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    DISCIPLE SkincareNight Shift Cleanser & Cloth<p>Hand-blended in small batches from the best raw botanical ingredients, DISCIPLE Skincare is the clean, streamlined range that every beauty buff wants to get their hands on. For the ultimate pore purge that won&#8217;t upset your skin&#8217;s delicate moisture balance, Night Shift Cleanser and Cloth is enriched with alpha hydroxy acids and nourishing fruit oils. Lactic, glycolic, citric, malic and tartaric acids exfoliate skin, encouraging cell renewal and dissolving the bonds binding dulling dead cells to your skin&#8217;s surface, to reveal the &#8216;new&#8217; healthy skin cells underneath. Meanwhile, cactus oil maintains moisture levels, grapefruit extract provides anti-inflammatory effects and neroli oil helps to alleviate stress, aiding restful sleep and granting sublime natural scent. More than enough to &#8216;wipe the day away&#8217;, this lovely cleanser removes impurities and make up, although heavy eye make up may require a pre-cleanse.</p>DPE0051632350606700401215 stars, based on42 reviews 27.00Cult BeautyNew
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    DISCIPLE Skincare Night Shift Cleanser & Cloth

    DISCIPLE Skincare
    Night Shift Cleanser & Cloth
    ( 100ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      DISCIPLE Skincare was created with a simple aim: to ‘sort out’ stressed-out skin. Created by psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson, these adaptogen-rich formulas work not only on the surface of the skin but internally too, improving your body’s ability to adapt to stress and helping to rebalance hormones. For the ultimate pore purge, this deep cleansing oil is formulated with natural alpha hydroxy acids (including lactic, glycolic and tartaric acids) and gentle fruit oils (including prickly pear and grapefruit oils) to exfoliate and maintain moisture levels.

    • Description

      Hand-blended in small batches from the best raw botanical ingredients, DISCIPLE Skincare is the clean, streamlined range that every beauty buff wants to get their hands on. For the ultimate pore purge that won’t upset your skin’s delicate moisture balance, Night Shift Cleanser and Cloth is enriched with alpha hydroxy acids and nourishing fruit oils. Lactic, glycolic, citric, malic and tartaric acids exfoliate skin, encouraging cell renewal and dissolving the bonds binding dulling dead cells to your skin’s surface, to reveal the ‘new’ healthy skin cells underneath. Meanwhile, cactus oil maintains moisture levels, grapefruit extract provides anti-inflammatory effects and neroli oil helps to alleviate stress, aiding restful sleep and granting sublime natural scent. More than enough to ‘wipe the day away’, this lovely cleanser removes impurities and make up, although heavy eye make up may require a pre-cleanse.

    • How to use

      Shake well. Massage 2-3 pumps all over face. Apply the hot, wrung-out cloth to your whole face. Take a deep breath and allow steam to penetrate pores. Gently wipe the day away. Use SPF in the AM after use.


    • Full ingredients list

      Grapeseed oil, Hemp oil, Prickly pear oil, Grapefruit oil, Neroli oil, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid

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    DISCIPLE Skincare - Night Shift Cleanser & Cloth

    DISCIPLE Skincare Night Shift Cleanser & Cloth Reviews

    Honestly the best cleanser ever! Wish I could give it more stars. Literally takes off every bit of makeup. Leaves skin feeling so refreshed and soft and still feels the same the next morning. Can’t believe I’ve never used an oil-based cleanser before!
    I’d give it 6* if I could
    All-round amazing cleanser - I have combination skin that tends a little more towards dry, and this does a wonderful job of clearing away the daily grime while still leaving skin baby soft and hydrated. The smell is divine and I love having this as a part of my evening ritual for the stress-relieving aromatherapy element as well.
    Love this cleanser
    I really enjoy using this in the evening. It smells lovely and takes make up off like a dream. Leaves my skin feeling so soft. Great for drier skin.
    love it!
    Top product! Smells fantastic and cleans your face without a trace, especially suitable for dry skin. Love it!
    Disciple cleanser
    A good cleanser, it removes make up really easily, however the face cloth absorbs the make up and doesn’t rinse out like other muslin flannels I have do, hence the 3 stars, otherwise it would have been 5.
    One of all time favorites
    I recently rediscovered this in my beauty cabinet, as I am a huge fan of double cleansing i have many products laying around - this can definitely count as one of my all time favorite oil cleansers, i massage the product onto my skin for about a minute and leave it on for a little bit afterwards, then remove with a warm cloth. Skin feels instantly smoother and brighter! I am sad it is almost over but it lasted me a very long time! Will repurchase
    Good oil cleaner
    I have really enjoyed using this cleansing oil. I like the scent but if you are sensitive to fragrance this might be irritating. The ahas this contains do also seem to give a slight (good) tingle, my skin is left noticeably clearer after using this. Unlike many cleansing oil this does not emulsify, you use a cloth to remove it with warm water. In terms of routines, I use this after doing a gentle cleanse to remove my sunscreen. It is more of a second cleanser/ treatment cleanser. For any guys it softens the beard area brilliantly before shaving.
    Must have
    I have normal skin but because of the hard water and pollution in London my skin tends to be quite dehydrated and sensitive, which results in slight redness. I have a full skincare routine but when I added this product to my routine I immediately noticed an improvement, my skin feels more hydrated and calm. The cloth feels so lush as well, I would highly recommend this product. Amazing value for money.
    Your skin will literally feel spotless. Try it.
    I use this morning and night because who doesn’t want a flawless face?! I absolutely love the smell of it and it makes my skin so baby soft I can't live without it now. I do sometimes switch it up in the mornings but I always love using this at night as it's great at getting all the impurities out and giving my skin a real deep clean (I suffer with congestion so find this really helps) due to the gentle exfoliation. Your skin will literally feel spotless. Try it.
    I have never come across a product that I can’t wait to use over and over and over again before I tried this cleanser. The smell is beautiful and I instantly feel relaxed. My face feels absolutely spotless after using it and I receive compliments daily on how fresh faced I look after using it the night before! Honestly cannot rave enough about it and I will be gifting this to as many people as possible this Christmas! Can’t wait to try the rest of the brand.
    The best
    I think this might just be the best cleanser in the world. I have spent the last year trying to recover my skin from the over-use of acids, so wanted to find a cleanser that was gentle but also gave a little exfoliation. It contains AHAs which work to dissolve the dirt and dead cells that end up clogging pores, and I notice a huge difference in the clarity of skin when I use this cleanser VS when I don’t (I smashed a bottle on holiday and was without it for two weeks - the change in my skin was noticeable). My face looks fresher, smoother and my pores look far less visible. I use in the evening as my second cleanse - I leave it on my face for two minutes while I clean my teeth to give myself a sort of ‘mini mask’. Love it!
    Erm... that’s really good!
    Been through a ton of cleansers which either strip my skin or make it too greasy or fail to remove makeup. This is perfect. It does feel greasy when you put it on and there’s definitely something remaining because it’s made my skin super soft. But NO breakout and my skins getting clearer every day. Amazing stuff... definitely recommend.
    No1. Cleanser
    I love this cleanser so much. A bit sceptical at first because I thought it would be too oily. But This is just the most perfect cleanser, the right oil and the smell is so so sooo good. I almost get sad when I finish my cleansing session. Feels perfect on my combination skin, really prone to break outs. It gives me a gorgeous glow and healthy colour. My spots fades overnight and I wake up with clearer skin. Ok I am obsessed. Oh and then I didn’t even mention the price. Their Dreamy Skin Oil and Good Skin Oil are also amazing. Definitely will buy again. Thank you Disciple skincare!!❤️
    Changed my skin!
    I had been using retinols for a month before I started using this and my skin was very sensitive and my eyelids were peeling. Within a week of using this cleanser my skin did a full 180 and I cannot be without it. The ritual of massaging it in your face and then applying the damp cloth to the face is so relaxing. The smell is divine too.
    Aromatic & Effective
    I recently discovered this line. I have been using the cleanser and oils. I find I constantly reach for this cleanser. It leaves my skin so fresh and moisturised and the scent is so beautiful. This is my first bottle but I would not hesitate to buy this again. Even though it uses essential oils, it does not irritate my sensitive skin. I have noticed my skin is improving with less visible pores and more glowing.
    The only thing that works for me
    I have changed my cleanser a lot recently in hopes of finding my HG, and after experimenting with many different types, I’ve come back to this one as it’s the only one that doesn’t sting my very sensitive skin and doesn’t completely dry my skin out afterwards. It smells amazing and I’ve had it for about 3 months after using it once daily so I would say it’s great value for money!
    Not for me
    I so wanted to love this. It smells lovely, feels nice on the skin and was lovely to use but it gave me spots :( I tried to use it as my first cleanse and then used some else afterwards but still the spots. I have had much greater success with both Dreamy and Good Skin, which I highly recommend.
    The smell...
    It's paradise. It's amazing. I love it and use it day and night :) I need a whole box!
    My favourite P.M cleanser.
    It cleans away everything and smells beautiful.
    Weird but wonderful!
    Using an oil to wash my face feels very odd and counterintuitive but I really like it and the cloth leaves my face so soft. Converted!
    This is a very nice formula and feels much more expensive than it is. I find some cleansing oils sink into the skin too quickly, but this has enough 'slip' for a good massage. The smell is delightful; very fresh and green. I didn't experience any irritation from this and now use it on my eyes, too (I use a micellar water first). My only slight niggle is that I do wish it emulsified to rinse away more easily as I find using a cloth a bit of a faff, but otherwise it's really lovely.
    The smell
    Really nice cleanser, smells amazing.
    Love this cleanser
    5/5. Great smell, has a pronounced impact on my blemishes (got a few from another product). Takes off makeup beautifully and is overall a luxurious experience.
    Love it
    it's the 3rd bottle I have ordered, and it means everything. really nice on the skin, but doesn't feel heavy and does not clog the skin! I do use different clothes though as this one is too "soft" and doesn't really remove anything.
    Absolute Treat
    I look forward to cleansing with this product at the end of the day. I love the scent, and the way it makes my skin feel. Absolutely my go to oil cleanse now.
    It makes cleansing feel like a treat.
    I have been using this cleanser for a few years, and it is my no.1! I use it as my first cleanse, at night, and it breaks down my daily makeup with ease. I usually massage into my skin for a minute or two, whilst enjoying the herby scent, and wipe away with a warm wash cloth. ( It comes with a washcloth, but I suggest buying multiple, which they do now sell on their website!) Although this line is aimed at 'stressed out' skin, at worst, mine is just generally dry, and sometimes a little congested, but this leaves my skin feeling so nourished, hydrated and clean.
    My favourite cleanser ever
    I absolutely love this product, and it's quickly become my favourite cleanser. I read the Cult Beauty reviews but didn't buy it, opting for another cleanser, waiting longer and considering my options, and then finally as my skin hit rock bottom bought this product. I love it. I love the smell, the texture, the cloth (which feels much more luxe than many of the muslins you get with other products). When you apply the product it's like being in a like a spa - but in the cleanest, most citrusy way - fresh and not overpowering. As you put it on your skin and work it in, you feel hydrated and can see the make-up disappear from your skin. Then take off the product with the cloth to reveal brighter and clearer skin - it's not going to improve stubborn blemishes in on clean but you see a clearer, brighter and for me personally a more even-toned skin immediately. The first time I applied I got a very slight tingle (presumably due to the AHAs) but since it has felt, gentle and luxe. I really like this product and will absolutely buy it again. Thanks Disciple and CB!
    This stuff is truly amazing
    There is some serious magic bottled in this cleanser. I have had this for a while and it somehow (erroneously) took a back seat in my cleanser stash. I am cleanser obsessed and always on the hunt for the holy so I have tried a lot of cleansers! Anyway after some overzealous exfoliating my skin was left with bad hyperpigmentation and was nothing short of a mess. I found myself reaching for this cleanser and it has completely transformed my skin in a very short space of time (a week!). I love this stuff. Yes the oil is very thick and it doesn’t emulsify and it requires effort to remove with the washcloth but honestly it is all more than worth it for the results you get. I will be placing an order for my second bottle shortly. PS I also love their oils and am currently testing their new serum.
    Lovely product
    This is a wonder product. Love it. Makes my skin feel soft and totally clean. No greasy after feel just soft and lovely.
    Such a treat
    Wow oh wow, it is such a treat, feels so luxurious. I have oily, dehydrated skin. So happy that I came across this oil.
    Best oil cleanser
    I have tried a few oil cleansers but this is by far the best I have ever used. Love the feel, scent, and effectiveness of it
    Nightly luxury
    I love this cleanser. It helps get rid of the makeup and pollution on my skin, leaving it so soft. I also gave it as a gift to my sister who fell in love with it too. Another great product from this amazing range and fantastic for 40 + skin.
    very effective!
    My experience with this product is a different from others it seems. My first 6 weeks on Night Shift was hell because it contains AHA, my oily/acne/congested skin went through a purging phase, which meant I was breaking out more often! I told myself to be patient and try to at least hit the 8 week mark. After 6 weeks and I'm like wow! This product is the best and most effective for, my breakouts have lessened and whiteheads are reduced, and the acne scars are slowly fading. May take some time to work but it's the only cleanser I'll use from now on. Just waiting for Disciple to come up with a day cleanser! :)
    This cleanser is enjoyable to use. Slips over the skin without feeling heavy and greasy so you can massage the day away. Removes every scrap of make up without stripping the skin. It smells lovely and citrusy (grapefruit), but best of all it works. My skin was brighter and clearer overnight and I have sensitive, oily, hyperpigmented skin. I have been using this for about a week and already can't do without it. Try it if you have oily, uneven skin.
    Really lovely cleanser. Smells so nice and is a great second cleanse in the evening. A pleasure to use and comes with a really nice cloth too (always a bonus!)
    Shame they’ve changed the formula
    Bought this a couple of months ago and really loved it. I thought it had the most divine smell. However, bought a new bottle and they’ve completely changed the scent. You used to be able to really breathe in the scent for a spa experience now it just doesn’t smell of much but it's citrusy. I actually queried it with Disciple in case I had a duff bottle and they said it hadn’t changed but each batch was different however, it bears no resemblance to my original bottle. Shame, as it was my favourite cleanser.
    Love it but changed formula?
    I bought this cleaner about 6 months ago and loved it so much, it smelled like I was in a spa and made my skin feel amazing. Recently repurchased and noticed the packaging had changed slightly, and unfortunately the smell has too. It now smells strongly of oranges and really not keen on the smell anymore sadly.
    Unexpectedly wonderful
    First time using an oil to wash my naturally oily face and it turned out to be the best purchase decision I ever made. Be sure to use warm enough water to clean it off of your face.
    Love love love
    I wasn't really expecting much from this cleanser and wow was I wrong. It is so lovely to use and smells so gorgeous. I feel like I am washing away my day when I use it. I am mostly using as my second cleanse as its too nice to use for just make up removal. It's getting more uses than my HG Emma Hardie cleanser which really says something. The bottle may be on the smaller side but it goes a long way.
    A beautiful cleansing experience!
    This is an absolute pleasure to use! Everything about this cleanser is luxurious; the smell is divine, the texture is lovely and it melts makeup very easily. I now look forward to my evening cleansing routine, and will no doubt try more disciple products in the near future, as my skin has never been in better condition. Highly recommended.
    Omg the smell!
    Have tried all of the Disciple products now and not been disappointed with anything! The smell of this is just divine and it’s become my favourite cleanser, such a joy to use!
    Actually look forward to washing my face
    I’ve only been using this for a few nights but OMG the smell. I used to hate washing my make up at the end of the day but now I look forward to it! Quite a small bottle for the price but I think it goes quite far. It’s a kind of milky oil. The flannel is beautiful and thick too which I love.
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