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    Goldfaden MDBright EyesUltra-lightweight, Goldfaden MD’s Bright Eyes has a refreshing formula that’s packed with actives to help fortify the fabric of the fragile skin around the eyes. Conditioning jojoba oil works to replenish precious moisture and enhance skin’s suppleness and ‘stretch’, while vitamin K, rice bran extract, organic red tea and soy peptides combine to provide sustained hydration and counteract crêpey-ness. Light-reflective mica particles immediately detract from dark circles and blur visibility of crow’s feet – and with regular use, the orbital area becomes less-lined and more resistant to the daily elemental onslaught. GLD00669748975980014095 stars, based on36 reviews 48.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes

    Goldfaden MD
    Bright Eyes
    ( 15ml )

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    • Why it's Cult
      This multi-tasking marvel has both instant and cumulative effect – diminishing visibility of dark circles while gradually lessening the depth of lines and wrinkles. With finely ground mica to brighten, this silicone-free formula is readily absorbed and leaves the eye area plumped, hydrated and perfectly primed for make up.
    • Description
      Ultra-lightweight, Goldfaden MD’s Bright Eyes has a refreshing formula that’s packed with actives to help fortify the fabric of the fragile skin around the eyes. Conditioning jojoba oil works to replenish precious moisture and enhance skin’s suppleness and ‘stretch’, while vitamin K, rice bran extract, organic red tea and soy peptides combine to provide sustained hydration and counteract crêpey-ness. Light-reflective mica particles immediately detract from dark circles and blur visibility of crow’s feet – and with regular use, the orbital area becomes less-lined and more resistant to the daily elemental onslaught.
    • How to use
      Apply 1 drop on fingertip and gently pat around the eye area on cleansed skin. For optimal results, use morning and night.
    • Full ingredients list
      Distilled Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed Extract, Oxido Reductases, Soy Peptide, Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Extract, Jojoba oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Squalene, Pulverized Mica, Arnica Tincture, Vitamin K1 (Phytonadione), Laureth-7, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Polyacrylamide, Phenoethanol, Ethylglycerin, Oil of Grapefruit, Red Tea Extract.
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    Goldfaden MD - Bright Eyes

    Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes Reviews

    This Product changed my life!
    Wow! I got it as a sample and after a month I saw amazing results. Then I ran and bought this :) It reduced my black under eyes and puffiness. It is an expensive product buy the one that most worth the money.
    Great for puffy eyes
    Lately, I’ve developed puffy eyes and it’s been a struggle to find an eye cream that would manage to bring down the puffiness and moisture. I’ve got some fine lines but not overly so, and Bright eyes hydrate my skin enough where they appear reduced ( no eye cream can reverse lines and wrinkles). It doesn’t travel into my eyes and works nicely under makeup. I cannot speak to its brightening effect too much as I don’t normally have that problem but it keeps my under eyes nice and bright after a sleepless night.
    Not for me
    Sadly this brought out long dormant eczema under my eyes! Really wanted to love it as the initial sample was great.
    I was able to try a sample. Nice on the skin, enjoyed the texture, it left my eye area well moisturized. Nothing more.
    I've got a sample of this cream in the march CBGB '19, and that was enough to fall with it! I've found it slightly tingles as you first apply it but it's a pleasant sensation (it makes me think it is working somehow), sinks in pretty quickly and sits wonderfully under makeup. I have dark circles and puffiness (especially in those days) and this cream really does make me look more awake and brightens up my look. Looove it! If it wasn't so pricey, I wouldn't be without it anymore!
    Лёгкий базовый крем для глаз *** Light eye cream
    Крем лёгкий, не скатывается, не жирный. Даёт лёгкое увлажнение, тёмные круги не убирает, с чувствительной кожей не справляется, но и не вызывает новых неприятных ощущений на коже вокруг глаз. ***The cream is light, does not roll or feel greasy. It gives light moisture but does not remove dark circles or work well with sensitive skin, but does not feel unpleasant on the skin around the eyes.
    In conclusion, it is good, however, it is not phenomenal. The dark circles do not disappear, but the whole eye area is looking brighter.
    Durchfeuchtet und hellt auf ***Moisturises and brightens
    Ich hatte eine Probe davon; zuerst, man benötigt nur ganz wenig Produkt. Es durchfeuchtet die Augenpartie wie kein zweites Produkt. Am Morgen verschwinden Schwellungen unter dem Auge. Ich benutze es nun seit vier Wochen täglich und die Probiergröße ist immer noch nicht aufgebraucht. Wow! ***I had a sample of it; first, you only need very little product. It moisturises the eye area like no other product. Swelling and puffiness disappears under the eye in the morning. I have been using it daily for four weeks now and the trial size is still not used up. Wow!
    Good for cooling the under eyes
    Great for cooling and de-puffing the under eyes. I use this alongside a more hydrating eye cream and they work well together.
    Nothing special
    I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about it. I have received a sample, I used for three weeks. I didn’t notice any difference, just a little bit lighter under eye circle but for the price I swear that I can see better results... I preferred Farmacy Dew It All..
    Best eye cream
    I've tested and tried myriads of eye creams and this is the one that does the trick. My dark circles are extremely dark and nothing has helped save for this. Within the two weeks of using the sample I received I noticed a huge difference; no matter how little sleep I got, my dark circles were much brighter and the puffiness in the mornings drastically reduced. My skin is rather sensitive and this cream luckily did no harm whatsoever. I immediately purchased the full size as soon as it was restocked. I can only highly recommend this product!
    Does what it says!
    I love this product! I've tried almost every high end eye cream out there and this one is definitely a winner. It claims to brighten eyes and I quickly saw a difference after starting to use it! Definitely brightened my whole eye area, hydrated and, made my eyes look healthy and awake! I highly recommend a try!
    I really tried to love this
    I really tried. I have repeatedly tried to convince myself that the Vitamin K in the eye cream will help with my dark circles and that it's only a matter of time before I see any effects. However, weeks after weeks, I only find myself getting more and more disappointed. I'm honestly happy for those who've had a great experience with this but it really didn't do much for me.
    You do get the results
    Purely based on the reviews, I decided to go ahead and purchase this and I do understand everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently but, 3 days in and my dark circles are getting lighter. Like 3 days. I have been applying it in the morning after I get ready and before I go to sleep and I do see the results. So glad I purchased this can’t wait to see the results in a month’s time.
    I don't have dark circles or creases under my eyes and got this in one of the Goldfaden kits. It moisturizes very well, sinks in, looks perfect under concealer and leaves no residue. I only realized how amazing this eye cream is when it ran out. Suddenly, my under eyes did not look as good as I was used to when I was using it so it definitely works and really takes your under eye area to the next level! Wish it wasn't so expensive though.
    Good but...
    It is really does what it promise's, it's not sticky at all, absorbed nicely and not oily but ran out quickly.
    Product is great, packaging awful!
    I love this product but the pump was so awful (pumped a lot of air) that I will not repurchase, which is a pity because again, loved the product!
    Excellent eye cream
    I received this as a sample and I'm trying to make sure I use every drop because it's so good!!! This is really hydrating and brightening just as promised and doesn't irritate if you have sensitive skin like I do. There isn't a discernible scent either, if that sort of thing bothers you. It's definitely on my list to purchase the full size.
    Hands down best eye cream
    My main concerns for my eye area are fine lines and texture (it can get dry) I don't really suffer from dark circles or puffy eyes. However, having used this for a month now I wake up with visibly brighter eyes each morning so imagine this would be good for someone that deals with those issues. It will be a definite repurchase!
    Worth it.
    I received a sample of this and saw wonderful results so purchased the full-sized product. My dark circles seem much brighter and the tiniest bit of this concentrate goes a long way. It is on the expensive side but for the results, it is absolutely worth it.
    Used On Combination Skin...
    PROS: Nice hydrating and cooling feeling, gives a subtle glow and my eyes were a little less puffy. CONS: I didn't see a huge difference in dark circles or fine lines unfortunately, maybe i didn't use it for long enough but it is a little pricey. The search continues! WOULD I BUY AGAIN?: Probably not
    I can see a little difference in my dark circles, but it’s nothing phenomenal. I have been using this cream with Caffeine Solution from The Ordinary.
    Bye bye puffy eyes
    I’ve used this before in the winter and was impressed - kept my skin hydrated, brightened slightly and relieved any dryness. But O M G since the hay fever season has begun this has been an absolute savior for my eyes. Completely annihilates the chances of concealer slipping into fine lines and really helps out with the puffiness that comes with the constant itching and watery eyes. Perfect even for sensitive skin.
    I'm usually very sceptical but I do think this product made a difference to my dark circles.
    Didn't do the trick
    I tried this product as I have really visible dark circles. I used it for about a month and it just didn't have any results. I was quite disappointed. It has a good texture though and blends in well.
    For me the effect is weak
    I received a sample of this cream 5ml in my Goody Bag. I am 56 years old. Cream is not bad. But for me the effect is weak.
    Awesome product!
    Very nice structure, without smell. I have a miniature, I’ll order the big size!
    Best product ever
    I live a busy life often I look tired, but this has helped.
    Noticeable difference
    I received a sample of this product and I'm very impressed. I have such raccoon eyes, dark circles and very tired looking and after a few days to a week of using this it has made a noticeable difference in brightening my under eyes and making them appear much lighter to what they were before. Very happy and I would consider buying the full product.
    Simple, yet effective
    I love this eye cream and use it everyday. It’s so simple to use - it is very light and soaks right in - and it is very effective, helping with both hydration and dark circles. Let’s be real... nothing will ever get rid of my dark circles. So I appreciate whatever help I can get and this one simply does help. And it is such a pleasure to use! I have tried and still try many eye creams and this is by far my favourite one!
    Worth the money!
    I never leave reviews but this eye cream works wonders! It feels light and blends seamlessly into the skin without feeling tacky. My under eyes look instantly lighter after using this and after not using it for a few weeks I noticed the difference it makes as my eyes became dry and dull looking. It works well with a full face of makeup and I highly recommend it.
    Holy Grail!
    I normally don’t leave reviews, but this eye cream has totally blown me away. It works!
    So far so good
    I bought this product as I struggle with dark circles, puffiness, dry skin and sensitive skin around my eyes. I have tried many different creams to counteract this problem and this is the only one I have found so far that does not irritate my skin. The texture is lovely, it's not sticky at all and it soaks into the skin, my eyes no longer get dry throughout the day, which is perfect for when I wear heavy makeup occasionally. It hasn't got rid of my dark circles (but unfortunately I don't think anything will), but it does make concealer apply far easier. It's definitely become a skin care staple in my kit!
    Love Love Love!
    This is the only eye cream that doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes! It sinks in really well and does not cause any redness or teary eyes which I get with nearly all other eye treatments (and I've tried a lot) I will repurchase.
    So far so good...
    I received this as a 5ml samle size in a Goodie Bag and just as Karolina, it seemed to be empty after a short time of use. However, the dispenser was broken, so I simply pulled off the upper part and now I have plenty of product left (I take it out with a small spatula). I really enjoy the product and it leaves my eye area very well moisturized. Although no lotion or potion can get rid of severe dark circles, I feel that this cream helps to prevent fine lines and also concealer tends to stay in place better when Goldfaden is applied before. 5ml of product have lasted me over a month now (I use it twice daily) and the bottle still keeps giving.
    Feels lovely
    This feels absolutely amazing on. It's so soft, a real treat to spread over my eye area. I have been using Kiehl's avocado treatment and compared to that, it's much more hydrating. I have never felt better about my eye area than with this cream on. Why I won't purchase a full size is: I have received a 5ml size in the latest goody bag from Cultbeauty and it didn't last me a week. I really hope that my sample size was just half empty or something, but I don't want to take my chances on spending 50 pounds on an eye cream for a month worth of use.
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