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    GLAMCORRiki Skinny Mirror with Travel Case<p>The fairest mirror of them all, Glamcor&#8217;s RIKI Skinny will change the way you apply and photograph your make up forever. The ultra-lightweight, rechargeable mirror is framed with a ring of adjustable HD Daylight lamps (with five stages of dimming), which illuminate your complexion perfectly for make up application and set the scene for seamless selfies and videos. Just place your phone into the included magnetic clip, pair it with the mirror via Bluetooth connectivity and press the camera button on the mirror to capture perfect pictures &#8211; with no more awkward arms or fingers ruining your shot. You can also record videos, adjust the mirror stand and attach a magnifying mirror (included) to add fine details.</p>GLC001119428529000038235 stars, based on43 reviews 175.00Cult BeautyNew
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    GLAMCOR Riki Skinny Mirror with Travel Case

    Riki Skinny Mirror with Travel Case

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    • Why it's Cult

      The mirror that ‘broke Instagram’, the ingenious RIKI Skinny will take your make up application (and selfie) game to a whole new level. Featuring 3x magnification, adjustable LED lighting and a mounted phone clip for seamless selfies and videos, this lightweight, rechargeable mirror will let you achieve your best ever make up and capture it all perfectly. 

    • Description

      The fairest mirror of them all, Glamcor’s RIKI Skinny will change the way you apply and photograph your make up forever. The ultra-lightweight, rechargeable mirror is framed with a ring of adjustable HD Daylight lamps (with five stages of dimming), which illuminate your complexion perfectly for make up application and set the scene for seamless selfies and videos. Just place your phone into the included magnetic clip, pair it with the mirror via Bluetooth connectivity and press the camera button on the mirror to capture perfect pictures – with no more awkward arms or fingers ruining your shot. You can also record videos, adjust the mirror stand and attach a magnifying mirror (included) to add fine details.

    • How to use

      Use to apply make up perfectly – place your phone in the magnetic clip included to capture perfect images and videos

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    GLAMCOR - Riki Skinny Mirror with Travel Case

    GLAMCOR Riki Skinny Mirror with Travel Case Reviews

    Love it!
    I was thinking to purchase this mirror for about 6 months now!!! And I’m so glad I did! It’s pricey but when you start using it you realise it’s worth the money. Especially if you get it with 20% discount. Great when you go on holiday too.
    Worth it!
    Love it! I’ve been wanting it for so long, glad I finally got it. Yes, it’s a bit pricy, but it is worth the money you pay for it. Would recommend it for those who travel frequently or simply if you want good lighting when doing your makeup.
    Worth every penny
    I’ve been looking at these for a while but couldn’t justify the expense but as the mornings got darker I remembered how much I hate doing my make up in the half-light. This is perfect and shows every detail (and flaw) but for me that’s perfect and I know that when I leave the house my make up is looking good.
    Good but few negatives
    The mirror is just the right size for doing everyday makeup and the travel case is a good addition. However, I have to agree with some of the other reviews and say that the mirror is too bright. I have only ever used the lowest light setting and it hurts my eyes. It would need at least 2 lower brightness levels. Also, the battery does not last too long. As the mirror is quite expensive, I would have expected to be able to adjust the brightness better.
    Makes life so much easier.
    I never travel light, whenever I go on holiday or to a hotel I always bring a fairly big mirror so I can place it near the window of the hotel room to get the best light (nothing worse than hotel dull yellow lighting). This has just changed my life as now I don't need to faff around with packing my big chunky mirror. The light it gives off is SO nice and bright that even in a dark room you can see clearly. It's super easy to set up and the travel case is so handy. It's my new favorite travel companion.
    Treat yourself!
    From the unboxing to real-life daily use... this thing is excellent. The light/ the quality of manufacturing/ the PACKAGING (in a realm of its own) the battery life! the secure little stand it comes with... the magnetic part that holds your phone and the extra mirror that’s included (3xzoom but feels like 5 or more) Very travel friendly with the full protective case too... A brilliant present for yourself. 10/10
    Totally worth the money!
    I have been debating buying this mirror for so long as it is quite pricey compared to other standard ring lights but I am so glad I went for it! It's the perfect two in one mirror/light combo. It's the perfect size, great for traveling, the lights are great. It's so good my friends have purchased now too!
    I like it very much, i can see my pores and everything,my makeup turns out perfectly with this
    Great mirror
    I love my Riki Skinny, like the performance, and the size is perfect, I only wish that the battery life is better, for the price I expected more.
    So much more
    After seeing people use and rave about them I was all in. It is lightweight yet sturdy. I love that there is a magnifying mirror that can be detached. Easy to hold if you need to. Haven’t used the phone holder yet. The travel case is so well made. Wonderful product!
    My fav item EVER.
    I have had this mirror for 4 years now and it is as good as new. It has travelled with me around the world and is so light weight and super convenient! The lights are so bright and... i just love ittttt. Seeing yourself in this mirror can prepare you to any sort of lighting you will face during your day.BEST PURCHASE I HAVE MADE! Yes, i love it this much.
    Got this through post today, I heard good things but nothing prepared me for this.... the brightness is actually amazing like no other mirror I’ve seen or purchased, it comes with an adjustable stand, 4 plugs, a magnetic selfie attachment and a magnetic magnifying mirror! You can also charge it up so you don’t need to place it near a plug socket perfect for when you go away. It comes with a black hard case that’s padded on the inside and zips up. The packaging is so beautiful too which gives an expensive feel. This mirror is worth every single penny and I would recommend it to anyone it’s a perfect accessory for anyone.
    Great Mirror
    Great mirror, super bright and such clarity ...although be prepared a little scary seeing yourself in such a bright light at first! Although I do love this mirror and wouldn't want to be without it now, it is a little pricey (hence the 4 stars). It comes beautifully boxed, with a decent sized magnifying mirror you can attach to the large mirror, an accompanying travel case and all the adapters you will need. It makes an absolutely brilliant present! I have not been disappointed and totally recommend.
    I absolutely love this would highly recommend it I use it everyday I haven't traveled with it yet but it comes very compact and case is sturdy.
    Mirror mirror on the wall...
    I absolutely LOVE using this mirror! It highlights every flaw which works to your advantage! A recent instance of using it for a special occasion face led to me thinking 'I look awful' and then looking in the normal mirrors in my house and seeing that my face looked flawless. Wish I'd known about this mirror 10 yrs ago!
    MUST HAVE for beauty lovers!
    Honestly, the best purchase! It is expensive but if you travel even a bit, it's well worth the investment. If you are sensitive to bright lights it may not be the mirror for you as the lowest setting is still bright- but honestly it's PERFECT! All the attachments are made really well to magnetically connect. The size of the mirror itself is also great! It has made getting ready even easier and more fun! I had been considering purchasing it for a couple of months before I actually got it and I would highly recommend it... I wish I had bought it sooner! LOVE LOVE LOVE
    I love it
    Whilst it takes a bit of getting used toastier in it's bright, I love it and think it's a game changer for me anyway. Would I recommend it, yes.
    Bought for myself, stolen by teenagers
    I initially bought this for myself, thinking stupidly that this would magnify my face so I can get help with eye makeup now that I have started wearing glasses at age 50 with fast-advancing presbyopia. The super duper lighting helps but I need magnification. No worries! Two teenage daughters quickly negotiated “sharing” it. It’s in their bathroom and they love it. Great detail, great lighting. Now if only we can get x7 magnification.
    Fab, but maybe a little too bright?
    This mirror is truly fab, it's very pricey but I have tried other light up mirrors in the past and none have been as good quality as this. However a word of warning, this has 3 settings to get brighter but the lowest setting is extremely bright as is and unfortunately you can't dim it further. So I find it a little too bright almost and hurts my eyes a little bit before adjusting. However in saying that it is a great mirror and will ensure your make up or brows (if your tweezing) comes out perfect! Highly recommend
    Bright and professional
    I bought this thinking it would just light up which would be handy for my room, however, this is professional standard lighting, I can't believe how bright this thing gets! Also, the detail the mirror picks up is incredible (if a little too detailed lol). One of my favourite purchases from Cult Beauty :-)
    best mirror!!
    Love this mirror. Its taken my makeup skills to another level. I love how portable it is so I can take it with me when I am away or when I go do clients. Sometimes lighting being poor, makes it hard to see what I am doing, but this mirror makes everything so clear.
    I love this mirror! It's very useful!
    Good but too expensive for minor flaws
    The lowest setting is too bright, the stand is slippery and doesn’t stay upright (also feels cheap quality), charger hard to insert (worried if I push too hard It will break), when the battery is dead a flashing light blinks and can’t turn it off until the battery is recharged (annoying when trying to sleep), the magnet for the magnifying mirror is really sturdy but the magnets don’t move which is sometimes inconvenient, travel case low quality and doesn’t fit the charger HOWEVER, it best mirror for makeup and skincare, not anything like it on the market so Cult please feed this back to Riki. ILY
    Es un espejo fantástico. Luz, en sus diferentes potencias, genial. La carga dura bastante tiempo, el aumento del espejo pequeño imantado es fantástico. Las diferentes posiciones del pie va genial para ponerlo en diferentes inclinaciones. La maleta para transportarlo va muy bien para poder trasladarlo. El único “pero” es el precio, es muy caro, si. Lo vale? También. Enamorada de mi espejo. It is a fantastic mirror. Light, in its different powers, great. Charging lasts quite a long time, the magnification of the small magnetized mirror is fantastic. The different positions of the foot are great to put it in different inclinations. The suitcase to transport it is very good to be able to move it. The only "but" is the price, it is very expensive, yes. Worth? Too. In love with my mirror.
    Perfect in every way
    I read all the reviews before I purchased this awesome tool. Lived up to the hype in every way. Perfect for makeup buffs.
    Perfecto buen tamaño y muy buena iluminación. Lo recomiendo ///// Perfect good size and very good lighting. I recommend it
    Glam me-up
    Loving this mirror! Pricey but worth the investment
    I received my Riki mirror today and totally obsessed ! It is expensive but defo an investment that I will hopefully have for a long time. I would recommend to any makeup lover as the lighting is really good !
    A very sleek and bright mirror! Easy to use, and i like that it comes with a travel case.
    Totally worth it
    I love it!
    It worth every minute of waiting!
    I’ve been waiting for this product (with the travel case) for a while (out of stock). It worth every minute of waiting! I’m still in love with it!
    Great Mirror!
    Brings light to any setting. Quality product. I wish the battery lasted just a bit longer.
    Beautiful Mirror
    This mirror is just wow. From the packaging to how bright the light is and how compact it is. I’m a freelance MUA and this mirror would definitely help me a lot especially when traveling. I hate bringing heavy lights considering how heavy my makeup kit already is. It’s kinda pricey but it’s all worth it. Believe the hype. BUY THIS MIRROR!
    Although it is on the pricey side it's amazing! It's so bright which is exactly what I was looking for and also very happy that it's chargeable no more buying tones of batteries!!
    Brilliantly Bright
    I purchased this after so many ‘lighted mirrors’ broke very quickly. Firstly I haven’t used any of the higher brightness settings because it is so bright on the first setting. It really does give you a clear view - maybe sometimes too clear..... I have used the magnification attachment which is brilliant for plucking my eyebrows etc. Especially with the edition of the light. The carry case seems sturdy, although I haven’t needed it yet. All the functions re: Bluetooth and phone attachment function well. Although I’ve not had a need for it yet. But I have tested it. My only gripe is that the stand is limited to one position which is leaning the mirror a bit to far back. There’s no way to lock the stand in multiple positions. Eventually, it slides back open on my dresser if I try to stand it up more. Overall I’m really glad I purchased it!
    The mirror is good quality, very bright, great for make up. Wonderful idea with magnetic magnifying mirror and phone holder. Only one little criticism that when it’s charging, the cable does not sit very tightly so you have to make sure that it is charging. Apart from that highly recommend.
    Very Bright !
    Great Mirror - lowest setting for the lumination is still very bright and does take a little getting used to. It is very expensive for what it is and the stand it comes with is very flimsy and doesn’t stay in an upright position, it sinks to a low position which is really annoying.
    I’m too lazy to leave reviews even if I really want to, but this truly deserves it. It is Aaaamazing. Changed my life. I moved into new house a year ago and since then my vanity was parked right under the skylight. It is horrible. Although I’m gorgeous and look great for 38, LOL my self esteem was dropping down by the day. I don’t know why people say that this Murrow is “unkind” - sun light, spot light and skylight window above your head - that is unkind. First I thought I will completely block the day light - not to interfere with the mirror light - but no need - it is so bright that nothing else effects the reflection
    Amazing Riki Skinny Mirror
    This mirror is a must if you are a makeup lover. Such a beautiful piece and so well thought out with USB charging, stable stand, magnetic magnified mirror, and magnetic phone holder. The mirror itself is so lightweight with various brightness levels and even though it is quite large, it’s very transportable. I will be taking this mirror with me on all my trips. I bought the mirror from cult beauty as it comes with the super cute grey protective travel case and it’s a fabulous price for both. Service was great, ordered on a Friday, received on the Monday - very happy with this purchase!
    Mirror doesn't Light
    The mirror did not work from the beginning. The lights do not turn on.
    This purchase Is really worth it
    The mirror is a good quality, I like that there is a second mirror with X3 definition, so you can easily draw wings or make up your brows. It's weight is not heavy at all, so it is possible to take it with you on any trips. There is also a good case for the mirror. Lightning is good, but when I turned it on for the first time, I thought even the first level of lightening is too strong, but now I see it's okay.
    Just a wonderful piece to have in my vanity and now I finally have you and I’m in love.
    Amazing worth every penny
    This mirror is brilliant and crystal clear. It is worth every penny. My apartment has large windows so I always do my make up in daylight, but this mirror has picked up imperfections that daylight has missed. You can control the brightness of the lights it’s a nice large size too so your face can be fully seen. But I’ve been doing Movember without even realising....this mirror has saved me.
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