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Rina Teslica
Writer and expert4 days ago
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a model with small tattoos on her left arm holding two gun ana spfs, while placing her arm over her head. her eyes are closed and the sun is on her face. shot against a blue sky

By this point we all know the importance of SPF (daily, two fingers worth, reapply every three hours...) but are we as obsessive about it during the days when the sun isn’t shining? Well, this exact thought was the inspiration behind the Swedish skin care brand Gun Ana. Creating multifunctional SPF packed with powerful ingredients that support and shield your complexion, this beauty brand is all about minimalism for maximum skin care results. 

We sat down with co-founder Sigrid Osvald to talk about everything from what was the inspiration to her brand (and why it’s called Gun Ana) to the reasons she thinks SPF is so imperative to a healthy-looking complexion... 


“We started Gun Ana as a project during the pandemic” explains Sigrid. “As skiers and outdoor lovers, we realised early on in our lives how important it is to keep your skin protected from UV all year round.” It was this realisation that inspired Sigrid and best friend Kajsa Regnér to leave their respective carers in fashion and marketing to create a skin care brand that was luxurious but multifaceted. “We noticed that the awareness of skin health had started to spread but many traditional brands and retailers were lagging behind and still communicated SPF as a holiday and summer product. We thought if we can create a lifestyle suncare brand with innovative formulas and fresh scents it could drive the category forward and spread awareness around the importance of UV protection." So the duo began market researching and "realised a lot of sunscreens are built with microplastics and silicones and with holiday focused packaging.” So, Sigrid and Kajsa focused on “cutting edge natural extracts combined with modern synthetic filter combinations” et voila, Gun Ana was born. But, you may be wondering, why name the brand Gun Ana? Well, Sigrid explains that it actually “comes from an ancient sun goddess. Her rays were seen as the link between the sun, the earth and all living beings on the planet.” This deeply meaningful message connected with both Kajsa and Sigrid, and has impacted the way that the duo create their products while understanding their effect on the planet. 

a close up of a gun ana spf mist being held close to the camera. in the background is a blonde haired woman with a swatch of spf on her cheek


Sigrid explains that “our core values lie within creating simplified routines for everyday use. SPF is always our core, but we also work with protecting the skin from other stressors like HEV-light (the visible light from the sun) and pollution.” Conscious that many of us tackle skin concerns once they’re already present, the brand wants to “work more with preventing the issue in the first place.” Having tried many an SPF, Sigrid and Kajsa found that most sun protection felt heavy on the skin and would easily break both women out. The difference therefore in Gun Ana’s selection is “that they are much lighter when applied. The silky-smooth textures have a base of both water and natural oils to keep them feeling light which in turn allows the skin to easily absorb them.” What’s more, the brand packs its products with skin barrier loving ingredients such as oats while also radiating a faint fragrance that “really enhances the application experience” says Sigrid. We like the smell of that! 



“All our products are multifunctional and developed so that they can be used on their own, meaning you don’t need to apply serums, toners and moisturisers underneath” discloses Sigrid. Each Gun Ana product is “developed with multifunctionality in mind so you can achieve a great result using less steps in your daily routine.” Sigrid says that “it's about spreading the awareness around SPF as a core product in every routine and helping customers understand why it's so important. By creating multifunctional, easy-to-use products made for all year round, we hope our customers will get the chance to maintain and protect their skin in a sustainable way.” Sigrid’s words of advice? “Find a product with SPF that you love to use and make sure you use it every day. It's like brushing your teeth, you just do it. The sun is present whenever we have daylight, and so if you want to maintain healthy skin, SPF is key.”  


With that being said, let’s dive (face first) into some of Gun Ana’s powerful SPF-infused skin care selections... 

a collection of gun ana SPF products placed randomly on stones. shot against a black background in a studio


Leaving limbs protected and soft, Gun Ana’s UV Body Mist SPF 50 is the dew-drenching staple that boasts a moisture-locking medley of vitamins A, B, C and E. Infused with antioxidant-rich oils (think rosehip and oat) this clever sun protector shields your skin with its even distribution of broad-spectrum UV protection. 

Blending out effortlessly thanks to its light and creamy consistency, Gun Ana’s Face Cream SPF50 is powered by a potent infusion of vitamins and antioxidant rich oils. Offering broad spectrum protection against UVA, UVB as well as blue and high energy violet light, this one-stop-sun screen-shop plumps your skin with hydration and delivers unparalleled protection. 

Ideal for on the go (re)application, Gun Ana’s UV Stick SPF 50 is formulated with barrier-boosting oils and moisture-locking butters. Keeping skin feeling soft, smooth and deeply nourished, its infusion of hardworking antioxidants keeps your complexion protected against sun damage and free radicals.  

Keeping your complexion looking dewy and bright is Gun Ana’s multitalented Protective Face Mist. Packed with low molecular hyaluronic acid (which is easily absorbed by skin for optimum hydration), birch extract and niacinamide, this everyday essential plumps skin, improves clarity, minimises the look of pores and provides a veil of defence against air pollution and blue light. 


And there you have it, a rundown of everything from this goddess-inspired skin care brand. Now all that’s left to do is pick your favourite SPF and remember to reapply, reapply and reapply... 

Rina Teslica
Writer and expert
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Rina is Cult Beauty’s Junior SEO Copywriter and has always had a passion for beauty and skin care (rich moisturisers are her obsession). What started as a love for The Body Shop and their famed Born Lippy lip balms (in ‘Watermelon’ of course!), she is now more interested in finding products with proven effectiveness instead of broken promises. A loud and proud VIEVE fan, Rina owns nearly every item of the range and recommends the brand to anyone who will listen... When she’s not intently reading ingredient lists, you can find her either immersed in multiple true crime podcasts or co-hosting her own parenting one, with an *extra* hot cappuccino in hand.