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    Ride the heatwave with these tricks to help keep your cool

    Ensure you're equipped with an arsenal of spritzes and quick make up fixes to make sure you look cool in spite of the mercury...Read More

    Meet the world's most-wanted make up: Morphe

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    What's the perfect nude for you?

    Founder of Nude Envie Isabel Madison was inspired to create a 'wardrobe' of nude lipsticks so that "every woman, no matter her ethnicity or complexion, can embrace her natural allure"...Read More

    Confessions of a BECCA addict...

    Team CB are devoted; worshipping at BECCA's glow-bestowing altar. But none are more evangelical than our Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Jennifer, whose BECCA addiction is REAL. Read on for her true account of living with make up addiction...Read More

    Re-vamp Your Eyelash Wardrobe With Sigma

    Not only are {Sigma Beauty} responsible for bringing us some of the best brushes we've wielded, but they've also created a must-have mascara wardrobe...Read More

    Precious Metals: Would You Dare To Wear Metallics?

    It's not one for the faint-hearted, but the emerging micro-trend is metallic lip finishes - a modern take on 'frosting', metallic mouths are dominating Instagram... will your lips be gilded this summer?...Read More

    Team CB Reveal Their 'Holy Grail' Lip Products

    Meet the lip-smackingly good products that have the Cult Beauty team all of a-quiver...Read More

    Channel The '90s Look With THESE On-trend Lip Colours

    Lips are very much 'en vogue', so let yours do the talking with a statement shade of... beige. Yep, the lip colour du jour is a matte, brown-toned hue - in fact, any brown will do, from statement oxblood shades to muted, dusky rose colours - as long as there's a sepia-ish undertone, you'll score points for being 'on trend'...Read More

    The Lipstick Queen Talks Lip Enhancement

    If you want to know about lipstick, Poppy King is your gal. I recently caught up with her to talk about {Lipstick Queen}, so read on for her thoughts on all things smacker-tastic...Read More

    3 Concept Eyes: The Coolest South Korean Export Yet

    Fresh from the beating heart of beauty innovation, South Korea's 3 Concept Eyes is quirky, cool and oh-so covetable...Read More