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Natalie Cohn
Writer and expert2 years ago
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dark skin model showing her skin with multicoloured nails

If you're anything like us, your ‘For You Page' has been filling up with the latest and greatest beauty hacks to solve everything from {make up} mishaps to {skin care} struggles. You name the dilemma, your TikTok feed undoubtedly has the quick-fix saviour.

Never one to gatekeep beauty secrets (sharing is caring, after all), we’re here to divulge some of our favourite trending tips and tricks that have saved the day on more than one occasion in the Cult Beauty office.

Glow Recipe Niacinamide Dew Drops

1. A Little Less Dull, A Little More Dew

If your complexion is calling out for more radiance, this is the hack for you. Put your best fruit forward and reach for the Glow Recipe {Watermalon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops}. Going viral, and for good reason, this is the first skin care highlighter of its kind that imparts an unbeatable sheen without a trace of mica, glitter or pearls. Who needs a filter when your skin looks this good IRL?

You're probably used to apply it before and over the top of your make up... but what about mixing it in with your favourite complexion heroes? As much as we love to think of ourselves as cosmetic mixologists, we're downright devastated that we didn't think of this before. It's time to amp up the glow in your make up routine and add a pump of these skin-loving drops into your go-to foundation or tinted moisturiser for the covetable SoKo-glow that’s all over our socials right now. BRB, we're just basking in the (watermelon) glow of our complexion...

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Pouring

2. Getting Foot Loose

Summer is fast-approaching and our feet were not sandal-ready by any stretch of the imagination… until we tried the toe-tappingly good trend that’s taken over our feeds that is. Cracked heels and dry skin we’re looking at you. It’s time to surrender to the powers of {glycolic acid}. If you don’t already have a bottle of the The Ordinary’s {Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution} perched on your shelfie (why not?) then it’s time to *add to bag* and up the ante on your at-home pedicure game with this not-so secret beauty tip.

With several swipes of this {alpha-hydroxy acid} exfoliator, a massage of your favourite nourishing {foot cream} or {body cream} and a few hours in a pair of your fluffiest socks to let the magic get to work, silky soft soles aren’t far away. Not sold yet? Glycolic acid is proven to dissolve dead cells and soften even the toughest and roughest of skin, so why not let it do a bit of multi-tasking and tackle your feet as well as your face? Ours are finally ready to slip into our favourite pair of sandals for all the summer fun! Is it Aperol o'clock yet?

Hyaluronic Acid Texture

3. Hyaluronic Your Hair

Public service announcement — the ingredient we all know and love dearly, {hyaluronic acid} is not (we repeat not) just for your complexion! Bring the plumping powers of this water-retaining powerhouse to parched hair in need of a tall drink of water, without breaking the bank.

If you hadn’t already heard, hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water, making it a no-brainer to bring instant comfort to dehydrated skin without the intensity of a heavy, rich cream. So really, it makes perfect sense to add this into our {hair care} regime. Why it took us this long to realise is a mystery...

Now, we’re fairly confident anyone with a {Cult Status} already has a bottle of HA to hand, but the Inkey List’s {Hyaluroinc Acid Hydrating Hair Treatment} is ready and waiting in the wings to come to the rescue if you’re caught short. A targeted formula tailored for dehydrated hair with a featherweight texture, this is skin care in hair care form. Simply work a few drops through damp hair (HA is a moisture magnet, so applying it damp means water will be drawn in from the environment and not your skin or your hair) and finish with your normal styling routine to lock all that thirst-quenching moisture in for the healthiest hair of your life.

Our top tip for fine hair that can’t handle too much product? Try mixing your HA with water in a fine spray bottle and mist through damp hair for completely weightless hydration. This might just be the best our hair has ever looked — if you need us we’ll be perfecting our 'bend and snap' for the perfect hair flip...


Inkey List Hyaluronic Hair Pouring
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Natalie Cohn
Writer and expert
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