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    Indie LeeRosehip Cleanser 120ml<p>Make this your go-to cleanser if your skin is easily irritated, prone to flare-ups or susceptible to redness. Providing a thorough cleanse without stripping, this helps the skin to retain precious moisture (thanks to conditioning Irish moss), while the rosehip oil encourages skin's processes of repair and renewal. It also contains loquat extract - proven to calm inflammation - making it ideal for all those who're plagued by redness and rosacea, while a super-charged dose of antioxidants protect against the everyday environmental onslaught.</p> IND002_120ML96776088194076784 stars, based on47 reviews 32.00Cult BeautyNew

    Indie Lee
    Rosehip Cleanser
    ( 125ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Specially formulated to deal with dryness, redness and rosacea, this vitamin-rich Rosehip Cleanser not only lifts away dirt but works hard to preserve precious moisture. Its star ingredient – rosehip oil – is prized for its youth-boosting prowess (being packed with regenerative vitamin C), plus it helps to condition and calm sensitivity. Better still, this clean (super-charged!) range is devoid of chemical ‘nasties’, so won’t upset delicate skin types. It's available in both full and convenient travel sizes. 

    • Description

      Make this your go-to cleanser if your skin is easily irritated, prone to flare-ups or susceptible to redness. Providing a thorough cleanse without stripping, this helps the skin to retain precious moisture (thanks to conditioning Irish moss), while the rosehip oil encourages skin's processes of repair and renewal. It also contains loquat extract - proven to calm inflammation - making it ideal for all those who're plagued by redness and rosacea, while a super-charged dose of antioxidants protect against the everyday environmental onslaught.

    • How to use

      Apply a small amount of cleanser to wet face. Use with a wet cotton pad to remove eye makeup. Rinse completely with water. Follow with toner and moisturizer. For external use only.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water (Aqua/Eau), Glycerin, Potassium Cocoate, Fragrance (Parfum)*, Chondrus Crispus Extract, Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil, Phenethyl Alcohol, Pentylene Glycol, Propanediol, Xanthan Gum, Hexyl Cinnamal


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    Indie Lee - Rosehip Cleanser

    Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser Reviews

    Good second cleanser
    I got a sample of this in a goody bag and it lasted me ages! You only need a tiny blob and it foams up nicely as a second cleanse in the evening routine. I was pleased my skin didn’t feel dry and tight after use, which I find with some cleansers. I didn’t notice any particular results after regular use which is why I didn’t rate it 5 stars given the price, but I have no complaints.
    Good for 2nd cleanse/General everyday face wash
    I initially bought this (based on recommendation) to use as stage 2 of a double cleanse (I use Emma Hardie Moringa), however, I now use it also as my everyday face wash. I had problem skin for years and have tried everything. I really like the product though, to be honest, I was more of a fan and absolutely loved the original version (shame they changed it), that would have had 5+ review, however, it still works for me as long as I use serum/moisturiser too - Not a fan of the fragrance though.
    Не сушит и подойдёт чувствительной коже - Does not dry and is suitable for sensitive skin.
    Лёгкий гель с лёгким очищением. Не сушит и не стягивает. Но так не экономично расходуется для меня, всегда хочется больше нанести средства, чтоб лучше пенилось и очищало. Приятный запах розы Its a light gel with that offers easy cleansing. Does not dry and does not tighten the skin, but it’s not economically spent for me. Pleasant smell of roses.
    Not for sensitive skin
    I got a sample of this in the goody bag, and recently brought it with me on a trip. I have really sensitive and dry skin, and this was not for me. The instructions said it could be used to remove eye makeup, but that was not the case for me. It really burned my eyes and lips. My lips are still sore. It did however remove the makeup on my face well, I liked the foaming. It broke me out though. If you love rose scented cosmetics you may very well love the scent of this, but I hated it.
    Excellent make up remover
    Tried this product as one of the goody bag items. Did not particularly like the scent but found it is very good to clean off make up. You can actually see the foundation melt in the sink! I have combination skin and after using this product my face does feel a bit dry but well cleansed. Nothing that a bit of moisturiser and serum can't fix though. Gonna try out a couple of other products in this range.
    Hate it
    This cleanser feels like a soap. Makes my skin really dry and the smell is unpleasant but I think it could work for people with very oily skin but not for mine combo skin.
    Suitable for sensitive skin
    Pleasant, gentle cleanser. Suitable for a second cleanse routine. Soft, supple skin!
    I absolutely love this for a morning cleanse or a gentle second cleanse. So, so gentle on the skin and I have v sensitive skin (cos of the rose) leaves my skin super soft and smells divine.
    It’s okay...
    I think it does an okay job honestly, but I don’t think it’s worth purchasing the full size. Because it’s not soothing nor nourishing. It does not say what it’s supposed to do.
    Harsh and stripping, caused sensitivity
    I received a sample of this cleanser recently (l enjoy using the Q10 toner). On application it felt like a lathering soap, and left my eyes stinging. Upon waking, I had dry, tender, bumpy, red and textured skin all over my face. This is my first ever adverse reaction to a product - so far as I am aware I don't even have sensitive skin. Nearly a week later I am still trying to undo the damage. The version I used was clear, though never having used the previous incarnation I can't comment on any difference in formulation.
    Great feeling
    I got this cleanser with the Summer Goody Bag in a travel size and I use it only as a morning cleanser cause it's lightweight and feels great. At night I use DE Beste No.9 when I have full make up on. I haven't used it at night yet, I think it will do a great job, but so far it works great on my skin in the mornings. The skin is soft and does not dry out, but of course after you have to use a moisturiser whether you have dry skin or not.
    New formula dried my skin up
    Not a fan of the new formula. Worse than kiehls ultra facial cleanser. Would want the old formula back.
    Please bring back the old formula!
    Wow I am so disappointed that they changed the formula! This used to be the most perfect cleanser! The new clear coloured formula has completely changed from the original product. The old pink coloured formula left my skin clean and soft, this new one is harsh and stripping. Really hoping it will be changed back!
    New formula is terrible
    I adored this cleanser before, it was all I would use however the new formula irritates my eyes, makes my skin itchy and dry and smells different. Its awful now. I'm so disappointed. I really hope they realise and bring the old formula back because this is beyond terrible, it's a completely different product now!
    Me encanta
    Tenía muchas ganas de probar algo de Indie Lee y mis expectativas se han visto cumplidas: uso este limpiador como segunda limpieza, es suave, no reseca, huele suave y fenomenal, y los ingredientes me encantan. Un acierto total!! ***I really wanted to try something from Indie Lee and my expectations have been fulfilled: I use this cleaner as a second cleaning, it is soft, it does not dry out, it smells smooth and great, and I love the ingredients. A total success!***
    Beautiful cleanser
    I have sensitive/dry/rosacea prone skin and this is one of my go-to cleansers. I absolutely love it as a second cleanser, after Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm, it leaves my skin feeling clean without the tightness of other cleansers. I think the smell is beautiful without being overpowering. The only downside of this product for me is the glass bottle, which looks beautiful on the shelf but doesn't let me travel with it.
    My favorite
    One of my holy grails and staples in cleansing routine for my dry, ultra-sensitive skin. It's great just by itself or with Clarisonic. It's gentle, not drying or irritating. I love everything about this cleanser. The smell, glass packaging, texture.
    Excellent Cleanser
    I received this cleanser as a sample from my previous purchase and started to use it as my second cleanse. At the time of first use I was only able to use one product on my face and I was quite surprised of the outcome from using this cleanser alone. It does not strips the moisture off my skin and leaves behind a film of moisture that keeps the skin supple. It also helped to calmed down my stress acne. Following my sample I went ahead a purchased a full bottle. The pump makes it easy to use the product and the smell for me is wonderful. Can’t stress enough how much I LOVE this cleanser, definitely will repurchase.
    I like this product!
    I like this product!
    Really gentle cleanser that doesn't leave skin feeling stripped. The scent doesn't bother me as I prefer my skincare not overly fragranced and the scent on this is light. The scent also doesn't last long as it isn't on your skin for a long period of time. This cleanser doesn't freak out my sensitive skin. The glass bottle isn't the most practical however the product inside more than makes up for it. Will be repurchasing again.
    Smells wonderful
    I honestly don't understand why people say it smells awful... it has a decent but refreshing smell which I really enjoy in the morning. It is very gentle on the skin but I wouldn't recommend it for first cleanse. I would definitely recommend it for the morning cleanse where you don't have much makeup and you don't wont to strip your skin.
    Very impressed
    Whilst I agree that the glass bottle is impractical, and the jelly texture is not as appealing as a nice balm cleanser I found this very efficacious on my skin. It says it is specially formulated for dry skin and those prone to redness/roseacea and both of these issues have improved since using this cleanser; my permanently red cheeks have faded down to a faint flush, easily covered by make-up. I've nearly finished the bottle now and will repurchase.
    Smells awful
    I really wanted to like this range, but the smell and the texture of this cleanser is just awful. It smells like the 'horse shampoo". Very disappointed with the smell considering it's got a nice pinkish hue. And it feels like jelly, just don't enjoy using it all. Sorry Indie Lee - but your range is not for me.
    Not for the clumsy
    This is a beautiful cleanser - really refreshing and soothing on my sensitive skin. The glass package looks lovely but is impractical for the bathroom - I dropped and smashed the bottle whilst it was almost full.
    Love it
    This cleanser is a real gem for me. I have very dry skin in winter I and most of the cleanser are drying and makes my skin feel so uncomfortable ( I use it in a morning routine and I'm happy with it
    Great as a second cleanse / morning cleanse.
    I bought this after trying the sample from one of the goody bags and use it as a second cleanse after a balm cleanser. This gets rid of any last traces of make-up and any residual oil on my face. My only complaint would be that the pump dispenses quite a lot of product, and using too much is when I can feel that my skin is a little tight afterwards. A good serum and moisturiser rectify that though, and since using this cleanser I have had zero breakouts. I am 45 with slightly dehydrated skin and have been using this cleanser for 3 months.
    My skin can't stand it.
    Just small introduction: My skin type is sensitive, combo (more on an oily side), with episodes of extreme dryness due to weather/season. I received tester of this product as a part of one of the goody bags. Well... It smells unpleasant. Doesn't wash off eye makeup very well on its own. Stripping and drying, what leads to tightness all over the face and slight flakiness around mouth area. Left me with lasting for about 20 minutes redness on my face and gentle stinging. Applying my regular skin care was very unpleasant - stinging sensation would reach barely bearable level for first few products and for each one after I would just slowly fade away. Gave this cleanser a go multiple times, with different methods, but it eventually landed in the bin.
    5 stars
    The cleanser is really good, it gives a beautiful shine to my face. I recommended it, especially for oily skin. ❤️
    Got a sample and like it very much.
    Good first introduction to the brand
    Enjoyed this sample in the Summer goody bag, and went on to get the other cleanser from the brand to try out as well. No adverse reactions, seems pretty gentle even on my sensitive skin.
    Not my favourite
    I have received a sample of this product. I have used it as a second cleanser in the evening. I found it to be nice, it was not drying my skin but it is too foamy.
    I got a sample as part of the goody bag. It doesn't feel gentle or soothing on the skin - rather a drying, squeaky feeling. If you're looking for that, give it a go, but I would not buy it as I prefer more gentle formulas.
    If you're new to this product ignore the 'old formula' reviews.
    I never used the pink formula and got this in the summer Goody Bag. I used it day and night and am about to buy a full bottle of the clear formula because I haven't had a break out for a month and a half, my skin texture has changed to be smooth and I feel like my skin is softer than it has been my entire life. Bit sad that people who liked the older version aren't jelling with the new one, hope you all find a good cleanser for your skin!! But don't let their reviews taint your opinion, I almost didn't buy a full-size because of them and I'm glad I did.
    I hate it!
    OMG, I hate it! The truth is that I used to have the original glass bottle and that version was amazing. I was completely dedicated to this cleanser; best product ever; it was like heaven every time I used it. The new version is too foamy, not as gentle, the smell is strange, but just because I know how it used to be. Objectively, it is still nice cleanser, but I am so disappointed that I am not buying it again. At least, the Q10 toner survived “update”. Indie Lee, please bring the original formula back!!!
    Indie lee- cleanser
    Love this product
    New formula
    This used to be my favorite cleanser. It is not anymore. The smell is truly horrible and if that were due to a lack of fragrance, I could live with that. But there is fragrance in it and pretty high on the list. It smells musty and overpowering and leaves my skin feeling like I used soap. This is not okay.
    Different formula?
    I have been buying and loving this product for a while now. So when I received my latest order, I was a little worried that the bottle looked different. The colour of the cleanser itself is now clear, not pink, and unfortunately the smell has changed! I loved the smell before, so that was pretty disappointing. But the major issue is that the formula is now completely different. It's not even close. It doesn't remove my makeup like it did before, but still manages to leave my skin feeling stripped and dry. Very disappointed as I thought I had found my forever cleanser. Gutted.
    Beautiful cleanser
    This cleanser is beautiful, effective and great for my combo/breakout skin. Perfect for an AM cleanse and double cleansing in the PM. This is far superior to the Organic Pharmacy Rose Cleanser, the reactive are minimal and you will see the difference in your happy skin!
    I have the dry/red/delicate skin that this product says it’s designed for, but when I used it left my skin in a terrible state. It made my eyes sting like nothing else I have ever used! It made my sensitivity flare up and my dry patches become instantly red, bumpy and irritated. This would be the last thing I’d recommend to anyone with “delicate” skin!
    Nice second cleanser
    I have dry skin and this didn’t leave my skin feeling stripped at all. Has a nice ingredient list. I didn’t notice any strong fragrance like others has complained about. Lasted 6 months with daily use. It did a decent job, I won’t repurchase because I don’t think it’s remarkable but it was nice.
    I was sent a sample to try and although it took my makeup off on the first use, and lathered up very nicely for my second cleanse, it left my skin feeling strange. My skin felt very very smooth, unnaturally so... and there was some tightness as well.
    Unusually impressive formula!
    I received a couple of samples of this and now ordering a full-size product! Absolutely love the formula - no potential irritants or sensitisers, nothing unnecessary and very potent ingredients. Though I prefer cleansing balms, the ingredients and the antioxidant-preserving pump bottle more than enough make up for the texture (which in no means is unpleasant, just not... ideal to me). Those complaining about the smell need to get there skin care priorities straight - you're buying a cleanser, not a perfume for your face. The lack of artificial fragrance or essential oils/fragrant botanical extract is certainly one of the best features of this cleanser. If I'm putting money into an expensive cleanser, I'm expecting it not to introduce any irritating, sensitising and damaging ingredients for my skin. And considering this is marketed towards those with sensitive skin and rosacea, a non-irritating formula is a must.
    Not great for dry/sensitive skin
    It has a nice smell and texture, and I have used it as my second cleanse. But if you have dry and sensitive skin, it's not moisturizing enough, my skin felt dry and stripped after use. I will stick to REN’s hot cloth cleanser and Emma Hardie cleansing balm from now on.
    This is the first product I've tried from the brand and with high expectations, I was sorely disappointed. The texture does lather well and I find myself having to use it twice in order to feel any benefit. The lack of scent is a negative for me too. Would not repurchase.
    Gentle and lush
    As much as I loved the Brightening Cleanser, it felt like my skin was starting to become slightly stripped with daily use so I decided to try this. It's become a fantastic companion against my Brightening Cleanser and my skin feels balanced and cleansed. Totally unnecessary to own 2 cleansers but my skin has been happy and healthier than it's ever been.
    For Face only!
    Not suitable for using as eye makeup remover. I just tried to use on my left eye and then my eye was irritated really bad :( However, using as a regular face cleanser is ok for me.
    Really moisturizing and soothing
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