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    Josh RosebrookHydrating Accelerator 100ml<p>More hardworking than most mists, Josh Rosebrook&#8217;s Hydrating Accelerator is a hydrator, toner and light moisturiser in one, effectively enhancing the delivery of hydration and active nutrients when used in conjunction with other skin care products. Consisting of organic, vitamin-infused aloe water (enriched with a host of other natural wonders) this facial spray calms, hydrates and softens skin, filling cells with nourishing hydration to plump, firm and increase the circulation of vital nutrients. Helping to reset its natural healing ability, this also preps skin to fully receive the benefits in serums, oils, balms and creams, allowing your skin care to achieve maximum efficacy. Alongside soothing aloe vera juice, the formula features elasticity-enhancing evening primrose, moisturising marula, firming sea buckthorn, soothing borage, calendula and turmeric, regenerating rose hip, brightening goji berry, beetroot, alfalfa and liquorice and, last but certainly not least, detoxifying dandelion. Use it with Josh Rosebrook&#8217;s <a href="https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/verso-deep-hydration-mask.html" target="_blank">{Deep Hydrating Serum}</a> for a brilliant boost, or <a href="https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/josh-rosebrook-cacao-antioxidant-mask.html" target="_blank">{Cacao Antioxidant Mask}</a> to enhance the protective, balancing benefits. Like the entire Josh Rosebrook range, this product is crafted from 100% natural, largely organic and wild-crafted ingredients.&nbsp;</p> JRO007_100ML143088108720303465 stars, based on100 reviews 35.00Cult BeautyNew

    Josh Rosebrook
    Hydrating Accelerator
    ( 100ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      A hydrator, toner and light moisturiser all in one, this vitamin-infused aloe water lowers skin surface tension, enhancing the delivery of hydration and active nutrients into the skin. Brimming with moisturising, soothing natural ingredients, this miraculous mist plumps, firms and softens skin, enhancing the performance of other products such as masks, serums and creams – especially those from Josh Rosebrook’s luscious line, which has utilised the finest organic  and wild-crafted ingredients to a green, clean go-to for the skin-savvy.

    • Description

      More hardworking than most mists, Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator is a hydrator, toner and light moisturiser in one, effectively enhancing the delivery of hydration and active nutrients when used in conjunction with other skin care products. Consisting of organic, vitamin-infused aloe water (enriched with a host of other natural wonders) this facial spray calms, hydrates and softens skin, filling cells with nourishing hydration to plump, firm and increase the circulation of vital nutrients. Helping to reset its natural healing ability, this also preps skin to fully receive the benefits in serums, oils, balms and creams, allowing your skin care to achieve maximum efficacy. Alongside soothing aloe vera juice, the formula features elasticity-enhancing evening primrose, moisturising marula, firming sea buckthorn, soothing borage, calendula and turmeric, regenerating rose hip, brightening goji berry, beetroot, alfalfa and liquorice and, last but certainly not least, detoxifying dandelion. Use it with Josh Rosebrook’s {Deep Hydrating Serum} for a brilliant boost, or {Cacao Antioxidant Mask} to enhance the protective, balancing benefits. Like the entire Josh Rosebrook range, this product is crafted from 100% natural, largely organic and wild-crafted ingredients. 

    • How to use

      The Hydrating Accelerator is the foundation of the Layering Technique. After cleansing pat face dry. Mist three to five pumps of the Hydrating Accelerator and apply the Deep Hydrating Serum over the top.

      Vitamin infused organic aloe water loosens skin surface tension allowing hydration into the skin while acting as a transporter for nutrients and oils in the Deep Hydrating Serum to travel deep and lock in the water.

      Use the Hydrating Accelerator before applying the Active Enzyme Exfoliator, the Cacao Antioxidant Mask, the Oculus Formula and the Nutrient Day Cream. This allows enzymes and nutrients in the masks, serums and creams to travel into the skin and become locked in with moisturisers.

    • Full ingredients list

      *Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Vitamin Infused Water, *Jojoba Oil, †Marula Oil, *Evening Primrose Oil, *Hemp Seed Oil, *Borage Seed Oil, *Almond Oil, *Grape Seed Oil, *Sesame Oil, *Sea Buckthorn Oil, *Goji Berry, *Ashwaganda, *Calendula, *Black Cohosh, *Dandelion, *Fo Ti Root, *Alfalfa, *Bilberry, *Rosemary, *Turmeric, *Elderberry, *Raspberry Leaf, *Burdock, *Chamomile, *Rose Hips, *Eyebright, *Beetroot, *St. John’s Wort, * Hawthorne Berry, *Chickweed, *Licorice, *Coriander, *Horse Chestnut, *Lavender, *Red Clover, *Olive Leaf, *Sage, *Thyme, *Vitamin E, *Vanilla Extract, †YlangYlang Essential Oil, †Rosemary Essential Oil, †Eucalyptus Essential Oil, †Bergamot Essential Oil, †Carrot Seed Essential Oil.




      No Animal Testing

      Made in the USA

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    Josh Rosebrook - Hydrating Accelerator

    Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator Reviews

    Pure bliss!!!
    This is a absolutely beautiful product! The mist smells heavenly, herbal, natural (in a good way!) and calming. The mist hydrates my skin perfectly, I use it AM and PM to give my skin that extra shot of hydration, preparing it for further product or just as a little skindrink without any other product. Sometimes I also mist after my moisterizer, to boost absorbtion. Everytime I mist this over my face, I take a deep breath to inhale the peace and exhale any stress I have felt. It is a wonderful product, perfect balance of real quality skincare with the bliss of the user experience. I absolutely recommend this for any age or skin type/concern. I think this cannot do any harm to anyone and just give that perfect shot of extra care to any routine. I'm hooked, that is for sure!
    Nice, but not the best among those I've tried.
    That mist
    Absolutely lovely, really kind to my very dry skin. It is expensive but you only get what you pay for! My skin definitely looks better.
    Average Mist, amazing make up setting spray.
    I have extremely dry skin so most products don’t make the cut. I found it soothing and there is a toning effect, however, it did little for me in terms of hydration. My skin actually felt tight afterwards. With that said, this is an AMAZING make up spray. It is better than Dr Dennis Gross and Too Faced. It’s almost like it blends the make up and your skin has this beautiful glow to it. Not shiny or too much. Actually perfect.
    Great facial mist
    Definitely, the most moisturising facial mist. Doesn't dry out quickly like the other facial mists on the market. It's pricey compared to the other products on the market but so worth it.
    Perfect for sensitive skin
    A lot of mists/toners can sting my sensitive skin but this one is perfect - really lightweight and hydrating, especially if you use Josh's day cream after. I also spritz throughout the day for a refresh or over make-up for a dewy glow.
    Love this mist!
    This face mist smells amazing and it doesn't break me out! I apply this face mist and follow by a Hyaluronic acid (MMHC2) and my skin feels super hydrated. I will definitely repurchase this.
    Very refreshing
    I use this together with the Vital Balm Cream and Hydration Mask. It is very refreshing and smells wonderful. Also love that your face doesn't feel wet afterwards like other mists.
    Lovely face mist
    I bought this after seeing Caroline Hirons review, and as she said that it’s the best I wanted to try it out. This is a lovely oil mixed face mist if it does anything really I do not know (that’s why I put 4 stars and not 5) but I do enjoy using it and I will rebuy.
    So much more than a facial spritz
    I’m fully aware this is a stage in my skincare routine that is not essential, but if we stuck to essentials life would be rather mundane. I’ve bought many facial sprays varying from ingredients to price range - Herbivore, January Labs, Odacité, Omorovicza, LRP, even basic thermal water (only for removing the last trace of cleanser, not hydration), but Josh Rosebrook’s is the bee's knees (do bees have knees, idk?). It manages to moisturise, calm, hydrate, soothe, absorb shine & sink in within moments, leaving behind only a glow & softer, happier skin. There are no greasy remnants, nor is my face left feeling taut, as can often be the case with water-based sprays or ones contains alcohol. The nozzle distributes a fine mist - oh, and I almost forgot to say it smells like the health angel just sprinkled your face in gorgeousness. I use it sandwiched between oil & moisturiser during my routine, but also throughout the day & night - my desk, car, bedside table. I’m always switching up my skincare routine but there are some products I go back to time & again. As far as facial mists go this is my all time bestestest (it’s a word now).
    Totally unnecessary but a total want!
    I will preface by saying there's really no need for a mist in my routine as I don't know if I notice a significant improvement in my skin. But I do love it just for the therapeutic aspect of it a la "self-care". It smells very herbaceous, botanical and very soothing. The mist on this is extremely fine which I very much appreciate. I tend to use this before my facial oils as because there are oils in the formula, I'd like to think it helps my facial oil sink in better. It might be complete placebo but I'd repurchase this again and again.
    Refreshing Mist
    Really nice refreshing facial mist that can be used throughout the day. All other toner mists that I have used in the past have always caused breakouts, so I am very pleased that this doesn't! Great to use with other Josh Rosebrook products or spray over your make-up.
    I use this throughout the day, it’s refreshing & nourishes my dry skin.
    The finest and most hydrating mist
    The best one I and maybe others have found. I use it as my desk throughout the day, as a toner, post moisturiser, and always have mini ones in my bag for weddings/garden parties when I get bored or hot.
    Just meh
    I purchased this based on the reviews, but I have to say, I don’t think it’s anything special The smell initially is nice, but immediately after, I get a strong chemical smell that isn’t pleasant. I haven’t noticed any difference in my skin either. I love a face mist and have a lot nicer ones in my collection ( that are less expensive)
    Weird in a good way....
    Honestly, the first time I used this I thought it smelled like dental mouthwash. Second and third time I was like: hmmm...actually, I can smell the hemp. After that, I could smell different herbs. Now, every time I use it it smells slightly different, all of them nice. It's like Willy Wonka made a facial mist. I use it after my nighttime retinol and people are starting to comment on how bright my skin looks. There are a few new products I'm using by trial and error, but if it's working, it's working. Lovely addition to my routine. (Also great for hot flashes).
    Favourite just so far
    I use this in my routine and it wakes me up, is highly refreshing. The smell is just glorious and it really hydrates my skin. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-have in terms of a routine but it’s a luxurious addition to have. It’s wonderful, will definitely repurchase.
    This mist is perfect: hydrates prepares the skin for the treatment steps, smells beautiful, the price is really good compared to other brands. I agree with all the positive comments and reviews.
    Holy Grail!!!
    Theoretically if I was stuck on a desert island and was only allowed 3 skincare items (a very niche scenario I know), this would absolutely be one of them. It is just THE best. I'm currently trying out a few more mists to see if any come close, and I'm not entirely sure they will. I'm almost certain this will be my holy grail mist forever.
    This is my third bottle in a row. The scent is light and refreshing, and it does a great job hydrating my skin, especially when it feels dry & tight. Instant relief.
    Holy Grail
    I fell in love with this one after hearing Caroline Hirons rave about it and it takes a lot to get me to switch from my favourite K-Beauty mists but this is a really hydrating mist and is perfect for your mid-day mist when your foundation may look a bit dull. It hydrates and brings my skin back to life. In addition, the morals and ethos behind the company are great and it's great to see a CEO like Josh who cares about social issues and is vocal about this on social media.
    The perfect mist
    Love this, the smell is amazing and it is the best mist I have ever used.
    My complexion is troubled and very sensitive.This hasn't caused me any problems at all.As well as spraying my face I dab some under my eyes and layer with Alpha-H hyaluronic 8 serum. this combination plumps up my skin beautifully to erase the lines there without irritation and another spray during the day seems to reactivate the hyaluronic serum. The smell is light and sweet like marshmallow-it's a good smell. I will keep buying this product.
    Third bottle love.
    Whatever regime I’m using (VB and Bader atm), this has behind a constant! I use it as my first layer after cleansing. It’s light, gentle and hydrating (sensitive starting to age skin that’s prone to dehydration) love it .
    The best natural mist!
    Great product, no alcohol. I use this AM/PM after cleansing and before applying Vit C or Retinol. Helps serum absorption but keeps your skin hydrated. 100% recommended!!!!
    I adore this mist, can’t stop spraying it, my dry dehydrated skin loves it. I’ll never get tired the scent, it smells so good.
    Smells divine
    Heard such great things about this mist that couldn’t wait to try. The smell which has a little woody/earthy which was very unusual to other mist have tried. This strong smell is so calming and just gives you a lovely moment.
    Very lovely (but too much plastic)
    Really lovely product but I’d have to think long and hard about repurchasing (as with a lot of products) because there’s too much plastic in the packaging - knocked a star off for that reason.
    I bought this product after hearing rave reviews from Caroline Hiron and it did not disappoint. I use it throughout the day, works really well on top of makeup to make your skin feel hydrated without any kind of clogging or weighing you down. The fragrance is natural and strangely addictive. The only negative is the price, but it’s not enough to knock a star off as it has become a favourite part of my routine. Once you pop you can’t stop!
    I love this hydrating spray. Probably the only one I have ever used that I feel actually has results. Better than the Queen of Hungary Mist.
    Gorgeous but pricey
    Love this. Such an amazing product and smells amazing. Very luxurious to use however expensive and will only purchase as an occasional splurge. I’m not sure if it’s any more effective than other mists. But the scent and ingredients justify the price tag. If you can afford it, I recommend!
    Ok - but not amazing and I have tried better.
    I must have purchased this about 5 times now and I absolutely love it and won’t use any other hydrating mist! It works just after skincare, after makeup, and just as a quick hydrating boost! I’m currently on a course of Acne Medication and this is really useful to give extra moisture to dehydrated skin throughout the day!
    Best of the best
    Great product to hydrate your face and body, first time bought for holidays, perfect to refresh yourself in hot weather. But the star using all the time. Also smells amazing. My husband also uses it.
    Hydration Nation
    This mist is a LIFESAVER. I spritz this throughout the day and I can genuinely feel the moisture on my skin for hours later. It makes my skin plump and glows, I just can't get enough of it. The scent is an added bonus as well.
    Very good
    Very hydrating, leaves a nice finish and has a nice scent, I would definitely recommend!
    It aite
    I initially bought this mist for my very very dry skin. It was summer and my 6ft100 male colleagues would blast the AC in the name of coolness. It was killing my skin so I decided a nice hydrating mist was the way forward. Bought this one because it had such good reviews. As far as hydrating goes, it really doesn’t cut it for me. Even with frequent and multiple uses, I don’t feel like I’m getting any hydration. Not sure if it’s the product or if my skin is just crazy dry. So I was really annoyed because it’s expensive especially for a mist. One day I ran out of my makeup setting spray and used it since it was the only other mist I had. As a makeup setting spray, it does a good job. Sufficed to say, I have incredibly dry skin so I’m not looking for a matte finish, oil production reducing setting spray so I’m not sure how great it’d be for an oily girl (I suspect still fine though). I think it leaves a nice finish and doesn’t give you an over dewy/oily look like some hydrating makeup setting sprays are prone to do. Heard good things about the Pixi hydrating mist will try next
    Bought this year after researching mists, used a few times and then put into the back of a drawer and forgot about it. I’ve since received another bottle in a skincare purchase, tried again and am absolutely hooked! I don’t know why I didn’t get on with it the first time buts it’s just lovely. Beautiful minty fragrance, instantly refreshing and hydrating, wouldn’t be without it now.
    Smells gorgeous but broke me out
    I should have known better, because essential oils always break me out, but I fell for the hype on this one. I do absolutely love the scent, but unfortunately, after a couple of days of using it my skin was really dry and spotty. Darn.
    Great hydrating mist
    I use a few spritzes after cleansing and my skin feels soft and hydrated, and ready for the next steps. My skin is very sensitive with breakouts, but this is my holy grail, instead of a regular toner. The bottle is relatively small, but last a few months, because you need only 4 sprays.
    Ride or die product
    The smell, the hydration, the fine mist... Love everything about this product and have tried many mists...
    Amazing product! I felt a difference after just one spritz! I am hooked! Thank you Cult Beauty for your amazing customer service. I am an avid fan of yours.
    Very nice
    I really like this mist. I've nearly gone through a bottle now, and though I'm not sure if it is actually moisturizing my skin as much as it claims to, it does feel moisturizing. It smells a bit weird to me, but not bad. I think really you've got nothing to lose with trying it, as it does seem to add a bit of much-needed moisture to my routine before I apply my creams and oils.
    Love it!
    This has become my favourite part of my skincare routine. Smells unbelievable and boosts all serums. The only con is the price.
    A mist is just a mist
    I don't normally invest in a mist. Would rather spend more money on a serum. But Caroline Hirons made me buy this product. I have to say, a mist is just a mist. Surely it hydrates my skin but water can do that too. I know there are loads of antioxidants in the mist but I don't think the concentrations of those antioxidants in the mist can do much to my skin.
    The perfect mist.
    Everything in this mist is thought through to the minor details: the packing is sleek and simple, the mist is finer than I ever experienced (or probably ever will, it's perfection), the product itself is divine (it's somehow both hydrating and balancing for my combo skin). I totally understand the hype around this product now.
    I really expected to love this after all the reviews and bloggers raving about it but I just didn’t get on with it at all. After 2 weeks of using it I’ve had to stop as it’s dried out my skin so much. It might just not be compatible with my skin type but I would not buy this again. An expensive mistake.
    Solution for a big breakout!
    I rarely have breakouts, but there was this one time where it all went wrong and nothing worked for my skin....I stopped everything and used only this 5 times a day with my mild face washing routine...and I could see how my face was drinking in the potion! In a week my skin was super balanced, glowing and hydrated! It is just a dream!
    Amazing hydration
    Best facial mist I’ve used and now I can’t live without it - my new holy grail ⭐️
    This was the first hydrating mist I used 12-18 months ago when I was discovering green beauty. Since then I have tried lots of mists however I repurchased this again recently. Unfortunately it irritated my skin. It didn't cause me to break out, but my face felt drier with a slightly tight feeling and looked more dull and uneven. I have oily skin that is prone to dehydration but I feel this exacerbated everything. As soon as I stopped misting with this my skin brightened. Two stars for the lovely fragrance but there are other mists that suit me much better (siam seas Yen, earthwise beauty).
    Beautiful mist
    The smell of this mist is lovely not too overpowering, it hydrates my skin and gives me a gorgeous glow, I would definitely buy this again.
    Lovely mist!
    Best mist I’ve tried! Super refreshing, hydrating and the amount of product are evenly and soft distributed all over face. I use it in several steps in my rutine, and also during the day.
    Fancy hydration spray
    Really good product in its category, natural products and everything good inside. The brand is outstanding. I use it as an extra hydration step between toner and serum. Smells amazing too. I tried replacing it with cheaper and more expensive versions but I return to it, as it suits my hypersensitive skin too well to take any other risks.
    This mist is beautiful. I have super sensitive skin and often cannot use products with essential oils. This is so gentle, calming, hydrating and refreshing. I keep one in my bag and one at home. Wish there was a small (under 100ml) size for travel. Definitely worth the price.
    Definitely Hydrating
    Bought this mist after reading good reviews - has really helped bring more moisture into my skin. I have sensitive skin and this is really gentle on it - no issues with breakouts or anything like that.
    Lush Lush Lush
    Everything about this mist is superb! The smell, the ingredients, the way it makes my skin feel! I love my no makeup days now as it gives me the opportunity to reapply multiple times during the day. :)
    Gorgeous facial mist
    Love the hydrating accelerator from Josh Rosebrook. It has the best nozzle that produces the finest mist and the product itself is gentle, lush, hydrating and soothing. Absolutely gorgeous product. I use this all the time before applying treatment products and moisturizers day and night or as a refreshing mist any time of the day. It smells herbaceous and it has a lovely ingredient list. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Try this already. I always have back-ups of the hydrating accelerator from Josh Rosebrook as well as the molecular toner mist from Allies of Skin. They are both incredible!
    Queen CH knows what to recommend
    I bought it because I believe in Caroline Hirons' religion :D and I am really satisfied. Perfect packaging and a joy to use. The smell is quite strong so you need to get used to it but it's very refreshing and relaxing. Definitely repurchase.
    #CarolineHironsmademedoit :)
    I was not a believer in facial mists until I finished my first bottle and I could see the difference not using it for 2-3 weeks (until I ordered a new one). I kept the same skincare routine but the "dear old" dry patches reappeared, so now I can't live without it! The spritz is very fine, the smell is nice, herbal. My only "complaint"...Josh, please make a bigger bottle :)
    Bought into the hype - luxurious enough mist
    I don't really know what mists do because you can't notice a significant difference but I've never done without them in my skincare routine and my skin has been better than it was years ago so I'll remain a cautious convert. I bought into the social media hype and do not doubt that it's a cheaper dupe to May Lindstrom Jasmine Garden. For one the mist is super fine. The smell is very earthy and herbaceous and it's not just a water. I decanted it before and saw that it's an oil mix. Overall I really enjoy using this and will continue to keep doing so.
    Not worth the hype!
    I bought this product after seeing so many people on social media talking about how amazing it was, and how the scent is out of this world. Unfortunately it really isn't anything special and the smell is awful, from the descriptions I was expecting a sweet, marshmallow-y scent. This is awful, it's hard to describe but smells quite bad. Overpowering and herbal, I ended up selling mine. The actual mist doesn't do anything other mists do, I'd much rather put some Indie Lee Q-10 toner in a spray bottle and use that instead.
    Absolutely lovely and smells gorgeous!
    Pure pleasure!
    Love this mist. Hydrates well and allows my serums to penetrate better. Smells heavenly. I keep on buying it again.
    Spa in a bottle
    So luxe and hydrating. A little spritz is really uplifting too.
    Holy Grail Mist!
    I absolutely love this mist and never want to be without it! I really feel that this is actually doing great things for my skin at the same time as smelling gorgeous and being lovely to use. This is the first time I have felt this way about a mist as I’ve tried several and always been underwhelmed until now. I will keep repurchasing!
    Multitasking mist
    Absolutely adore this product, sinks in very fast and with a good even spray. Going to be a travel essential for me as doubles up as a light moisturiser and no need for a HA serum, balanced my skin tone combined with other products and the scent is not overwhelming and a cool herbal mist. Definitely will repurchase and I doubt I will find better unless Josh Rosebrook creates a new mist!
    Wow what a great product!! Perfect mist, nourishing and hydrating! There is nothing not to love.
    A repeat buy
    Really loved the scent and how it made my skin feel, have repurchased and it will be a skincare routine staple for me.
    So hydrating.
    Herbal mist
    This is worth the hype. It smells like I’m attending the spa, keeps my skin hydrated and lasts a surprisingly long time despite me using it all the time. I love it!
    Worth every penny
    This is a beautiful mist that I find myself coming back to everyday sometimes several times/day. Not greasy, refreshing, wonderful smell. Keep it in the fridge for added freshness during the summer months.
    Love love love!
    I honestly love this mist. It's so cooling and refreshing, the scent isn't overwhelming and a perfect pick me up at any time in the day. I have oily combo skin, this feels lovely and hydrating without making my face super greasy. Something I always repurchase and would definitely recommend!
    Don’t sleep on this
    I had originally purchased this a while ago at the behest of the wonderful Caroline Hirons who had seriously waxed lyrical about this product. I must admit I initially used it very sporadically and wasn’t sure I got the hype. Then more recently I found myself reconnecting with my collection of mists and realised I had erroneously been ‘sleeping on’ what is quite frankly a brilliant product. The mist is ultra fine, smells divine and is so soothing and nourishing on my skin. It has also gotten my skin out of some tricky situations due to overzealous exfoliation and sun exposure. I’m now on my second bottle and won’t be without it. I’m desperate to try the Daily Acid Toner. Hoping Cult Beauty will soon stock it.
    Absolutely delicious
    I can’t recommend Josh Rosebrook skincare enough, it transformed my sensitive, reactive and angry (acne-prone) face in 3 weeks! It feels nourished, calm, plump and balanced. Even the pigmentation scarring started to fade (might be the hydrating boost serum) love it!!!
    I know what you're thinking...
    ...£35 for a toner. THIRTY FIVE BRITISH POUNDS. For what is probably the least essential step in your routine (apart from eye cream, depending where you sit on that particular fence). My skin is hyper-reactive, rosacea-y and has no working sebum glands due to a brutal course of roaccutane but this, this £35 toner, it loves. The packaging is basic, which I find weirdly reassuring (clearly Josh is putting his $ into R&D instead, great) so don't expect a glass bottle or whatever. It has a great spritzer on it though. Smell is light and refreshing; I have no idea how he managed to get so many 'extracts' and 'essences' and whatnot in there and have it be so gentle but it is. If you've got this far then I'm going to go ahead and presume that you have £35 to spare, in which case go ahead. Buy this. It's as good as everyone else says.
    Amazing spray!
    Love this, will definitely be repurchasing.
    My skin hates it
    I really wanted to love this mist; it smells divine and the spray is a fine mist which doesn’t soak you. However, it really doesn’t agree with me. It causes my rosacea to flare up badly and I’m left extremely red-faced with a terrible stinging sensation.
    Believe the hype!
    This is such a beautiful mist, really hydrating and smells heavenly. Leaves my skin glowy and I can't stop using it throughout the day. It's pricey but so worth it!
    Lovely, very fine mist but not sure I'd repurchase
    I like the smell and I love the fact it's a very fine mist. The list of ingredients is impressive, but not sure my skin feels the difference between this and other mists (e.g. Caudalie's grape water). I will definitely re-use the pump because it's excellent.
    My new desk buddy
    I love a face mist, I've tried so many and it's a real luxury and a great pick me up during the day for me. I bought this after a colleague kept raving about hers and I immediately fell in love with it. It's a wetter mist than what I am used to, but I actually prefer this, it really does feel like a liquid moisturiser when you spray it onto the skin and when I don't use this my skin definitely feels more dehydrated. I mist this after my essence and to finish my skincare routine, then throughout the day as I feel I need it. The smell is lovely and refreshing, not overpowering and it's a great bottle to travel with as it's super light-weight and bag friendly!
    Great product
    Not much more to say other than that; it is such a nice step in my routine and when my skin needs a little pick me up.
    Beautiful hydration mist
    Amazing product. I bought it after being recommended by Caroline Hirons, I would definitely buy it again!
    Love it...
    Rebought it multiple times. I use it constantly between layers, first thing post cleansing etc. The herby smell is not my fave but its not pungent like f.e.Aurelia products. Lasts very long.
    This is a gorgeous product. I am currently trying to repair my damaged skin barrier and this has been a wonderful addition to my arsenal of products. It's like a beautiful treat after I was my face. It smells wonderful and it has added genuine plump to my skin. 100% Worth it.
    Had high expectations for this from others' reviews online. I like the product but it’s not HG. I think it’s too expensive and I really didn’t like the cheap packaging. However it smells nice and is easy to use but not essential.
    Lovely smell, but not my favourite mist
    I like the light, fresh, rose-y fragrance of this mist, but feel I get better hydration results from other sprays. Wouldn't repurchase this particular item.
    Refreshing and hydrating with lovely mist
    Lovely mist that refreshes, hydrates and prepares the skin for the next steps. Quite expensive but worth the splurge.
    Love it
    This is very luxury mist with the most beautiful, calming scent I have ever tried in skincare. I use it in the morning to a clean face before moisturizer. It's awsome as primer too. I was surprised to notice how even my hair gets smoother after I spray it with this.
    Beautiful product
    This spritz is so beautiful. Ever since my first spray I’ve been hooked. I can’t ever let myself get caught out without it. It smells divine and really peps my skin up. It’s wonderful for layering with hyaluronic acid products but also for refreshing in the day. 100% would recommend.
    Nejlepší mlha ***The best mist***
    Nejlepší pleťová mlha, kterou jsem kdy zkusila. Obličejové mlhy většinou obsahují na prvním místě vodu, což vede k ještě většímu odpařování vlhkosti z pleti. Tohle opravdu hydratuje, navíc ta vůně je velmi relaxační. Je to drahé, ale koupím znovu *** *** The best skin mist I've ever tried. Facial mists usually contain water in the first place, resulting in even greater evaporation of moisture from the skin. This really hydrates, plus the smell is very relaxing. It's expensive, but I'll buy again ***
    The product I never knew I needed
    This is has become the skincare product I use the most! It’s so kind to my dry, parched skin and amazing when you layer it with hyaluronic acid serums and facial oils. It smells divine and the mist is very fine so you don’t accidentally drown yourself in it. Love it.
    Absolutely beautiful
    I purchased this after hearing Caroline Hirons rave about it again and again. I have to say that I'm in love. The herbal scent surprised me at first, but after a few spritzes I was hooked. This is not a cheap mist, so I don't use it throughout the day over my makeup—but I will once I can afford to repurchase it more often, haha! Right now I just use it in my skincare routine, before and after my hyaluronic acid serum. It's the highlight of my routine and I really can't praise it enough.
    Calming magic
    I'm quite rigorous with my cleansing so this is superb as a mist to put some hydration back in afterwards and to calm my skin back down. The other great thing about this is that it is actually a mist, no big splodges running down your face. Oh, and the smell - divine!
    Pricey but love the scent and very hydrating.
    Great product.
    Absolutely amazing!
    This is the best facial mist I’ve ever used, it hydrates the skin beautifully and you can also use it has a toner, I’m loving josh rosebrooks products
    Thought it might be a fad, but how wrong was I!
    Love this product, very kind to my skin. My skin just drinks it in and following up with Josh's Serum is a brilliant combination. I am only 2 weeks in, but really loving the effects already.
    Worth every penny
    I used to think mists are just liquid and I don’t want to be quickly jumping to conclusions but using this has changed my mind. I can see so much improvement in just 2 weeks. I am currently battling congestion and acne and trying to keep my routine simple. Using this helps to hydrate my skin (without depending too much on hyaluronic acid that could worsen the congestion). Despite of the mixture of oils and plant extracts, it is not greasy nor sticky on my skin. I use it after toning to prepare my skin for serum/facial oil application and before applying facial cream, day and night. The herbal smell is comforting and lovely. This is too good! I have now found myself a cult product. Definitely will repurchase.
    Not just a mist
    Definitely the best mist! I try different ones, but I keep repurchased this one. Have a light herbal smell, very refreshing, doesn’t live a sticky film like other mists. Suitable for my sensitive skin, I use it before and after hyaluronic acid, as well as during the day when I need it. It will never miss from my skin routine.
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