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Jade Biggs
Writer and expert9 days ago
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Blemishes. Many of us get them from time to time — some more than others.

If you’re a ‘some’ yourself, you’ve likely searched high and low for a skin care saviour to comfort your stressed complexion, be it an on-the-spot treatment, a redness-reducing mask or even a pimple patch. Well, search no more, as you’re in luck...

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare has introduced two new skin care staples to its collection, targeting blemishes and breakouts with a powerful (yet gentle) blend of acids. Think: salicylic and glycolic, to name a few.

Formulated to help you wave a fond farewell to stubborn blemishes, the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta 2% BHA Breakout Solution works to minimise congestion and prevent future breakouts. Drawing on the powers of BHA Plus (which goes beyond a traditional BHA), this toner-like staple helps unclog pores and refine your complexion’s overall texture. And there’s more, as it also helps reduce the look of dark spots and scarring.

Also putting in some serious graft, the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta On The Spot Eliminator Gel is a concentrated treatment that helps to reduce the look of blemishes by unclogging pores, gently lifting away dirt and refining uneven skin texture. The benefits don’t end there, either. In addition to minimising breakouts, it also reduces the look of fine lines, while a blend of green tea and bisabolol comforts and soothes your overall complexion.

Still on the fence? We’ve done the hard (decision-making) work for you, putting both of these soon-to-be fan-favourites to the test, and giving you our honest reviews...


“This surpassed all expectations!” — Josie, Content Manager

Skin type: Combination

Breakout history: “I had acne as a teenager, until I went on isotretinoin at the age of 15. It cleared up for the most part, but I still get blemishes. I’d say I’ve never had completely clear skin.”

Current skin situation: “I always have at least a couple of blemishes at any one time, and sometimes get those painful under-the skin ones, too. I'd say my skin is combination – I get oily, but also some dryness – my skin likes to mix it up, basically!”

"Because I have drier skin, most treatments for acne-prone skin tend to dry me out so I thought a specific spot gel could be the perfect solution. And this surpassed all expectations I had! I started by applying the Alpha Beta On The Spot Eliminator Gel once a day to a couple of spots that just wouldn't budge. I applied it after my skin care routine in the evening… and the next morning both spots had reduced significantly in size and redness. Then, when I could see a spot threatening to come through on my jawline, I used the gel again, and the next morning it was nowhere to be seen. My skin was a little bit drier afterwards on the areas I used the gel, but I applied my moisturiser and that was all it needed. I would 100% recommend, especially for those like me who want to target certain areas.”

“My skin feels so smooth and looks clearer, too!” — Jade, Senior Copywriter

Skin type: Oily

Breakout history: “I experienced acne (particularly cystic acne) for over a decade from the age of 17. It only started to clear up after a course of isotretinoin (a dermatologist-prescribed treatment for severe acne).”

Current skin situation: “Since coming off isotretinoin over a year ago, I’ve been lucky not to experience acne on the same level I used to. I do get minor breakouts, but these are usually just around the time of my period. However, I still have a lot of acne scarring and uneven texture, which I’m keen to improve the look of.”

“I've been using the Alpha Beta 2% BHA Breakout Solution for two weeks now, adding it into my nighttime skin care routine — after cleansing but before serums and moisturiser. Since I've been using it, my skin feels so much smoother and looks clearer, too! This has done an amazing job at clearing away the minor post-isotretinoin breakouts I get, which usually occur around the time of my period. As well as helping to rid these blemishes, I've seen an improvement in overall texture and a reduction in redness. What I love most is that it doesn't feel harsh at all, so if you're worried about entering the world of acids, this is an ideal first step.”

“Pimples that were under the skin and sore are no longer painful. Hurrah!” — Rina, Junior SEO Copywriter

Skin type: Dry

Breakout history: “I’ve always had quite clear skin and tend to only get a pimple around that time of the month. My zits clear away quickly and I've not had many skin care concerns, aside from larger pores and uneven texture.”

Current skin situation: “Having tried a product that really didn’t suit my skin, my complexion is currently going through a renaissance. I have pimples popping up across my forehead and chin.”

“After receiving a new moisturiser, which I lathered all over my skin for some seriously hydrating goodness, I realised my skin was not a fan of the formula. Suddenly, spots began to appear in places that I once sported a soft, smooth complexion. With all of that going on, I was excited at the prospect of trying the Alpha Beta 2% BHA Breakout Solution and Alpha Beta On The Spot Eliminator Gel, with the hopes of exfoliating away dead cells, refining my pores and reducing the look of those blemishes. Having used both of these for over a week now, I’m pleasantly surprised. Although my spots haven’t cleared (let’s be realistic here, it’ll take longer than a week), what I can say is I can see an improvement. Pimples that were under the skin and feeling sore have come to the surface but are small and no longer painful. Hurrah! And that’s not all I’m impressed with. I love how hydrating the 2% BHA is. Most BHAs make my skin feel tight and uncomfortable, but this doesn’t! My skin feels refreshed, refined and clean without the need to go in with a rich moisturiser. I also love the tacky feeling of the spot gel and the fact it sits well under my serum, moisturiser and SPF. I use the spot gel twice a day (because I want those pimples to disappear, fast) and I don't have to worry about how it plays with the rest of my skin care and make up. Considering I’ve only been using this duo for a week, I’m very, very impressed.”


If, like us, you’re fully convinced to add these Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare blemish essentials to your basket, here’s a few more must-haves to complete your line up.

Jade Biggs
Writer and expert
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Having spent much of her career in the world of glossy magazines, Jade is one of Cult Beauty's Senior Copywriters. As well as a passion for all-things-words (she can — and will, if asked — write a dissertation on fake tan), she has heaps of skin care and beauty know-how (including how to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner again and again... and again). When she’s not applying fake tan or admiring her knife-sharp liner, she’s an adoring mum to four feline fur babies, hunting down inspiration for her next set of acrylic nails or watching endless episodes of reality TV.