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3 Steps to Long-Lasting Protective Styles

Last Updated: 16/03/2022

Cramped fingers, water breaks, fatigued arms — sound familiar? Whether you’ve braided your own hair or have sat in the hot seat for hours, you’ll know that installing braids and twists is no easy feat. But it’s worth it; especially when the compliments roll in courtesy of clean partings and the sheer aesthetic of cascading styles. So why let it all go to waste when wash day comes around, on average, once a week? We shudder at the thought. The real name of the game is getting protective styles to last

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The first (and possibly most important) step to long-lasting styles? A deep cleanse. Normal {shampoo} won’t cut it, not when your curly or wavy hair routine is packed with creams, oils and gels that leave a residue even after you’ve scrubbed your scalp. Enter: a clarifying shampoo…Take Davines {Solu Clarifying Shampoo} that’s packed with natural actives to gently lather and cleanse scalps to eliminate any built-up grime inhibiting your curls from looking their best bouncy selves.

Finally, you’re sporting a gorgeous protective style and your day-to-day styling just got a whole lot easier but as wash day looms near, you’re starting to get that itch (literally) to undo all that handiwork. Enter Boucleme’s {Root Refresh} to the rescue. Making quick work of irritated scalps, this handy mist hydrates and deodorises scalps with its calming formula of aloe vera leaf juice, neroli flower water, lactobacillus ferment and lupine seed extract. A must-have for protective styles, this scalp saviour postpones your wash day and helps with post-exercise cleansing. 

A tell-tale sign for how long you’ve worn your style? Flyaways and frizz (just facts, no judgement here!). Sometimes the easiest way to keep your braids or twists looking fresh is to do barely anything at all. Kind of. Along with keeping your hands off your hair, wearing a silk bonnet like the Kitsch {Satin Lined Jersey Sleep Beanie} or using a {silk pillowcase} can help maintain the quality of your braided style while you toss and turn. Another way to sleek up a worn look is to add a nourishing oil to your ends. Gisou’s {Honey Hair Oil} not only adds tremendous shine but also smells as incredible as your hair looks. 

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Nasreen Osman

Nasreen Osman

Junior Copywriter

Nasreen is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. Her time spent in East Asia sparked a renewed interest in skin care and it’s been a constant in her life ever since! Her Holy Grail product? SPF, of course. During the day, you can find Nasreen at her local coffee shop having the chats about anything from travel and skin care to cats and Korean music.