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    FARSÁLIUnicorn Essence 10ml<p>It&#8217;s hard to know where to start with Fars&#225;li&#8217;s Unicorn Essence. The innovative, oil-free (and super-pretty!) solution has two key purposes: it helps to protect the skin from free radical damage, while also prepping it perfectly for moisturiser or make up application. Full to the brim with antioxidant-rich superfruit extracts &#8211; known for their protective and anti-ageing properties &#8211; Unicorn Essence is a magical cocktail of a&#231;ai berry, goji berry, elderberry and blueberry extracts, which are all high in brightening vitamin C. As for its priming potential, this smoothing formula creates a flawless base for make up products, especially foundation, concealer and eyeshadow. When used under the eye, it prevents concealer from creasing and if applied to the lid, it enhances the pigment in eyeshadow to make it appear more vibrant. Looking to add an extra &#8216;pop&#8217; to your highlighter? (Who isn&#8217;t!) Apply to cheekbones and layer highlighting products over the top for out-of-this world glow. It's available both in 10ml and 30ml sizes, so you can take one with you everywhere! Pretty much guaranteed to sell out, we strongly suggest that you snap one up before they&#8217;re gone&#8230;</p>FSI002_10ml118328538170070725 stars, based on81 reviews 20.00Cult BeautyNew
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    FARSÁLI Unicorn Essence

    Unicorn Essence
    ( 10ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      If unicorn tears existed – this is what they would look like. As magical as its mythical namesake, this innovative oil-free elixir is brimming with superfruits to solve a catalogue of common complexion concerns AND let you prime like you’ve never primed before. To say that this antioxidant-fuelled serum-primer hybrid took the internet by storm would be an understatement – it’s caused a veritable frenzy thanks to its unparalleled multi-tasking powers. Plus, it’s super, super pretty, which always helps…


    • Description

      It’s hard to know where to start with Farsáli’s Unicorn Essence. The innovative, oil-free (and super-pretty!) solution has two key purposes: it helps to protect the skin from free radical damage, while also prepping it perfectly for moisturiser or make up application. Full to the brim with antioxidant-rich superfruit extracts – known for their protective and anti-ageing properties – Unicorn Essence is a magical cocktail of açai berry, goji berry, elderberry and blueberry extracts, which are all high in brightening vitamin C. As for its priming potential, this smoothing formula creates a flawless base for make up products, especially foundation, concealer and eyeshadow. When used under the eye, it prevents concealer from creasing and if applied to the lid, it enhances the pigment in eyeshadow to make it appear more vibrant. Looking to add an extra ‘pop’ to your highlighter? (Who isn’t!) Apply to cheekbones and layer highlighting products over the top for out-of-this world glow. It's available both in 10ml and 30ml sizes, so you can take one with you everywhere! Pretty much guaranteed to sell out, we strongly suggest that you snap one up before they’re gone…

    • How to use

      When used as skin care, apply to a clean face before applying your day or night-time moisturiser.

      Makeup Primer:
      It can be used as an effective primer before applying your makeup/foundation. Start your makeup routine by applying 2-3 drops on your face and pat it in. Don't forget your under-eye! This magical formula not only gives you a smooth application, but it makes your foundation last much longer. When used under the eyes, it prevents your concealer from creasing.

      Eye-shadow Primer:
      Apply a small amount to your lid, as an eye-shadow primer. This will prevent your eye-shadow from creasing, make it last all day, and it will also enhance the pigment in the shadows--making them appear more vibrant!

      Enhancing Your Highlight:
      Looking for that extra pop with your highlighter? Then use this trick to really make everyone notice: Apply on to the top of your cheek bones, and let it dry slightly. Then layer your highlight on top, for an out of this world GLOW!

    • Full ingredients list

      Water, Propanediol, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Glyceryl Polyacrylate, Euterpe Oleracea (Acai) Fruit Extract, Vaccinium Angustifolium (Blueberry) Fruit Extract, Lycium Barbarum (Goji Berry) Fruit Extract, Sambucus Nigra (Elderberry) Fruit Extract, Tamarindus Indica (Tamarind) Seed Polysaccharide, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Red 40, Red 33, Red 4, Blue 1, Mica, Titanium Dioxide

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    FARSÁLI - Unicorn Essence

    FARSÁLI Unicorn Essence Reviews

    Great primer!
    Works perfectly with my dry skin, I’m really impressed with this product!
    I love it!!
    It is amazing to apply as a primer before my make up and the foundation sits perfectly. You can also apply it for hydration
    Love this!
    I just love this product. You have to be consistent to see the result. I like it because if it takes time for it to work means it is safe to use. I have dark spots and the serum helps to reduce and blurred the spots. Love love love
    Amazing! Wonderful! WOW!!! I will gladly repurchase this product, it is slowly but surely becoming an essential part of my makeup routine.
    I was hesitant due to the steep price. I was reluctant as everyone on YouTube, bloggers and vloggers are all super young hyping about this primer. I'm 50 and have spent so much money on primers, only to pitch them in the trash boundless bottles of foundation. I caved and bought a small bottle (10 ml) and.....THIS IS INCREDIBLE! I have finally found the best primer in the world even for mature skin. I have extreme combo skin (super oily T-zone and super dry everything else) but my foundation looks flawless, natural, stays put, not cakey in appearance, oily face, dry patches, it stays on all day and my concealer doesn't cake either and it feels and smells great! It's just always out of stock :(
    Färsali Unicorn essence
    I love this product so much! I use this under makeup when I want to look radiant. I recommend it to everyone, especially under party makeup. It also smells lovely.
    Супер средство! ***Great tool!
    Первый раз попробовала это средство, заказала в вашем магазине, мне понравилось, эффект виден, свои функции выполняет, аллергии не вызвал. ***The first time I tried this tool, I ordered it in your store. I liked it, the effect is visible, it performs its functions, I did not cause allergies.
    Mixed it with my makeup, it's really glowing. Thank you :)
    Fresh face
    The smell of this product is delicious! Although I don't see or feel any different using this product then when not. My skin tends to get oily throughout the day and I need to blot my face, I still need to do this with this product as well. It's not a bad product, but it's not a groundbreaking product either.
    Glowy primer
    I use this with a BB balm, or add a few drops with my foundation and it gives my skin a nice glow. I have combination skin with a sensitive cheek area and I find it does not congest my pores or trigger a reaction. A bit pricey, but I’ll buy it again.
    Sis, this is not it
    I wish you could give this 0 stars. It did nothing at all. I bought it for £50; what was I thinking? All that I am going to say is that you could buy the James Charles x Morphe palette for that price almost TWICE.
    This product is soo beautiful and it smells soo good too, love it!
    I love it but...
    I love the product, it makes my skin instantly poreless and hydrated,the only con is that the 10 ml bottle i only got to use a couple of times and given its price...
    Good but not great
    It’s a good product but not enough for the price, thought that the bottle would be larger and the product didn’t fill the majority of the bottle. Overall, it wasn’t worth such a high price.
    I quite like it. Cannot say, that it is smth, that I cannot do without, but it is a solid good product. Made my skin feel hydrated, good to touch. There was no irritation, no stinging, nothing unpleasant, and I have quite an issue of my skin being too sensitive.
    Do you really need this?
    I bought this after using (and loving) the Rose Gold Elixir for a few months. I was adding a drop or two of this with my foundation for a more dewy, radiant finish. I was further persuaded by the hype on social media and the positive reviews on here and took the plunge and purchased the 30ml bottle of Unicorn Essence. I have been using this serum for a month now - wearing it under makeup (as a primer) and also on no makeup days. However I haven’t noticed a difference in makeup application or extending the longevity of makeup wear time. I feel like it didn’t do much to minimise the look of pores or help create a smooth canvas for makeup (as my Too Faced, Benefit or J.One primers would). As I have a normal/dry skin type I did not feel like this serum provided enough moisture to replace my normal moisturiser. In essence, this is a nicely scented serum but does not provide any real benefits to your skincare or makeup routine.
    Is it worth it?
    Was really excited to try out this serum as everyone's been raving about how good it is. However I was bit disappointed when I used it with my make up. I didn't really see any difference, made my make up look cakey not really worth it.
    Very small quantity of product
    Although the primer helped to smooth my skin out and had a lovely scent to it, I was disappointed with how small the product was for the amount of money I paid.
    This primer is amazing . My make up stayed in place all day long. My skin feel so good!
    Not worth the money
    Not worth the money or the hype it has on social media. Doesn't make any difference applying this serum just felt like I have wasted my money especially for the amount that is given in the bottle.
    This primer is really good. My make up stayed in place for much longer than usual.
    Repeat repeat repeat
    Absolutely love this product. It makes my skin look amazing, is great as a base for makeup and I use it to hydrate my lips too and makes them look plump and seems to make lipstick go on better. It is on the higher price side but I think it’s worth it and a little goes a long way. I’ve tried all three - the black bottles scent is so strong and vile I actually threw it away after only trying once and had to wash my skin straight away. Smelt awful. The white gold is lovely but very oily - good for a night serum though. This unicorn essence one I feel is a fantastic all rounder.
    Nice primer, but not worth £50
    I used this as a primer and it only lasted me 2 weeks. It made my skin feel really nice and my makeup went on top of it nicely but it’s not worth £50 when it doesn’t last for more than a month.
    Farsali Addict
    Love, love, love this product. I will always keep in my skincare regime as well as the luxurious oil. Next purchase: FaceTune Blur!
    The unicorn essence is just amazing. It leaves skin so soft and it hydrates it just perfectly. Love it.
    Love it
    Just the product I needed. It leaves my skin very soft and it's a great way to prime my face. I use it every time and it has always given me the best results! I wish I had bought this before!
    I went through thick and thin wearing this as a primer and moisturiser and it stayed by my side, love love love it.
    Dubious but pleased I purchased
    To everyone who has oily skin - buy this. I was very dubious but waited until cult beauty had the 10ml for £20. This stuff is just incredible. The smell isn’t as bad as some people say, it’s just a great serum that makes my foundation stay put for once. I have tried all sorts of products and this is just incredible. I have now purchased a 30ml (slightly shuddered at the £50 value) but it’s worth every penny.
    Not Worth The Hype
    I work within the makeup industry and I must say this product does not live up to it’s hype! Does nothing other than add a glow to your skin. I do not understand how they can advertise this as a primer?This has no makeup holding power at all. Great for under your moisturiser to add a glow.
    Farsali Unicorn Essence
    This is amazing to use. It smells fantastic and leaves skin soft and slightly glowy. Gives a great base for the rest of your makeup. I will definitely be buying again.
    This Primer is NO JOKE
    My dad made me cry bc I didn't cook him steak and my makeup STAYED like I'm still slaying.
    Unicorn essence is the right name for this
    Literally works magic on my skin and I can't even tell what it does but it does something, ever so slightly makes my foundation really pop and I always get compliments on my skin on days I've used this.
    Changed my life
    This stuff is a-mazing! I have generally dry skin but a very oily t-zone and this is the best primer/base I have ever used by far. It makes my foundation look flawless and lasts all day/night. It keeps makeup in place even on a night out. It’s pricey but lasts ages and is definitely worth it.
    I wanted to hate it
    I truly did. Gimmick, pointless product, unicorns aren't real. Then I was given a mini size on my birthday and fell in love. Curse you Farsali. It's not skincare - don't treat it this way. But as a primer for oil/combo oily skin, it's simply amazing. Helps with foundation staying on my face, much better than the hourglass mineral veil. So whether I like it or not, now a big bottle is on my vanity.
    I felt so excited when I bought it because I saw it on Instagram and the result was amazing. Its content looks so cute. Also, it doesn't leave a greasy feeling on the face. It's perfect to use before makeup I love it!
    Instagram made me buy it....
    ...and I don‘t regret! The smell is amazing, fruity but sweet. The glitter is very fine and I didn‘t feel it on my skin. It just feels amazing. I use it in the evening before I apply my moisturizer and I use it as a primer before my foundation. I will buy this again!
    Such a fan
    I will confess when I first used Unicorn Essence I was less than impressed, (I'm a Rose Gold Elixir super fan). But I went back and tried again. I use Unicorn Essence as a primer, (I mix Rose Gold Elixir with my foundation), I found that if you just use a couple of drops of Unicorn Essence you will notice little if any difference to your makeup. If you are liberal with your application, (I use 4 full pippets), you will get fab results. It seems a bit odd at first as after application your face feels slightly sticky. Fear not, foundation goes on like a dream, (I find that I'm using substantially less foundation for the same coverage and far less pore primer), and stays put. I have dry skin, but the effect I'm left with is lovely dewey finish, even on days when I feel the need to use a heavy foundation the effect is still there. My goto primer. Persevere with this one.
    I am so blown away at how moisturizing and refreshing this is. I adore it. I thought £50 was a lot of money but I am telling you it's worth it. Your foundation glides on and makes you feel hydrated all day.
    amazing of purple
    This is great!!! I like the idea of a combination of serum and primer. So my face gets what it needs both at once.
    Good primer
    Love this product better than the rose gold elixir. Feels good on the skin, no breakouts or whatsoever.
    Although it made my foundation look amazing. It caused horrible painful breakouts all around my face. Nothing in my skin care, makeup or lifestyle routine has changed so I know it was 100% this product that caused the reaction. £50 wasted :(
    Good but confusing
    It is described as a serum/primer. I use several products in between serum and primer eg. Moisturizer, sunscreen. So I was confused at what stage of my routine I wanted to use this product. I’m still not sure if it was more beneficial as a serum or primer. Smells great and I really like the consistency.
    It has the best glow and smell! And it hydratates my skin before applying makeup!
    I was not disappointed with this product. My makeup is much more consistent with it. It smells good. I really like to use it
    I do really love this product! I feel like it helps keep my make up on longer throughout the day. My skin looks nicer when I have no make up on. I have super oily skin and have found products like this hard to find. The only thing that puts me off is the price, I feel like it’s slightly too much for the small amount you get, I have to be super careful not to use too much.
    Luxury feel
    Yes, this is expensive but it feels beautiful on your face. I love how it applies, how it smells it's just gorgeous. No idea if it does any good in the long term but I look forward to putting this on.
    Best product
    I loove this product! I apply it under my liquid foundation and it makes my skin look flawless
    The best
    Not used any primer like this, makes my make-up look that little bit nicer, people always compliment how healthy my skin looks. I wear this just on its own some days and makes my skin look healthy and glowy.
    Love it
    First: I have very dry/sensitive skin. I bought the 10ml. At first, I was not in love with it. But after a while when I switched back to another primer, I noticed that they didn't work for me anymore. Perfect, now I need a new primer that works with it. Don't try it, you might love it and then you will spend too much money on a primer...
    Total waste of money
    After reading the Cult Beauty reviews, I had high hopes for this product... I am so dissatisfied. It does absolutely nothing. Save your money and go for something else.
    Not worth the price tag
    I never leave reviews but unfortunately this product has just let me down too much. I bought the 10ml option just to try it out and IT WAS NOT WORTH THE £20. Don’t get me wrong it smells divine but that’s the only good thing about it, it doesn’t leave any sort of glow on my face (not even any glitter which it looks like it’s filled with) and it’s even quite tacky. It may work for other people but it just did absolutely nothing for me, and I definitely won’t be repurchasing. If you are set on trying it though, definitely buy the smaller bottle as it is good for a tester size and for how small it is, it’s lasted me about 2 months which is pretty good.
    Very nice product but...
    This serum is not what I was expecting, but is a very nice primer. Didn't work on my skin, very good because I prefer to use moisturizing primer as it works better on my skin and my make up doesn't look cakey at all. This works as a matte primer more and my make up looks funny. I think it is a bit pricey and didn't work for me.
    If I'm honest I'm not sure if it is worth it. Not sure if it actually does anything for me..
    It is a bit over hyped, so expensive and nothing amazing . It smells lovely but in my opinion isn’t really worth it.
    Love this product, feels so nice on the skin and not too oily! I use this as a primer and have found my skin a lot clearer since using this, will definitely purchase again!
    It’s okay...
    It’s an okay product, it’s not worth £50 though. I didn’t really find it made my foundation look any different. If it was £10-£20 I’d probably buy it again.
    Love it! My skin has been far clearer since I started using it, and I usually get super dry skin during winter but so far so good. The only downside is how expensive it is, and you don’t get that much for the cost.
    I have to wear makeup every day for work and found that my makeup wouldn't stay put the whole day. I would also get a lot of spots for wearing it for long hours and in winter weather. Since using this, my foundation has never looked so good and my face so clear haha. Slightly pricey, and not that much product but definitely worth it!! Can't wait to try more!!
    I had really high expectations for this product as I’ve seen makeup artists use it everywhere. It wasn’t a bad product at all but it wasn’t great either. Not the best use for long-lasting makeup primer but it did make my face slightly glow which was good.
    I firstly bought this product in the smaller size to trial as I was a little unsure, however I must admit it is absolutely amazing, and I have truly fallen in love with it! I adore how it makes your skin feel so soft and smooth. I use it after moisturising and before I apply my makeup. My makeup looks perfect all day and does not shine. I think it has improved the texture of my skin too. I have recently just purchased the larger bottle and will not go a day without applying. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!!
    Sooo happy
    This primer is everything!! I was reluctant to buy it at first because of the price, however I chose to bite the bullet because of my own personal curiosity. It feels great on my skin. Really good to use before applying foundation or even blending it in with foundation. You literally only need a few drops as it has great coverage. Smells nice too which is a bonus!
    This product I do like and would purchase again, it makes my face nice and soft and prepped for foundation application. I just wish the full size was slightly cheaper
    Great results, but possibly caused some spots
    I bought this for an Ibiza holiday with the idea it could double as a primer and also do some of the job my normal night- time treatments would be doing while I was asleep. It did make my skin look lovely but I noticed my skin start getting quite blocked on the surface which means it's being caused by a product. I will probably use again for the odd night though.
    Not a primer & does nothing
    This product does nothing to my skin at all. It just gives that sheer glow before foundation (not even moisturize) & I do have other better products to do that. I am struggling to finish it now and will not repurchase. What waste of money because it is not cheap.
    Nothing special
    Broke me out - didn't notice any difference - can't get much better serums for this price.
    Loving this product.
    The unicorn essence is really amazing, it makes my face feel soft and smooth. It's better than other primers I have used and I would definitely recommend using Farsali.
    Was given this as a gift and since using it just as a moisturiser have received a lot of compliments. Also goes great as a primer, my make up usually looks cakey but goes on well with this. Great for moisturising my lips too! Love it!
    Good product.
    Good product. Doesn’t dry your skin and gives you a delicate glow effect. As I’ve got dry/combination skin I still need to apply hydrating moisturiser under my make up so my skin doesn’t t look flaky. Not sure if I’ll repurchase or if I’ll look for something even more glowing.
    Best news this year for my sensitive skin
    This is wonderful to use - my skin feels nourished and treasured. Truly. The serum is super light and was a real asset after a facial oil caused my skin to break out in red blotches. This serum managed to calm my skin right down. Ace product ... also lovely shimmer.
    Gorgeous primer
    I love this primer I bought this and the Rose gold elixir mostly because they are very pretty I didn’t have high hopes for them. But I actually love this product, the smell is to die for I absolutely love it. However may be undesirable for people who do not like scented formulas however it dissipates very quickly. I use it after my skincare as a primer in conjunction with benefit porefessional or Sisley double tenseur. I swear my foundation & concealer has never looked better (I use tarte shape tape or urban decay naked skin concealer followed by Laura mercier powder sometimes bake sometimes set) I always crease so badly and I swear this stops my concealer from creasing, I will certainly re purchase. I have not used it alone as a all over face primer so cannot say how it would work. I’m very happy with this primer & it will be a staple in my kit for years to come.
    Gorgeous product.
    I bought this and the rose gold elixir to be honest mostly because they are very pretty and looks luxe. I absolutely love both. The Unicorn essence I use as a primer in conjunction with benefit porefessional after my skincare. I absolutely adore the smell of this stuff it’s gorgeous though if you aren’t a fan of fragrance in products this won’t be for you. Although the scent does dissipate almost instantly. I have definitely noticed that my concealer in my under eye area doesn’t crease like it does with other products. I use Tarte shape tape mixed with urban decay naked skin with a little YSL touché eclat & bake or set with Laura mercier powder then spritz with fix+ and all nighter & my usually Creasy under eyes look the best they ever have. I will certainly re purchase.
    Lovely smell and texture
    There’s not much not to love about this beautifully scented, gorgeously textured and prettily coloured serum. The reason I gave it a 4 and not a 5 is that it didn’t really do anything for me as a primer which is what I bought it for. However it’s a great serum used under moisturiser. Its very lightweight. Very easily absorbed and leaves a very subtle shimmer on the skin. It’s early days but I already love using this product.
    I wouldn’t say this product did anything for my skin other than made me a glittery waste of money.
    I got it coz I saw YouTubers use it, to be honest, at the start I hate it because I was like it doesn't do anything my makeup was applying different and I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Because of the price I was keeping using it and now I can't live without it. My skin got so much better after using it and the product actually helps your skin while you wear it. It feels like a very sticky liquid moisturiser. Makes foundation go so much smoother on the skin and I don't need as much product. It's really great primer.
    love love love
    At first, I didn't know how to use it. now I know more about makeup. It really gives u that smooth finish. I have hooded eyelids and this works great.
    Not for me
    I bought this product after reading rave reviews from YouTube Mua’s. I was not impressed the product itself does nothing! It stings like hell when applied and I cannot see any difference in my makeup. Not worth the money at all.
    I have oily skin and had been wanting to try this forever! YouTube MUA have recommended this so I jumped at the chance when my boyfriend went to America. I’m now purchasing the full size bottle as I’ve got through the travel size in 3 months - which to be honest that’s lasted ages and is only a 10ml bottle! Full size being 30ml. I highly recommend I love it!!!!
    Its a no from me
    I have extremely oily skin. Definitely not for me. Made my foundation look even worse. Also had a weird smell to it, made me nauseous tbh. So people, if you have even slightly oily skin, do not get this.
    Did Nothing
    Had high hopes for this as everyone seemed to be raving about it, but I found that it just sits on the skin and isn't absorbed really. My face got rather oily throughout the day and the smell was just like candy floss and was too sickly to be considered natural. All in all, I saw no difference and my makeup didn't look any different on top.
    WOW in a jar
    I am blown away by this product. I have been umming and arhhing over this for awhile but I was naughty a brought it the price is high but I am so glad i took the plunge. This is literally a magical potion l in a bottle. My pores are a lot smaller, my skin is slightly more even in tone, softer plumper in places and my skin looks healthy and like it is glowing from within I am not even wearing foundation today as it just look so nice I couldn't bring my self to cover it. I am a makeup mad lady so for me to be happy with out it really says something it is a very natural beauty that it gives your skin - I will be buying this for my mum and best friends maybe even my husband.
    This product may be expensive but in my opinion it is totally worth it. It is just the best used as a primer and makes all of my make-up go on so smoothly. I love this product so I would recommend it to anyone who loves make-up.
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