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    Eve LomCleanser 100mlEve Lom's Cleanser is so much more than its humble name implies. This silky balm melts upon contact with the skin, to not only remove all traces of even waterproof make up, pollution and daily dirt, but also to exfoliate and tone in one easy step. With Egyptian Chamomile and Cocoa Butter to soothe and condition the skin; Hops oil to tone and Eucalyptus and Clove oils to combat blemishes, this little pot of wonder is fully deserving of its legendary status (and we know our cleansing balms...)EVE001 100ml187850500130065495 stars, based on44 reviews 55.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Eve Lom Cleanser

    Eve Lom
    ( 100ml )

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    • Why it's Cult
      Developed by one of the world's leading facialists who is hailed as the 'Queen of Cleansing' Eve Lom's Cleanser has received more accolades than we've had hot chocolates! Vogue have called it "Probably the best cleanser in the world!" and this cleansing balm is a permanent feature in any beauty hall of fame you care to mention, including Instyle and CEW.
    • Description
      Eve Lom's Cleanser is so much more than its humble name implies. This silky balm melts upon contact with the skin, to not only remove all traces of even waterproof make up, pollution and daily dirt, but also to exfoliate and tone in one easy step. With Egyptian Chamomile and Cocoa Butter to soothe and condition the skin; Hops oil to tone and Eucalyptus and Clove oils to combat blemishes, this little pot of wonder is fully deserving of its legendary status (and we know our cleansing balms...)
    • How to use

      Take a blob of the cleanser & warm it in the palm of your hand. Apply straight onto dry skin & massage in for a minute, starting with your face & finishing with your eyes (so you don't smudge black everywhere), spend extra time massaging where make up is heaviest & it will melt it away. Take your muslin dip in warm water & squeeze most of it away. Wipe away your eye make up, rinse the cloth again then hold it against your face to steam & activate the oils, then wipe it all away with cold water.

    • Full ingredients list

      Paraffinum Liquidum, Peg-30 Lanolin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Aluminum Stearate, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Peg-75 Lanolin, Phenoxyethanol, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Leaf Oil, Humulus Lupulus (Hops) Cone Oil, Bht, Eugenol, Limonene.

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    Eve Lom - Cleanser

    Eve Lom Cleanser Reviews

    Soft and smooth
    So far (3 weeks) I have enjoyed using this product. I find the smell refreshing. The washing ritual is more time-consuming than usual, but it feels worth it. Basing on other reviews, I will be trying Emma Hardie cleanser next time for comparison.
    Not for me
    I can’t understand why people love this. I didn’t enjoy using it. Feels too oily even for a cleanser.
    Wanted to love this, but
    Got this great sized sample in the goodie bag always wanted to try it as I love balm cleansers but this broke me out big time. I generally don’t get spots but after using this at night time the next morning I had spots everywhere and not small ones, some were really deep and pus filled, thinking it couldn’t have been the cleanser from one use I tried it again at night time and yet again the next morning I woke up to a face full of spots. Very disappointing as it’s such an expensive product just glad I didn’t fork out for it myself.
    Amazing product
    I got a small size pot of this in an advent calendar and I could see the results after just one use. It feels luxurious and is a pleasure to use. The clove smell isn’t to everybody’s taste but I personally love it. My skin tone has evened out, it is soft and has smoothed out any little bumps. I was using a neals yard cleanser prior to this but this is far superior to any cleanser I have ever used. I look forward to using it every evening, in love!!
    This is just fab - I'm a busy mum who needed to revive and boost my tired skin. It's worked wonders!
    One of my must have cleanser
    This product is really worth the hype. I cant even remember how many time I have repurchased this. This is one of the must-have cleansers in my collection. I feel safe when I have one. I do not use it everyday, because it has the small beads to exfoliate your skin. I use it twice a week to deep clean my skin with the muslin cloths. It feel like going to the spa. I use it to remove my makeup and do double cleanse afterwards. Some people can't stand the smell, but actually I quite like it.
    Yes! The best cleanser
    I received a tester of this back in September from a Cult Beauty goodiebag, and I never thought much about it. I used it just for the sake of it, but boy was I surprised. I hated the smell at first, but it quickly became a luxurious smell to me. After the first try I was impressed. It completely cleans your skin and smooth it so your make up can be applied perfectly. After using the tester, I went on to try another and did not have it for a couple months. When I got it back it completely balanced my skin again, and I have not had a blemish since starting to use this agin. I will always repurchase this.
    Love the smell, disappointing ingredients
    While I like the balm in general, for the price, I resent that the first ingredient on the inci list is a cheap filler (mineral oil). I won't repurchase for that reason alone. Eve Lom, you can do better.
    Brilliant! but that smell...
    I took a travel size sample with me on holiday and had to use it for a while week. Works very, very well. Unfortunately, I couldn't stand the smell. Normally, I am OK with herbal/ medicinal scents but this one was so strong that after a week I couldn't bear it any more. If you are sensitive to smells steer clear from this baby.
    Not for me...
    While this cleanser has it's merits, it just doesn't compare to the Emma Hardie I'm afraid. Eve Lom didn't perform as well across the board, and I also didn't care for the smell. However, the Eve Lom packaging is much better and more robust than the Emma Hardie. Overall, I wouldn't purchase again, and I'll be sticking with my beloved Emma Hardie Balm.
    Cleansing and relaxing!
    Have never been much of a cleanser type of girl but I can't stop using this one. Texture feels soft and exfoliating at the same time and it really gets rid of all make-up/polution your skin might have. Also, love the smell (I think it's the cloves extract).
    Great product
    I am reviewing this on a sample product that i was sent during Cult Beauty's recent birthday celebrations. And the few uses I had have converted me. The cleanser consists of a yellow paste that smells of cloves and I was intially wary, believing that it would lead to breakouts. But it hasn't AND its even managed to reduce the size of some of the pores around my nose. I was unconvinced, however continued use has me convinced. Its on my wishlist and I can't wait to get started.
    Eve lom cleanser
    Love it
    I’ve been using this for many years. I have combination skin and am going through the menopause. It works for me. Gentle, easy to apply, love using the muslin cloth to exfoliate. Skin feels clean, clear and glowing.
    Original and best
    The ultimate cleanser, the original classic. I love the smell and relaxing ritual of using this product, it feels like a treat every time. Perfect for when your skin needs a bit of TLC and great for sensitive skin types.
    Best cleanser ever.
    I've tried so many cleansers of high-end brands such as Omorovitza (very good product also), DE, or Clinique, but this one is simply the best. Loved the scent, the feeling of a natural and not synthetic product. Amazing product will definitely repurchase.
    The best cleanser!
    Use as my first cleanse, incredible product. I use it with my Foreo- make sure you use it with water to ensure no drag on your skin
    My skin is dry and has a lot of blemishes on the jawline. I am wearing make-up pretty much every day and this cleanser is a gift of gods. My skin is so smooth and supple and soft after it, it's almost like I cleansed and moisturised it at the same time. Removes eye make up easily [sometimes needs extra help with the eyeliner though]
    Ok but prefer the smell of the EH cleansing balm which is also better at removing eye makeup. However I'll stick with the Body Shop chamomile cleansing balm as its way cheaper and even better at removing makeup than both of them!
    Estoy encantadisima con esta limpiadora. A parte de retirar muy bien el maquillaje , la he incorporado a mi rutina de doble limpieza y me va genial. A parte ,me encanta todo el ritual con la muselina en agua caliente al inicio y en frio para finalizar Genial. Repetiré sin duda, aunque tengo para rato , el bote es enorme y es necesaria muy poquita cantidad I am delighted with this cleaner. Apart from removing makeup very well, I have incorporated it into my double cleaning routine and it is great. Besides, I love the whole ritual with the muslin in hot water at the beginning and cold to finish Great. I will repeat without a doubt, although I have for a while, the bottle is huge and very little is necessary
    I really wanted to like this, since I know it is a popular cult product. But it smells revolting - really clovey and cloying - and doesn't warm up and melt very well. I love using cleansing balms and oil cleansers, and sadly this one is just not pleasant to use, despite being relatively effective.
    This is a lovely cleanser, I love balm cleansers! this one is a great option, smells very natural/earthy which i didn't like at first, but i'm used to it now. It really cleans the skin and makes my skin feel lovely and clean. I fully recommend if you're after a good solid balm cleanser!
    Eve Lom Cleanser
    Bought this on a whim because I have loved other Eve Lom products. Used for the first time tonight whilst on holiday when skin can get dry but felt like a facial and skin feels so amazingly soft and hydrated. I know it’s a little on the expensive side but managed to get £11 off on the flight. However - having used it I would pay full price :) V happy. Not 5 star only because I don’t really understand why they ask to put over makeup? Doesn’t actually remove it - I remove it first.
    Alarming imgredients
    This product contains Mineral Oil, alcohol and parabens. You would have to be wise to stick with or prefer Emma Hardie. Emma Hardie smells and feels great and does the job in a way that surprises me. I remember the first time ever using Emma Hardie skincare, I put my make up on afterwards and noticed how soft my skin was. Normally after the cleansing ritual my dry skin soaks up all product and then I have to use a moisturising primer before applying make up. Otherwise skin can look horrible if you put foundation onto dry skin. But it went great with Emma Hardie cleanser and for the rest of the day people complemented the look and feel of my skin. And I was like "I have not changed anything in my makeup routine, what is up with people all of a sudden"?. It was the cleansing balm that is way more then just a balm. It somehow locks in moisture for the rest of the day, so your makeup looks flawless and your pores are less visible. I do not recommend this one as the smell is horrible and does make my acne prone skin worst.
    Don’t like the smell
    I got this as a sample and was super excited as I debated a while back whether to get this or the Emma Hardie. I’m glad I supersized the Emma Hardie because I didn’t like this! Firstly the product came out nice and thick which I liked but was taken aback by the smell. Was breathing through my mouth the entire time so I didn’t gag. It took makeup off just as well as the Emma Hardie though. I just had to wash my face with another cleanser after to take the smell away! Sticking with EH!
    An expensive mistake
    This was my first experience of a balm cleanser and I had really high hopes. Unfortunately this product made my sensitive skin break out in small white spots (??) which I've never experienced before. I personally didn't enjoy the smell either. It does remove makeup well, so perhaps for less sensitive skin types this might work better but overall I wouldn't recommend.
    Horrible smell!!
    Bought into the hype of buying this, hate the gritty texture and it isn't smooth as the EH. Above all the smell is terrible, seriously clove??? I don't get the hype. Better results and much more relaxing and pleasant smell with EH or make your own oil cleanser without the mineral oil! Also the mask was dehydrating. Will not recommend or buy again.
    In my opinion this product is not worth the hype. Even though it does a really good job at removing face and eye makeup, I get the same results from my own oil mix and using a flannel to wipe it off. Taking 1 star off because of the smell - I can barely stand it. Another star off because of the price. Definitely can achieve the same results paying A LOT less. I also found that small amount of product is not enough to be able to massage it all over the face which makes me think that the product will not last very long - 3rd star off. Overall it is a good product and it does what it claims to do but it's very overpriced. I would not recommend and will not repurchase.
    Amazing Cleanser
    Got this in the Autumn goodie bag from cult beauty and didn't use it for a month or so. But once I'd tried it I really loved it straight away! Sure thing the smell is a bit too strong but this is nothing compared to the result it gives. First of all you can really feel and see how it cleanses your skin and leaves it so smooth and glowy. I also love this effect of hot and cold water, it's like a small spa treatment. I'll definitely will buy this again once it's finished.
    Good but too expensive
    This does its job at removing makeup. But unsure whether this is worth the price. Definitely didn't cause any irritation or break me out but so as a lot of other products that are slightly cheaper.
    Prefect cleanser
    I love the smell. It does the best job deep cleansing a dirty face (removes make up and relaxes the skin especially after the whole day at work). It 's the best cleanser I've ever used. I will buy it continuously.
    It is my must forever
    Best thing ever. Cleans well, big pot is enough for a year for me. Doesn't smell that nice but you get used to it. Together with asian DHC oil it will be the best cleanser ever for me.
    Effective & calming
    I've been using this since 2004 & I'm devoted. It always thoroughly cleanses and calms my skin no matter what the day or life is throwing at me!
    Deserved of the hype
    I had often pondered why this product was such a beauty aficionados choice of cleanser, having always been wary of mineral oil based products. But my rational side figured it after all a cleansing product rather than a leave on treatment. The smell is quite different to any other cleanser on the market, pungent and somewhat medicinal which I love as it makes it feel like a real hard hitting product. This is excellent for massaging the skin and thoroughly dissolves the day. Crucially for me this leaves my combination skin feeling incredibly balanced, with a sumptuous silky texture, to the point where I wouldn't be concerned if I had no follow up night products. I now have this in a 500ml vat so as to never be without. Give it a go!
    Beautiful cleansing balm
    Honestly don't understand the negative reviews. This is one of my favourite cleansing balms, lush smell and it will dissolve make up without scrubbing. I use this with my forero and its a great combo. I don't have ache prone skin and this hasn't caused me to do so. This is my little pot of cleansing heaven
    Eve Lom cleanser
    For me this is the best cleansing cream ever.
    Eve lom cleanser
    The smell is horrible but really good cleanser
    I'm glad I bought the travel size though cause the smell is so unpleasant that you actually think twice before using this product.
    Perfect for taking off makeup
    I've been using this for 3 years now and it is the best cleansing balm to take off makeup. Leaves skin feeling really clean and fresh as if you've had a facial. Perfect for sensitive skin prone to breakouts.
    A True Classic
    I've been using this cleanser for (literally) decades. I try others from time to time and always come back to this one. It cleanses thoroughly yet gently and if you use it and the cloth correctly, it gently exfoliates too. You see people complaining about the mineral oil in it. It's there for a reason as it ensures the cleanser remains on the skin's surface and lifts impurities. I've tried Emma Hardie etc. and they always leave a residue, unlike this cleanser, that gets even stage makeup off thoroughly yet gently. It might not suit everyone - what does - but for me, it's the best cleanser I've ever used.
    Best cleansing balm
    A staple in my beauty cabinet. Have used this for years now. Have tried other cleansing balms but nothing comes close to Eve lom. Worth investing in large size as it will last ages. I use it at night and removes all traces of make up leaving skin super soft.
    Not impressed
    I was pretty disappointed in this product, thank god I only had a small size. I wanted to try this so bad because of all the good reviews and recommendations. This does its job at removing makeup, but there are so many products that do exactly the same thing, but cheaper.
    Game Changer
    I started using this product more than 6 months ago and it has transformed my skin completely. My skin used to be dry and flaking, with regular breakouts - both hormonal and reactive. I started using the Eve Lom as a part of a two-step cleansing and my skin is retaining moisture much more, ALL breakouts have cleared up. To me, it is a miracle product. I have a serious skin care collection and this is one of three constants in my daily steps that I will keep re-purchasing. Also, I definitely would read up before I call the ingredients alarming - there is ‘fatty alcohol’ in there; alcohol is not always a bad ingredient in everything - a simple google check supports.
    Forever fan
    Been using this balm for 4 years and will never use any other again, leaves my skin glowing and fresh. Takes off my waterproof make-up perfectly and makes sure my hormonal acne is minimal.
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