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Making repelling insects, mosquitoes and bothersome bugs a luxurious endeavour, Alfresco delivers a potent but indulgent answer to this travel dilemma. Packed with a top hush-hush blend of botanicals and infused with scents created by a British heritage fragrance house, these powerful elixirs leave skin feeling soft, smooth and smelling oh-so sweet.



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The very definition of practical beauty, Alfresco’s range of bug repellents not only keep bites at bay but nourish skin and leave it kissed with alluring scents. Developed in collaboration with a world-renowned, 300-year-old British perfume house and melded with a secret signature blend of botanical essential oils, the brand delivers a luxurious answer to fend off insects.


After volunteering for London’s Chelsea Physic Garden during the heatwave of 1996, Sarah-Lou Morris was tired of being stung, nipped and nibbled by the pesky bugs in the gardens. After struggling to source a repellent that soothed her skin and smelt sweeter than the typical chemical aroma, she decided to create her own. Coming out of retirement, Sarah-Lou collaborated with a renowned British perfume house established in 1730, to develop the brand’s winning, aromatic formula.


Requested by A-Listers including Penelope Cruz, Jude Law and icon Robert Redford, Alfresco’s iconic Anti Bug Bite Moisturiser is packed with geranium, lavender and melissa plus a further 22 botanical essential oils to condition skin and fend off pests – all while being gentle enough to be used on babies! Recommended by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, it’s no wonder this essential has been a sell out for the last three decades!