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An innovation in hair care, Wet Brush is on a mission to transform locks (and lives)! Detangling in mere minutes, the brand’s brushes make mane maintenance easy, thanks to its revolutionary ‘IntelliFlex’ technology. Featuring thin, strong yet super flexible bristles, that yield and unbend as required, these treasured tools glide through tangles with next-to-no tugging, tearing or tress distress.


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Created in 2005 to make hair brushing a breeze, Wet Brush was the first ever ‘in shower’ detangler on the market. With a revolutionary combination of flexi bristles, floating cushions and ball-tipped ends, Wet Brush effortlessly glides along lengths without tugging, pulling or snapping, regardless of your hair texture or length. Whether your strands are sleek and prone to noting, voluminous and unruly or coiled and need some detangling, the Wet Brush is the perfect pain-free addition to your daily mane management.


After facing the challenges of untangling his three daughters' hair, Jeff Rosenzweig dreamt up Wet Brush out of sheer necessity and a desire to thwart a common hair concern. Wanting to create a hairbrush that didn’t cause tears and left his daughters' strands on their heads and not on the brush, he used his 38 years of experience in the beauty industry to research different detanglers. He found that flexible, ball-tipped bristles and floating cushions worked the best, so he melded the three together and created the brand’s proprietary Intelliflex bristles on the original Wet Brush Detangler. And the rest as they say, is history.


An icon for a reason, the Pro Detangler is the lightweight and easy to wield hairbrush that seamlessly separates strands, without compromising their integrity. Created with the brand’s famed Intelliflex bristles, this brush has thin, strong yet super flexible bristles that glide through tangles with next-to-no-pulling, tearing or snagging. What’s more, the ball-tip bristles are perfect for gently stimulating circulation near the scalp, to better feed your follicles and encourage hair growth. A winner all round!