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There’s A New Cleansing Balm On The Block

Alice Barnett
Writer and expert11 months ago
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elemis pro collagen balm being held by a models hands

When ELEMIS launched its now-iconic Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm back in 2013, the brand could have only dreamt of the phenomena it was going to stir in the skin care world. To this day, the fan-favourite formula continues to wear the crown as one of the ultimate cleansing balms, filling bathroom cabinets around the UK – and the world – ten years after it was first released into the beautysphere. 


Just in case you’re new here, let us explain what the job of a cleansing balm is. To put it simply, cleansing balms are designed to easily remove make up and daily grime whilst helping balance the skin's pH level and protect the skin's natural moisture barrier; it’s the first – very important – step in your cleansing routine. 

Why did ELEMIS’ original Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm take the top spot, we hear you ask? Firstly, it boasts a three-in-one formula that transforms into three unique textures: a balm to nourish, oil to cleanse and milk to hydrate. Secondly, the brand’s range comforts the skin and senses with skin-loving ingredients and the infusion of sweet-smelling scents. So, you can expect a sensorial experience as soon as you open the lid.  



Since its debut, the popular cleansing balm has had various incarnations and adding to the line up is the NEW limited edition Green Fig Cleansing Balm. 

Boasting the same award-winning texture, mineral oil-free formula and nourishing skin-loving properties as the brand’s other cleansing balms, it goes one step further by transporting you to a Mediterranean fig grove in late summer (no passport needed). Bursting with the fresh and warm aromas of earthy, wooden notes, it’s paired with freshly picked raspberries, citrus-infused bergamot and creamy coconut. Carefully designed to trigger those overseas endorphins, this cleansing balm taps into the powerful nostalgia of a relaxing getaway. So, when you get to the end of a long, hard day, and your next sun-soaked trip feels like a lifetime away, just scoop, inhale, and let your mind fly.   


Just in case you want to collect a trifecta of ELEMIS’ cleansing balms (who wouldn’t?), there’s another option to add to your basket: the Pro-Collagen Summer Bloom Cleansing Balm. Featuring a limited edition Summer Bloom fragrance, it’s infused with mimosa, meadowsweet, sweet orange and juniper notes to transport you to the bloom-filled fields that adorn the English countryside. Just like the rest of the range, this luxurious balm comforts both your skin and your senses so take your time and let its aromatic scent bring your day to a  moment of zen. 

The final cleansing balm to add your bathroom shelf? The Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm which, as you might have already guessed, is powered by roses. The classic English flower is a century-old beauty ingredient that intensely hydrates, soothes and boasts powerful antioxidant properties. So, expect this balm to quench and repair your skin barrier while balancing your complexion. Plus, as roses are a summer flower, it’s unsurprising that this floral formula instantly evokes memories of warm, sunny days with a distinctive aroma that’s sweet and fresh.  


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Alice Barnett
Writer and expert
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Alice is one of Cult Beauty’s Senior Copywriters. An avid charity shop hunter, gig goer and theatre enthusiast (seriously, she’s seen everything in the West End at least twice), Alice is never without a nourishing lip balm or her handbag-sized hairbrush. Complete with an unwavering obsession with hair masks and SPF – which must be at least factor 50 – she swears by daily application of Thank You Farmer’s Water Sun Cream SPF 50. When she’s not playing defence for the Cult Beauty Netball Team, she’s probably dog-watching with friends in East London’s Victoria Park.