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    DERMAFLASHDermapore Light Pink <p>A decongesting revelation, the DERMAPORE helps to extract impurities from deep within your pores and aid the absorption of active ingredients within your skin care ritual.</p><p>A techy tool for tetchy pores, this ultrasonic device is designed to help promote a clearer, healthier complexion in two simple steps. For a seriously deep cleaning (sink-side <em>or </em>in the shower &#8211; the Dermapore is waterproof!), set the tool to &#8216;Extract Mode&#8217; and work the gently curved spatula over congested skin and watch the steady vibrations work their unclogging magic. Follow up with your favourite serum or moisturiser and activate the &#8216;Infuse Mode&#8217; to gently work the product deeper into your skin with tapping vibrations. Now available in three ultra-cute pastel hues, this tool is bound to secure pride of place on your bathroom shelf.</p>DRM004_LGTPNK2066712400000047005 stars, based on53 reviews 89.00Cult BeautyNew
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    • Why it's Cult

      Revolutionising skin care tools, DERMAFLASH is a celebrity-adored, multi-award-winning brand that has been praised to the heavens by beauty editors and skin care buffs with very good reason – they have created the tools needed for instantly radiant, clearer complexions. Founded on a devotion to dermaplaning and a desire to create a fuzz-free at-home equivalent, DERMAFLASH has now delved into the art of pore purging. Unique and innovative, DERMAPORE is a 2-in-1 ultrasonic tool that helps to unclog your pores and encourage deeper penetration of your HG serums and moisturising potions. 

    • Description

      A decongesting revelation, the DERMAPORE helps to extract impurities from deep within your pores and aid the absorption of active ingredients within your skin care ritual.

      A techy tool for tetchy pores, this ultrasonic device is designed to help promote a clearer, healthier complexion in two simple steps. For a seriously deep cleaning (sink-side or in the shower – the Dermapore is waterproof!), set the tool to ‘Extract Mode’ and work the gently curved spatula over congested skin and watch the steady vibrations work their unclogging magic. Follow up with your favourite serum or moisturiser and activate the ‘Infuse Mode’ to gently work the product deeper into your skin with tapping vibrations. Now available in three ultra-cute pastel hues, this tool is bound to secure pride of place on your bathroom shelf.

    • How to use

      Step 1: Cleanse skin. Power on the device and activate "Extract Mode". Apply gentle, yet firm, pressure as you glide the device over your face and neck, paying particular attention to congested areas.

      Step 2: After cleansing your face, wipe the device clean with alcohol or soap and water. Apply your favourite skincare products to the complexion.

      Step 3: Press the power button twice to activate Infuse Mode. Using the flat portion of the spatula, glide the device over your serum or moisturiser. Lightly massage any remaining product into your skin.

      Note: the Dermapore is waterproof and suitable for in-shower use.

    • Full ingredients list

      Your DERMAPORE device includes:

      Protective Cap

      Device Stand

      USB Charging Cord

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    DERMAFLASH - Dermapore

    DERMAFLASH Dermapore Reviews

    Good but not working miracles
    I have stubborn blackheads and always have. I am still trying to get my Dermapore to work for me and have found that it generally works best on my nose but not very well on my chin, cheeks and forehead. I am continuing to use it weekly and I do think that my skin looks much better afterwards (sort of like it does after using a clay mask). I think I just had very high expectations of it instantly clearing up all of my congestion and of course it hasn’t quite done that yet. I think that patience is key with this so I will be persistent!
    Works amazing, very good quality
    Perfect for a facial at home
    It does not replicate a facial, but a nice easy alternative for an at-home facial.
    The DREAM
    This is what I've been waiting for. This device has honestly transformed my skin! I have oily skin that's very prone to blackheads and whiteheads, and this is the only thing that has worked wonders in removing them in the comfort of my home. I never thought such a dream device could exist. It's absolutely been worth the price for me personally. Not only does it clear the skin but I don't remember when my face has been this smooth and soft. I would recommend using a hydrating mask and something like hyaluronic acid after using since it can be a little drying. I've used it now for two months, about twice a week, and I have only good things to say. Highly recommend especially if you suffer from clogged pores!
    I don't know what I was thinking when I splurged on this. The first few uses I got nothing out of it ... I used it as directed (after a shower) but didn't get the gunk out that I had seen in videos. No discernible benefits from using it twice a week for around 5 weeks. Then I had the idea to use it after a run and WOWWW I had never seen so much goop come out of my face! I was impressed. Over the following two days, however, the redness turned hypersensitive and my face was so dry it actually scabbed in some places. I couldn't wear makeup or even touch it, couldn't even wash it, looked awful, so flaky. It took around 2 weeks to get back to normal (after which time the texture I was seeking to address with the Dermapore had also returned). I did this twice more with the same result. I actually ended up with some post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which I am still treating. I tried using it without switching it on and... voila! It does the same thing. The 'sonic' does nothing, you might as well open your pores and push an old credit card over your face. To top it off, the charging stand is flimsy (causes the item to fall over.... just do without) and the protective cap doesn't fit (again... had to do without). So all in all: a very cheap item with no benefits other than making my face look scaly. Truly a gimmick. I will say Cult Beauty were fab about it when it had a battery fault. 5 stars to them! 0 for the product
    Been duped!
    I've been using this for a couple of months now and I have mixed feelings. At first I thought it was great- my skin felt smoother and I found it an easy way of exfoliating and unclogging pores. BUT I then accidentally used it without turning it on and the results were exactly the same. As in, the same amount of gunk appeared on the spatula as it would if it had been switched on. I'm now starting to think that it's simply the act of dragging a blunt bit of metal over your face that scrapes dead skin away and squeezes your pores.
    Incredible results
    I bought this to help me perform self facials during all these lockdowns. It’s so easy to use and you can really see the results. Extraction is painless and while it won't remove a deep blackhead it certainly clears clogged pores and helps to prevent clogs from turning into blackheads or spots. I started off once a week as suggested and mainly concentrate on my nose and chin. I now use it twice a week. I also use the treatment setting when I remember to help tap in my retinol. It’s great - for the price of one facial you have endless facials at home
    I am 46 and recently purchased this device and have to say that I am very impressed with it. My skin is ultra smooth after use and appears glowing. My skin is generally clear and in good condition and this is another clever bit of kit to maintain it. I also like the fact that the device has the ability to infuse a serum or moisturiser which is a bonus. It is also therapeutic to witness the extraction from your skin.
    Wish I could give this a zero
    The worst “beauty-enhancing” product I have ever purchased and the biggest waste of money; please get a hydra facial with your derm instead! Despite reading the manual several times over, spraying my face with copious quantities of water, and doing exactly as recommended, this device does absolutely nothing for my skin (although it does go a bit red if I press too hard in the attempt to make SOMETHING happen). I wish it was possible to get a refund, as I now have a useless device gathering dust at the back of my cupboard. Save your money.
    It works
    I have oily skin with enlarged pores and blackheads all over the face. I didn't expect too much from this device so I was quite surprised that it actually works. It's gentle and does not harm my skin. It does not perform miracles but I would definitely recommend the device to anybody who suffers from blackheads.
    Love it!
    I certainly enjoy this tool and glad I purchased. It does the job to a certain extent, pores are clearer but perhaps not as much as I was expecting. Definitely worth watching a few videos to learn the technique to get the best results. I would recommend this facial device to anyone who suffers from enlarged pores and blackheads!
    Theres definitely a trial period of getting the hang of the device but once you get it.. AMAZINGGG incredibly satisfying and haven’t seen my nose so clean for years!
    Amazing tool, now I can get rid of my blackheads so easily and my skin looks very glowy.
    Be gone congested pores and gunk
    After seeing Tati Westbrook, Queen of No Visible Pores use this and had stuff coming out, I knew I had to get it. I find living in London I can get easily congested (especially around my nose) and I wanted something that would take my exfoliation to the next level! The first time I used it, it was satisfying but didn't make me audibly gasp, however, with continuous use and using a Dr Dennis Gross peel pad afterwards my skin has never looked so smooth and clean but also my pores have never looked so small. It's not as time-consuming as you think, after a few times you learn to know where needs more attention - be sure to really saturate your face as it manoeuvres easier and isn't uncomfortable! LOVE!
    This product best for clean nose from oil.
    100% better than microderma
    Having spent lots and LOTS of money at salons trying to sort pores etc out, this product is far superior and worth every penny. The only annoying bit is the lid doesn't stay on, and you don't know when you are about to run out of charge
    I have combination skin that from a distance appears to be clear, but I have always struggled with clogged up pores. During pre-pandemic times I would have my skin professionally cleaned once a month and would regularly exfoliate and put on cleaning masks at home. I tried the nose strips, microdermabrasion, all sorts of fancy masks - you name it. My pores were there to stay. This stuff is flippin' magical. To extract my pores, I first thoroughly clean my face with my usual cleanser (currently using Fersk White Cleansing foam by Sóley, an Icelandic brand I discovered in Reykjavik a few years ago). Then I use a mister because it's very important that your skin is wet at all times when you use the extract mode... and I get to work. I keep the mister near in case my face starts to dry up and spritz some water on my face again. I push the power button once to put the device in extract mode and glide the spatula along my face. I keep it at a 45 degree angle and don't apply too much pressure. I do slightly increase the pressure around my nose and t-zone area. This is super gross (sorry in advance), but you can actually see all the gunk coming out of your pores! It's totally disgusting yet oddly satisfying. This is for blackheads and clearing oils/dirt/dead skin off of the top layer of your skin. As someone who has combination skin, I use it no more than 3 times a week for a maximum of 5-10 minutes. Once I am done, I disinfect the spatula with alcohol wipes (or you can wash it with hot water and soap as it is water resistant). Then I use micellar water to wipe my face clean before applying my serum. To put it in infuse mode, I press the on button twice and use the other end of the spatula to massage the product into my now clean, open pores. My skin is usually a little bit red for a few minutes after the treatment, but that quickly subsides. As I always do this at night, by the time I wake up, my skin looks clear and dewy. (For even better results, I suggest you try this after taking a hot shower.) I cannot believe the difference! Even after one use it was incredible. I would dare say the results are better than when I had my skin professionally cleaned. I would recommend you use it no more than 3 times a week to give your skin ample time to recover and if you have acne, please consult your dermatologist first. But if you are looking for something to unclog your pores, this will help!
    Love it
    I love this tool, it gets the job done, clears my clogged pores and you can see all the oils and stuff coming out. But if you have a big black head it can’t extract it.
    It works but...
    I've found it to be most effective when used in conjunction with steaming to help open pores up. It doesn't work for me with only damp skin, I actually found it slightly painful. With steam, no problem.
    It is a little expensive for the cheap package you get, but it cleaned my skin perfectly. I have oily skin and a lot of pores. I use this once in a week and I am super happy with the results. The other days I use the Clarisonic brush, that is why I don`t use this device every day. I am pleased with my order, I will use it often in the future.
    I used the machine on three people and myself. It worked well on people with congested, very oily, and with pores. Unfortunately, it didn’t work at all. Will only recommend buying if you had visible blackheads and not the white zits coz it doesn't work on too. I regret buying it coz it didn’t work on my skin.
    Does something, feels cheap.
    The packaging does not match the price tag and my device was dirty/stained as if it had been used already. If you never clear your pores you will see something but is not revolutionary if you already have a good skincare routine. Maybe using it regularly/weekly will show some results but so far I am fairly disappointed.
    Super happy with this, it has officially made it into my Sunday routine which is quite a big deal! I love a deep pore-cleansing moment. This was extremely satisfying to use as you can really see it working, my nose has never felt this smooth! I use it in conjunction with my steamer (Panasonic) and a water spray to open the pores and soak the skin as it works best when the skin is very wet. I also feel like this gave me a very plump complexion as my serum was able to sink right in (as nothing was clogging my pores) and the infuse mode felt quite toning too, like a nice depuffing face massage which is great to use on its own in the morning.
    No more deep cleansing facials!
    Where has this gadget been all my life?! I have oily skin with large pores and blackheads, mainly on my nose. After watching a few reviews on YouTube, I decided to go ahead and give this ago. I can tell you it's amazing, and really works in getting rid of blackheads and any other horrible gunk on your face, without any pain! It takes a few minutes to get used to how it works, eg your skin must be wet for the duration of use, and it has be held at a certain angle, with taught skin. But once you get the hang of it, it's easy, effective and so satisfying to use. I wasn't interested in the serum infusion feature, so not tried that yet.
    5 stars ⭐️
    I bought this product after watching Tati recommend it. I have struggled with pores on my nose and on my chin. I have tried other products and removing them by hand but never saw good results. After the first time using this I was very impressed! It removed so much crap from my skin, even in places where I didn’t think I had any issues. The white heads in my chin completely gone and my nose felt smooth for the time in forever. It is also very satisfying to use to see all the stuff coming out of your skin (if you like stuff like that anyway). I have found it definitely works better when you steam your face beforehand and ensure your face is wet throughout. I’ve found the easiest way to keep my face wet is to spray it with hydra mist (which is just a water spray for your face) that you can get from B&M for a pound. Over all I thought it was going to be a gimmick but it’s 100% not, noticeable results and feel as though my skin glows after using it.
    Not recommended...
    I bought this for the blackhead was extraction feature, but it does a poor job in getting rid of them... but I’ll keep trying to see if I get the hang of it and then maybe I’ll be better at removing the blackheads myself... the infusion feature is very ineffective in helping with allowing my skin to absorb the serum, so I prefer using a facial roller instead...
    This will literally give you spa quality extractions and will unclog the deepest pores! I’m obsessed with this product you just add water to your face then turn it on and move it over your clogged pores and it all comes out with no pain. I used to try and unclog them by hand and would end up hurting my skin but never again with this device! Also, the other side is an infuse option which allows my products to get absorbed into my skin so quickly making it glow and all work better. Expensive but worth EVERY pound spent!
    This tool is great to remove blackhead but unfortunately it’s better to not use it if you suffer of rosacea. It should be written somewhere that it can break capillaries on your face. Now I have to spend more money on laser treatment because my spider vein got much worse. And I was very careful to use it delicately and not often, always on wet face.
    Nice for skincare at home
    You have to wash your face first, after that you have to use the device on your wet! Skin (you will not believe how much dirt you will get out of your skin) otherwise it will not work and you will not see any benefits... I use it once a week because otherwise my skin get‘s too dry... Especialy on my nose my pores looks smaller and my skin looks nicer :-)
    So, I’ve only used this once and although I found it EXTREMELY satisfying to see all the gunk at the end of the spatula thingy, I feel like it’s super expensive for what it actually is.
    Fist of all the design is confusing. The bottom is not flat (why?) so it comes with a flimsy stand that is not sturdy enough so that the Dermapore keeps falling over if you barely touch it. Also, the clear cap does not stay on as if it is too big/small? You push the cap on and it just pops off. As for the device, I do not see any difference. It is like scraper that does nothing but makes my face red.
    I love it! It works really well! Improves your skin texture perfectly and smoothes it.
    AMAZING PRODUCT with one teeny tiny, crucial flaw
    I love this product the way a mother loves its child. It works like a dream and can officially confirm that life is unlivable without it. BUT - Dermapore, please work on your battery and charging system. Mine died and was unchargeable a few months after purchase. Cult was amazing enough to send me a replacement but an amazing product like this deserves to a relook at how battery life can be improved. Again, this product amazing. Just one teeny tiny thing that could be improved.
    Derma flash
    Love this product. My skin feels so relaxed and healthy.
    It is really good, but be careful
    It cleans the pores and sometimes active breakouts more efficiently the more you use it but be careful if you don't use it as instructed (not enough water) or if you are a bit harsh, it can cause small "cuts", I am not sure how to explain it. The infuse mode feels very pampering and I am not sure if it is just me, but I feel like I am less puffy after using it, especially in the morning.
    Not worth the money. I bought this as the Cult description said the blue LED light was a “bacteria-fighting blue light“ but the device itself does not make any claim of this and there is no instruction on how to use it for this. I think it’s just a blue light. The scrapper bit is meh, it’s fine, the vibrations bit feels nice but I don’t see any benefits of it. Overall not worth the money (and I bought with a 20% discount still not worth it).
    Has replaced my facial appointments!
    Hugely recommend this - even my mum has gotten one now. I have large-ish pores (sebaceous filaments) on my nose that get congested/visible. I've tried sooo many products and routines to minimise them but really the only thing that is most effective are frequent facials for a proper clean. In the absence of a facial appointment due to impatience or COVID, I have been known to use an extractor tool - I know they're awful but alas! This has replaced both the facials and at-home extracting. The spatula feels like what the extractor tool does but much much more gently. I have some redness afterwards but calms down after 30 mins or so. My skin really glows after I use this and my sebaceous filaments are finally really under control.
    Does the job somewhat ..
    I’m definitely glad I got it coz it does the job somewhat. It can remove superficial clogs but nothing too deep. It helps me around my nose but not so much on my chin it’s a struggle but I rather have this device than not. I use it every week. If you do go for facials then you won’t need it but I have not done a facial for over 10 years so this device helps me quite a bit.
    Helps a bit..not enough
    I've been using this for almost 4 weeks now and had high expectations from the reviewer's comments. I am disappointed in the results so far and would gladly return it for a refund if I could. I'm in my early 50s and despite a good skincare routine, still suffer from blackheads from my teenage acne years. I found the technique quite difficult to carry on around the nose. The skin has to be quite taut and level for this to be effective - my nose was too curvy for the tool. I used every other evening, improving my technique. Pores were 'cleared" but only about 3 pores a session. I used the second set over my evening vit C serum, which felt ok but haven't seen any noticeable results, although this may be more preventative. Sadly, too good to be true for me and not worth the £89.
    Does nothing for my skin
    During the first use, it extracted a little bit, after that nothing. So maybe it’s my skin, maybe the device, but I would not purchase it again.
    Does very little
    Not sure why this has so many good reviews as it does very little. My pores are better looked after if I gently squeeze. I tried it both with wet skin and then thought I’d also give it a go after a shower so my pores are soft. Complete waste of money
    Well hello smooth skin
    Now this has been a recent splurge which I hummed and ahhed about. As a lover of MicroDermabrasion Facials, I was looking for something to get all up in my texture and and help fight the months of texture and congestion that I was facing from traveling and adjusting to living in the London climate. As well as being something I could do at home. Man oh man what a winner I am on. The micro-vibrations of the device really help to get into my pores and clear out the build-up of debris and daily impurities and well as helping to smooth out my skin clearing the way for my following steps. Your skin needs to be hella moist and I have found that after consistent use this has had a major impact on my texture, pore size, congestion the works!
    Sooo good!
    I was a bit skeptical at first, especially with it being quite expensive but it really works!! I can't believe how much it extracted and how smooth my skin feels. It definitely reduced texture. Would highly recommend it.
    Not the greatest tool
    I used the machine as instructed but it only removed the smallest black and white heads. Did nothing to the bigger ones and wasn't able to reach some areas around the nose bridge. Its a bit painful too.
    I have used this at least 5 times since purchasing and it's excellent. It cleans the pores really well and is great for decongesting the skin. I'm not too sure about the serum application function but I am happy with it overall.
    It actually cleanses the skin deeply, especially on my nose, and a lot of dirt came out of it.
    This works!
    I’m in my early 40’s & have a regular skincare routine to combat my oily skin that includes daily cleansing with salycilic acid, VitC serum and alternating days of Glycolic acid & retinol in the evenings. Despite that, my large pores are frequently congested with blackheads particularly on my nose, cheeks, above my eyebrows and on my chin. I have tried just about everything - saw this product and hoped for the best. Have only seen once and it really REALLY works. I saw on some online video reviews that some people said it was painful to use- it isn’t at all honestly. It was easy to use, and very effective. For any reviewers who said they felt like it didn’t do anything, they probably don’t suffer from congested pores. It lifted plenty out of my pores and is definitely a 5/5 from me!
    Must-have tool!
    I’ve suffered from blackheads ever since puberty, and been a dermatilomaniac for probably just as long! I’ve squeezed and left scars, I’ve tried every product and regime under the sun, yet those pores would just clog up again within days. I’ve trialed this product for a week and the results are amazing: you can see all the gunk coming out of those pores and skin looks and feels smoother, complexion more even. Now I would never be without this tool. I know it’s spendy, but when weighed against the cost of a facial which will have temporary results I think it is well worth it.
    This little tool is amazing. I can literally see my pores clearing as I’m using it. Quite grim but unbelievable and my skin feels great after use.
    Does a good job but the device feels cheap
    When I first opened the package, I was shocked to see a black stain on the device. I tried hard to remove it, and eventually it was gone. Honestly, it just didn't look brand new and felt cheap. I had to charge it before using it. When I used it on my face, I saw instant result around my nose. It didn't completely remove my blackheads but gave me hope that with continuous use, it may clear them.
    After years of trying manual exfoliators, chemical exfoliators, manual extraction and pore strips I was willing to stump up the cash to hopefully find a long lasting solution to blackheads that works. This did not disappoint. I've used this twice now and saw instant results after the first use (TMI but it also left residue on the spatula which was strangely satisfying to see!). Very happy with this purchase.
    This is a real holy grail product. Worth every penny, Must buy, Thank you very much Cult Beauty.
    I swear by this product so I have large pores around my nose and cheeks that also have blackheads I also get texture and whiteheads around my chin and jaw. I have tried everything to decongest these areas, I bought this with no reviews on it and thought I can at least try and I’m so happy I did. It is pricey but I have used it so much over these past two weeks of having it!! It says to use it for 2 days a week but I could see instant results and I was obsessed that I used it every other day I can easily say all the blackheads on my cheeks have gone, there are a few left on my nose and all of the texture has come to the surface and within the next few days they will also be gone!! This is a holy grail product and have told everyone about this who are now waiting for this to come back in stock.
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