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    Indie LeeBrightening Cleanser 30ml<p>This fruity-fresh cleanser is ideal for all those with tired, lacklustre complexions (even the sensitive-skinned). Gently dissolving all traces of make up, it sets to work renewing and revitalising skin with free radical-fighting lycopene and hydrolysed wheat protein, to leave skin feeling super-smooth and looking enviably even-toned and luminous. Strengthening and nourishing, this super-natural formula is completely devoid of synthetic chemicals (you won't find any parabens, phthalates and sulfates), so is ideal for all those who like their products 'clean', sustainable (and stylish). It's also - like all Indie Lee products - totally cruelty free.&nbsp;</p> IND001_30ML5 stars, based on30 reviews 10.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

    Indie Lee
    Brightening Cleanser
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      If your skin’s feeling a little dry and tired, this luscious, all-natural Brightening Cleanser will give it a new lease of life - leaving you flawlessly fresh-faced (it’s gentle enough to remove even eye make up). The cooling gel texture is the perfect way to wake up a tired complexion in the morning, while the strawberry-infused scent provides a little extra mood boost. What’s more, if you have time to let it 'sit' for 5-10 minutes, it acts as a re-texturising mask! It's available in both full and convenient travel sizes.

    • Description

      This fruity-fresh cleanser is ideal for all those with tired, lacklustre complexions (even the sensitive-skinned). Gently dissolving all traces of make up, it sets to work renewing and revitalising skin with free radical-fighting lycopene and hydrolysed wheat protein, to leave skin feeling super-smooth and looking enviably even-toned and luminous. Strengthening and nourishing, this super-natural formula is completely devoid of synthetic chemicals (you won't find any parabens, phthalates and sulfates), so is ideal for all those who like their products 'clean', sustainable (and stylish). It's also - like all Indie Lee products - totally cruelty free. 

    • How to use

      Apply a small amount of cleanser to wet face. Use with a wet cotton pad to remove eye makeup. Rinse completely with water. Follow with toner and moisturiser. For external use only. 

    • Full ingredients list

      Water (Aqua/Eau), Decyl Glucoside (Veg. Oils & Sugar), Disodium Coco-Glucoside Citrate, Coco Glucoside (Coconut and Sunflower Oil), Glyceryl Oleate, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Xanthan Gum, Fragaria Chiloensis (Strawberry) Seed Oil, Lycopene (Tomato), Propanediol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Potassium Sorbate

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    Indie Lee - Brightening Cleanser

    Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser Reviews

    Oh, the smell!
    I was overwhelmed by the smell, to the point of gagging. It definitely smells fruity, but of rotten fermented fruit. I have to hold my breath every time I use it. It doesn’t appear to do a great deal for me, so I wouldn’t be repurchasing it.
    Absolutely devastated!
    I am hard pressed to leave a 5* review for this because of the fact that I can't get my hands on it right now. PLEASE re-stock this ASAP cultbeauty!!!! This is probably my favourite item in my current skin care routine and I have some really good stuff - but for someone with dry, sensitive, hormonal skin, this cleanser has been heavenly. It takes off all my leftover makeup (I usually use this as a second cleanse - occasionally as both first and second) and never leaves my skin feeling tight. It seems I'll need to purchase a hundred of these when this is re-stocked.
    I always look forward to cleaning my face now
    I have combination skin - acne prone, but also very sensitive and often dehydrated. I’ve tried innumerable cleansers in the past, many irritate my skin, are tingling or even burning. Those that don’t irritate or cause reactions either leave my skin way too tight feeling or leave residue/feel as if I can’t quite get them off. I must say this Indie Lee cleanser takes a little getting used to in terms of how it feels when washing off but it’s absolutely amazing after I realized that’s how it is, and honestly, how a cleanser should feel in general. Doesn’t irritate, doesn’t break me out, still does the job. Oh and the smell! No words. Love it.
    Only a meh..
    Sorry to be going against so many fans of this product, but it did not do any magic for me. It's a very mild foaming cleanser that I did not enjoy using. I felt it just does not work for my skin type.
    Great Cleanser
    The Brightening Cleanser comes in a gel consistency and I love the fruity smell. However, I think it’s a little bit drying on my skin compared to the Rosehip Cleanser. Although it doesn’t leave my skin taut, it left me feeling a little too "squeaky clean”. I put this cleanser into rotation with the Rosehip Cleanser and use this as a second cleanse. I think it works better for those with oily or combination skin.
    Love this!
    I have been using this for 8 months now and I absolutely love it! Not only is the smell delicious, it does amazing things to my skin! I use it day and night as part of my skincare routine, doesn't dry out my face, leaves it feeling smooth and refreshed! It has these tiny exfoliants which really helps cleanse and nicely tone my face! Definitely something I will be continuing to repurchase!
    Love love love
    Probably one of the best cleansers I’ve ever used! I have combo skin and it helped a lot in balancing my skin. Not to forget, I am absolutely in love with the scent!!
    Brighten your day
    The best morning cleanser I've ever used, it is suitable for all skin types, and does not strip my skin. If you are using it for night time, just use it as second cleanser as it will not remove all your makeup. Love the smell!!
    Nope, no new lease of life here
    This definitely did not remove my eye makeup, let alone the rest of my makeup. I cleansed my face twice with a face cloth and then went to use my toner and there was so much makeup leftover that I had to cleanse my face with a different more efficient cleanser. I would have given it a one star, but I do like the scent and gel texture of the product. In my opinion, for 30 bucks all I got was the cooling gel texture and the lovely scent. Not worth it.
    Great for second cleanse
    I am totally in love with this cleanser. It feels like gel, but not soapy. I have dry and quite often dehydrated skin, but my skin feels great after using this cleanser. I use it in the evening as a second cleanser.
    Freshly picked strawberries
    I was so curious about the scent and when I tried it, I swear it smells like real freshly cut strawberries, it's actually amazing. Smelling that in the morning makes my morning cleanse a million times better. Now the more important stuff, the cleanser itself works great too! Clears and cleanses my oily skin without drying it (yes dehydrated oily skin is a thing and it's a nightmare) but this cleanser doesn't strip anything.
    Indie Lee
    I absolutely adore this cleanser! In my routine I use this cleanser for the spring/summer months (both morning and evening as a second cleanse) and then in the fall/winter months I swap out this for my other Holy Grail cleanser, the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. The scent and texture are gorgeous and my skin just always behaves its best when I use this.
    Squeaky Clean, Artificial Strawberry Scent
    Just a little bit about me: Age: 23 Skin Type: Combo/Dehydrated Cleansers I love: Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, Soap and Glory Ultimelt, Lush Angels on Bareskin This is a DEEP cleaning cleanser. On my dryer days this is too harsh for my skin, but when I'm feeling like an oil slick I love it. This is for someone trying to get over their love for sudzy cleansers that are stripping to the skin; this cleanser foams up just a little bit and leaves you with that familiar tight feeling. That being said, I tend to think that if my skin feels squeaky clean and tight the product's too drying. If you're someone that enjoys this feeling I would make sure you put a good moisturizer on afterward. Just a note on the scent, I've seen a lot of reviews from people loving the strawberry scent, but for me, it's a drawback. It's not a gentle smell, like in the Oskia cleansing gel - the rose and chamomile smell that just calms and soothes you - it's more like a strawberry scented marker smell that I put up with because the product is decent.
    So far so good!
    I just got this the other day but it has already worked on brightening my skin. It seems more radiant and the smell is nice also. It's still early days but I feel like it has made a difference in such a small amount of time! It's gentle also if you have sensitive skin.
    The smell will win you over.
    Was super excited when Indie Lee started getting stocked and got this after reading Caroline Hirons. The strawberry scent is divine, which makes me want to wash my face constantly just to inhale it so it's an enjoyable experience. It's gentler than I thought on my combi skin but it doesn't feel stripping and my face feels very soft afterwards. The bottle feels heavy and nice so overall, I'm loving it!
    Not Overwhelmed
    My first unfortunately came with a broken pump, but customer service handled that really well. Once I had a working product, I have to say I was slightly disappointed. It’s mild on the skin, I don’t feel hugely cleansed but it is pleasant enough to use. It’s sligtly foaming which I hadn’t realised. My main issue is with the smell, I had assumed it would be light and fresh but the strawberry is more sickly sweet like candy. Not an unpleasant product, and I’m certainly content to carry on using this one, but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing.
    Refreshing without stripping
    This is now my go-to warm weather cleanser. I was initially put off by the strawberry scent but as soon as I had this on my face I was in love- the sweet scent is totally balanced out by the feel of it in use. It has a 'foaming' texture, but without any of the foaming nasties which would normally strip your skin (and which I avoid like the plague). I have normal skin and I don't feel dry afterwards at all, it just feels incredibly refreshing! I like it for the mornings to wake up my face (and it genuinely makes me look much more awake and bright!), and for the evenings after SPF to get rid of that greasy feeling. Although I don't think this cleanser is truly drying, in winter I rotate back to my balms just because they 'feel' better in cold weather. Similarly, if you have dry skin you may not like the feel of this cleanser. But if you have oily skin or used to be a die hard foaming face wash kind of person this would be perfect! I will definitely be repurchasing.
    I’ve been using this cleanser for well over a year now and is probably the best cleanser I’ve ever used. The strawberry scent put me off buying this product for the first time but was pleasantly surprised to find it was very mild and didn’t hang around after washing it off. I have combination skin but since using this morning and night the texture and oil balance of my cheeks & T-zone has improved so much. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a cleanser that is gentle yet effective!
    By far the best morning cleanser I've ever had, came in to class today and my friends said I was GLOWING. Cleans up really well without ever stripping the skin and makes your face smell like a dessert. Good enough for me to overlook the fact that the packaging is a bit impractical. I will keep repurchasing along with Oskia's Renaissance Gel.
    This is so good...
    I totally fell in love with this cleanser after only a few uses. The consistency is a light gel that almost turns into an oil when you touch it. The strawberry fragrance is light and fun and even if you don't like it, it won't linger for long. Initially, I was skeptical about the efficacy because of the light consistency but I had to change my mind. My skin - combination and often dehydrated - has never felt so clean and soft that I can say this product is on my list - which is very short - of best cleansers. I can't really tell about it used as a makeup remover. I think it would be wasted used in that way and I use micellar water for that purpose, but used as a face cleanser it's phenomenal. It doesn't leave your skin dry and I find my face incredibly smooth lately. Plus it's all natural. It is expensive - totally- and I'd like more product in the bottle, and the bottle itself is luxurious but also unpractical, but I'm totally going to put my future cleansers in it. Recommended? Yes. it's worth it, even for once in your life.
    Okay cleanser
    I bought this item based on amazing reviews it had and tried really hard to love the product. Whilst it is a good cleanser, I don't think it is amazing, do not think it is a must have and think you can deffo get drugstore products that basically do the same thing. What I will say is that it is great for removing makeup, I prefer to wash my makeup off with a cleanser as opposed to using wipes as my skin is extremely sensitive and wipes generally irritate my skin. Without making this review too long:It is an okay cleanser, didn't do much in terms of “brightening” my skin, would not repurchase.
    This is a lovely cleanser that does what it says on the tin.
    Absolutely love this product. This is my first India lee product and I love the smell of this cleanser, it foams quickly and leaves my skin feeling great. This will definitely be a staple in my skincare routine.
    Almost amazing
    I have combination/dehydrated skin which occasionally suffers hormonal breakouts This has been a great cleanser to use over the summer months and has lasted AGES. The texture is great, it doesn't foam at all which I love. If I'm having a bit of a dry day, I skip using this cleanser as it has left my face feeling a tiny bit tight afterwards. This doesn't remove makeup at all so I only use it if I haven't worn any, as a second cleanser or AM on it's own. My favourite time to use it in the morning if it's been a very warm night, it's really refreshing. I'm one of those who doesn't love the smell :( I wish it was a little more natural. It's very sweet and teenage but bearable because the product is good.
    Ooooh it's so pretty
    Other than being the prettiest thing in my bathroom, the brightening cleanser does what it says wonderfully. I'm not hugely keen on strawberry scents but this isn't too bad; fruity and not overbearing. I have oily skin and I'm using this twice a day, leaving my skin bright and soft. I'm not sure if I might use it only once a day in the winter as I think it might be slightly drying. It's not cheap but it's so lovely ☺️
    Caroline Hirons sent me here
    After reading a review of this brand by Caroline Hirons this went straight into my basket and it didn't disappoint. The fresh strawberry scent is gorgeous and the gel texture feels nice on the skin without leaving it stripped. It's become my staple cleanser.
    Does exactly what it says
    This cleanser really does brighten the complexion! I also really like the thick lather it produces (no drying foam here), and I agree with other reviewers on the smell - very pleasant indeed. I think this will become a staple morning cleanser for me.
    Absolutely fantastic!
    I absolutely adore this cleanser. I've only used less than half of it (you only need a tiny amount), but I am already ready to state that it is the best morning cleanser I've ever used. It cleans without stripping, and makes your skin look even and radiant. Lately I've seen continuous improvement on my skin and I think it's all thanks to this cleanser.
    Smells amazing!
    I love Indie Lee products and this is no exception. Usually I only use organic cosmetics but I guess Indie lee, even though it is not certified, it is very good and safe as any other and all natural! This product has a fantastic strawberry scent and leaves my skin clean :)
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