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Created by Tiffany Salmon – the brand’s Founder, Creative Director, Product Development Innovator and certified skin care junkie – Scientia marries science with nature to create supercharged, efficacious formulas that battle tired, dull and stressed-out complexions. Whether you’re 16 or 60, each formula will enhance your skin via globally sourced, glow-giving ingredients that garner real results. Turning the ‘synthetic versus natural’ debate on its head, Scientia simply uses ingredients that work – whether that be tranexamic acid straight from the lab, or an avocado freshly plucked from the tree. Ahead of the curve, accessible and easy to understand, each Scientia formula is more than worthy of your skin and your shelfie, and will have you on a journey to brighter, healthier, glowier skin in no time at all…


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