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    5 ways charcoal can benefit your skin

    Beloved for its ability to absorb toxins and bacteria, charcoal is useful for so much more than barbecuing. Here are five key reasons to add it to your daily skin care ritual, asap...Read More

    Scared of scrubs? Read our guide to selecting the perfect exfoliant

    We don't want no scrubs - scouring is for dishes - and although physical face polishers still exist, they're no longer the über-abrasives of yore. Exfoliators come in many (three) different guises, so here's a quick guide to deciding which type's right for you...Read More

    Cult Friction: 8 of the Best Exfoliators

    We've trawled the global beauty market to unearth the very best - and most innovative - exfoliators out there. No longer just a load of grit suspended in a lotion (like in days of yore), exfoliants these days come in many different guises; from alpha-hydroxy acids which dissolve dead cells, to enzymatic peels which 'eat up' scales and surface debris - we've got something for everyone (and every inch of skin)....Read More