Freja Beha Dewy Skin

Contrary to popular belief, oils aren't solely for the dry-skinned - and loooong before their recent exhumation from the skin care archives, pure oils graced the faces of the likes of Cleopatra (always ahead of the beauty curve), and the Geishas - whose flawless skins were owed to pure {Camellia Oil} (currently available in Julie Hewett bottles).

Brimming with essential fatty acids - to strengthen skin's protective lipid barrier - as well as potent, complexion-conditioning vitamins and minerals, face oils can correct a multitude of s(k)ins. Balancing, thickening and glow-bestowing - even oily/combination skins can benefit.

Excess oil is often a side-effect of dehydration - by 'over-stripping' oily skin with drying toners, you actually compel it to make more. Instead, applying oil helps to 'trick' skin into believing things are fine - it's the skin care version of a 're-set button'. 

There are no hard and fast rules as to when or how to apply facial oil, but the general consensus is to treat it like a serum - massaging 2 - 3 drops into clean skin post-toning (toner clears the way product penetration). However, if you're predisposed to noontime shine, you might choose to use oils at night - either pre- or mixed-with moisturiser, for a supercharged, targeted boost.

Verso Super Facial Oil

If you've got {mature skin}

Reverse signs of ageing with Verso's {Super Facial Oil} - a unique and incredibly potent retinol treatment, developed to stimulate sluggish skin cells, encourage elastin synthesis and diminish visibility of wrinkles, scars and dark spots.

Aesop Damascan Rose Facial TreatmentIf your skin is {dry or dehydrated}

Replenish precious moisture and 'rebuild' skin barrier with RMS Beauty's {Raw Coconut Cream} - a rich, cream-to-oil formulation that locks 'good stuff' in whilst keeping 'bad stuff' out. Or reach for Aesop's {Damascan Rose Facial Treatment} - an intensive blend of rose, evening primrose, rosehip and carrot seed to rescue skin in crisis.

If you're looking {lacklustre}

Sunday Riley's {Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil} is an ultra-lightweight 'dry oil' - readily absorbed to grant dull skin immediate radiance. Try patting a few drops on top of your moisturiser - or even over make up - for quick fix, skin-rejuvenation.

MV Organic Skincare Pure JojobaIf your skin is {oily or confused}

MV Organic Skincare's {Pure Jojoba} most closely resembles sebum - suppressing skin's natural urge to keep making more spot-causing oil. Apply to clean face before red, and wake up to a calmer complexion.

And if you're suffering from {sensitivity}

Try {Daily Soother Booster} - a skin-quieting medley of sweet almond, roman chamomile, lavender and calendula, to reduce inflammation, minimise redness and bring relief from stress and tell-tale signs of irritation.

Odacite Hyperpigmentation BoosterThose with {dark spots}

Need Odacité's {Hyperpigmentation Booster} - a brightening and preventative blend of papaya and geranium extracts, to help restore skin to its former uniformity. An ideal skin care 'supplement' for women who're experiencing pigmentation due to pregnancy.