ‘Bubblegum rose’, pink-red 'Lipstick' and crimson red ‘Valentine’. Formulated from only the purest, vegan ingredients, the dyes are gentle on hair and completely cruelty-free.

    • How to use

      Apply to pre-bleached, clean, unconditioned hair. Massage colour into each strand. For longer-lasting, more intense results, leave the dye in for 1-2 hours. For more pastel results, wash out after 30 minutes. Don’t worry, Unicorn Hair will not damage your hair, as it does not contain any harsh chemicals or bleach! Rinse until water runs clear, shampoo & condition as usual. To extend the life of your colour, use shampoo for colour-treated hair in between colourings.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water/Eau,Cetyl Alcohol,Glycerin,Stearalkonium Chloride,Glyceryl Stearate,PEG-100 Stearate,Propylene Glycol,Guar Hydroxypropyl Trimonium Chloride,Hydrolyzed Adansonia Digitata Seed Extract,Quaternium-52,Cetearyl Alcohol,Ceteareth-20,Tetrasodium EDTA,Citric Acid,Fragrance (Parfum),Methylchloroisothiazolinone,Methylisothiazolinone. May Contain/Puet Contenir [+/-]: Acid Violet 43 CI 60730,Basic Blue 3 CI 51004,Basic Blue 7 CI 42595,Basic Blue 99 CI 56059,Basic Brown 16 CI 12250,Basic Orange 1 CI 11320,Basic Red 2 CI 50240,Basic Red 14 CI 48016,Basic Red 22 CI 11055,Basic Red 51,Basic Violet 2 CI 42520,Basic Violet 13 CI 42536,Basic Yellow 29,Basic Yellow. CRUELTY FREE & VEGAN.

      Caution: Unicorn Hair is ready to use; do not mix with developers,lighteners,or any permanent hair colorant. May temporarily stain skin and permanently stain fabric. Always protect clothing and work space prior to application and wear gloves. Perform a preliminary patch test,as this product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals. Use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of product to skin,such as on the nape of the neck or near the elbow,and leave on for 30 minutes. Monitor area for any signs of redness or irritation for the next 24 hours; if any irritation occurs,discontinue use. This product is not intended for use anywhere on the face or in the immediate eye area. It must not be used to dye eyelashes or eyebrows,to do so may cause harm to the eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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    Lime Crime - Unicorn Hair

    Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Reviews

    Smells great, lasts long, beautiful fade. I've had so many compliments because of this.
    Chocolate Cherry
    Cruelty-free, great colour gives an amazing finish on bleached blonde hair. The difference between this and chemical based colours is that you can leave it on for hours if you like and it won't damage your hair. I'd definitely recommend this brand and colour to anyone, and I've tried a LOT of different brands of dyes.
    I wish there was 0 stars
    What a waste of money. I Bought sext. I bleached my hair. And nothing happened. Not even a tiny different. I just gave £15 for a jar full of nothing.
    Sext-Don't bother
    My hair is in perfect condition, I have had it coloured to a lovely pink through my hairdresser with no issue. The colour had faded and my hair had gone a very light, almost white, blonde. I applied this to my hair as per the instructions and I was left with awful green/yellow hair with the slightest tiny hint of the colour I expected only on the roots of my hair. Would not recommend the use of this product, I had purchased again for a second time (due to stock on different site) as wanted to give another try, waited about 5 weeks to use and the same results happened again. Luckily my hairdresser was able to rectify the green tinge, if anyone else has experienced this I would recommend using a pink shampoo and conditioner, this will get rid of the green colouring.
    Pastel hair
    Great debut base for pastel colours of hair, love it and don’t dry hair.
    Recommend, but also wouldn’t
    I bought Bunny to remove the green tint out of my hair from using Manic panic purple hair dye which had faded to a horrible green/blue(wouldn’t recommend that brand!), and I tell you now it worked! My hairs a nice faded pink/whitey blonde. And I’m happy it’s gotten rid of my horrible colour. I tried everything, ketchup, bleach, vitamin c and anti-dandruff shampoo...baking soda, everything! But this one worked and I’m very happy in that aspect of things. I wouldn’t recommend it as a pure pink all over as the majority washes out when you wash the dye out, it just doesn’t seem to stick to your hair, even on bleached hair.
    Sext on short bleached white hair
    Awful product, I never leave reviews for things but since I’ve almost been in tears over this I felt compelled. I’d like to state my hair is a short pixie cut, freshly trimmed and was a very clean blonde/white prior to using this product. After the first application (left on for 2 hours) the colour seemed to take but once rinsed out I was left with a green/ grey coloured hair. I opted for a second application in the hopes it just needed a little longer (than two hours though... really) this time it was successful and I was left with an all be it dark, but dusty rose colour. All was well until I washed it two days later. The second application seemed to come off completely and I was(am) left with a disgusting green hair colour. Devastated. Wouldn’t advise this to anyone.
    I tried Valentine after using a different brand last time I dyed my hair red and it only lasted a few washes and didn’t give my hair the desired colour. This hair dye is completely different, the colour payoff is amazing, it smells even better and lasts a lot longer than any colour I’ve used before! The only complaint I have is the price for the size of the tub, however, I have shoulder length thigh hair and didn’t even use a full tub. Will definitely be repurchasing.
    Wouldn’t use sext again
    I bought sext after my sister tried another colour from the range and had great results, it was beautiful at the start but after about 10 washes it actually turned my hair green. I was horrified. Also, have found it has done this to others too. Lime crime customer service was good and offered another colour to try but I would avoid sext at all costs :( If I use another colour I’ll review again.
    Chocolate cherry on unbleached hair
    I have used chocolate cherry several times on my hair and it is my favourite hair dye ever! I have naturally light brown hair and do not bleach it. I leave the dye on for as long as I can be bothered (put on a film and chill) and I get fantastic results. It smells nice, conditions my hair and does last longer than any other semipermant colour I’ve used. It also doesn’t stain skin as badly as some I’ve used. I just with cult beauty would stock more colours.
    Colore fantastico ma attenti alle macchie
    Il colore del chocolate cherry è davvero bellissimo e copre bene anche il castano chiaro. Lavando i capelli ovviamente scarica (soprattutto alle radici), come tutti i semipermanenti, ma più lentamente di altri che avevo provato in precedenza. I lati negativi sono due: i tempi di posa sono molto lunghi ed è un colore "macchiante", nel senso che purtroppo lascia dei residui sul cuscino anche dopo il secondo lavaggio (ma nulla sui vestiti, quindi credo sia dato dallo sfregamento durante la notte). *** The colour of chocolate cherry is really beautiful and also covers light brown hair. Washing your hair obviously the colour still drains off (especially at the roots), like all semi-permanent, but it is slower than others I had previously tried. There are two negative sides: The colour takes quite a long time to develop, in the sense that unfortunately it leaves residue on the pillow, even after the second wash (but nothing on transfers onto my clothes, so I think the transfer is due to the movement of your hair on the pillow, during the night).***
    Leeloo & neon peach
    They are really good! Lasted for me approximately 10 washes which is really good! The colour is beautiful and smelled nice too!
    I've dyed my hair 'rainbow' colours a number of times. Usually I've used directions, crazy colours or something of the sort. However I saw the colour sext from lime crime and really fell in love with the colour. So I ordered a pot (£16 with shipping - significantly more expensive than other bright dyes) and honestly it's more than a little disappointing. I bleached my hair as recommended and when I used the dye I left it on for 2 hours (as suggested for full saturation). Honestly, it turned most of my hair a dirty blonde with a slight hint of pink - nothing like the colour suggests. Overall, so so disappointing and after 1 wash it was basically gone. I wouldn't recommend wasting your time on this one, or at least not on the tint colours.
    Heavenly hair
    This was my first time dying my full head and my hair is completely virgin and a darkish brown, but I got it bleached and this is just the most amazing colour. It’s almost a conditioner texture and it smells so good. The colour is so vibrant and hasn’t stained any of my clothes. I feel so beautiful and happy.
    sext - no go
    I left the colour on for 1 hour on my platinum blonde hair. But the colour after I washed the product off my hair is absolute not as the picture shows. It can not even cover my blonde colour. NEVER buy this product.
    Overall review from my year of using this
    So this brand of dye is a mixed bag! I’d go google review and YouTube videos before making a purchase and remember that this whole ‘tint’ thing, really does mean it. I started with Neon Peach and Strawberry last year, this was on ombre hair and left me with the most incredible blorange, but the strawberry fades kinda from the top down, so although I put it at the top I was left with it at the bottom after a few weeks. Next, I ramped it up to a balayage for summer, tried Sext and Gargoyle...DO NOT USE these colours! Turned me green. I was very sad :( I put the blorange back over while I waited for the green to go (it never truly did). Bunny over would help but only for a few washes. Next, I went for Chocolate cherry, trying for something a bit longer lasting, and wow is that stuff bright! It was like fuchsia on steroids! But, the coverage is great, it even tinted my brown hair pink, and as I’ve been washing it has faded nicely. In the same way as the strawberry jam it fades top to bottom, so 4 weeks on, washing every 2 days, I’m now left with this muted reddish pink on the ends, quite cool! I would highly recommend all of the full coverage dyes, not the tints, admittedly you have to walk around as bright as a lighthouse for a few washes but on the other hand, you get better value for money with 4 weeks in comparison to 1 :) The full coverage also work well watered down in your conditioner to help maintain colour, the tints do not.
    LOVE some of the colours, others not at all lol
    These colours are great but I had very, very varied results. I'm positive it had nothing to do with the state of my hair, all applications were on strong, pale yellow-white bleached hair in good condition. I left these dyes on for 2- 3 hours under foil wraps and only some of the colours came up true. List of the colours I tried that I loved, ranked~ 1. Anime (True, rich cyan; I love this shade so so much.) 2. Salad (Brighter than I thought and the last to fade. Awesome) 3. Kawaii Not so good: Moonchild, mint ice. These barely tinted over my white hair, not at all a good look. I really wanted to love these shades but I've tried re-doing them and they just don't stay in my hair :< sad I'm really excited to try Bunny next <3
    Save your money if you’re thinking about buying Sext!
    I bought 3 pots of Sext for fully bleached and pre-lightened shoulder length hair (£39 excluding shipping). If anything, my hair just has a greenish tint. It was nearly white before application, so it definitely didn’t have anything to do with undertones. I’m really disappointed in Lime Crime, this experience has completely put me off their hair dyes.
    Waste of time and money
    I have bleached white blonde hair that I was concerned was becoming a little 'brassy' so I chose Dilute to tone down the brassiness and add a violet hue to my hair.(I do have to say here that I was unsure whether Dilute is actually a colour, but the image seemed to suggest a violet tone.) Firstly the tub arrives with no instructions. Even the directions listed on this page are a little vague. I decided to apply the product to dry, freshly washed hair. I left it for 1.5 hours and then added warm water and re-massaged the product through my hair and left for another half hour before rinsing. I followed with shampoo and conditioner as advised. The result.....a big, fat, NOTHING! I have only given a star because the product smelled nice and it's cruelty-free.
    Legitimation the best dye ever
    I have had red hair for almost a year now and have mostly been using Revlon color bombs and sometimes semi-permanent dyes from the drugstore. No color has ever been this bright, long lasting and good smelling. I just wish cult beauty could bring in more colors, I wanna try the purple one!
    Smells like heaven, an absolute pleasure to use! Great value as the tub is larger than most semi-perm hair dyes, I got two applications out of mine! Vibrant colour & conditions your hair too! My hair was in better condition after using the dye?! This is by far my favourite hair dye ever! Big thumbs up and I'll be trying more colours now! X
    Bunny :(
    A differenza del chocolate cherry, il bunny mi ha delusa: ha una coprenza davvero bassissima (anche sui capelli decolorati biondo platino) nonostante i lunghi tempi di posa, inoltre sparisce davvero velocemente coi lavaggi ed è molto liquido, quindi difficile da stendere rispetto ad altri colori. Sicuramente non acquisterò più le tonalità tint di questo marchio ***Unlike the chocolate cherry, the bunny has disappointed me: it has very low coverage (even on bleached blonde platinum hair) despite leaving it on for a long amount of time, it also fades really quickly with washes and the is very watery, so it is difficult to apply compared to the other colours. I will not buy this shade from this brand anymore.***
    Extremely Poor - Sext
    I left the dye on for 3 hours, on blonde hair. Had I done this with any other colour, I would have had a really bright & intense colour. This dye (in the colour Sext) left a dull pink hue on my hair for about one wash, then it vanished. I'm gutted as I hoped the dye would be good, but due to the price and the quality, I'll stick with cheaper ones that I know work well.
    Chocolate Cherry
    I am obsessed. One jar was enough for my long thick hair and it's been a month since I applied it to pre bleached hair and it has barely faded. It is unreal. The colour is beautiful and the smell is lovely too. I've been using pinks and bright colours for over 15 years but this is the best dye I've ever used. Love it.
    Not as advertised
    I have dyed my hair a lot of colours in the past. The smell of this one is definitely the best. However, I bleached my hair and applied sext for 2 hours, as specified if you want it to be extra long lasting and intense. Unfortunately after the long process my hair is a muted grey pink tone and nothing like the thumbnail so I’m suitably unimpressed. In the future I make attempt to try their ‘full coverage’ shade but for now I might stick to something cheaper to get my coloured hair fix because this was an utter waste of time.
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