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    Gwyneth Loves this £20 Miracle Cream

    France has produced some of our most-favourite things... Champagne, Chanel, Breton, brie and... Embryolisse {Lait-Crème Concentre}. The multi-tasking skin care miracle is beloved by French women, pro make up artists (Diane Kendal and {Sara Raeburn} keep it in their kits), models, actors and hordes of devoted Cult Beauty customers....Read More

    Karlie Kloss' Cult Beauty Picks

    Having bridged the chasm that usually separates high fashion waifs and Victoria's Secret babes (probably because her limbs are so extensive), Karlie Kloss manages to be both Miuccia Muse and male fantasy. In fact, the fashion world is at her feet - and like anyone professionally good-looking, Karlie invests great time and effort into keeping her face looking flawless (with a little help from these Cult Beauty must-haves)....Read More