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Our Guide To Balletcore Beauty

Trifonia Asmar
Writer and expert8 months ago
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model with pinky blush and balletcore make up

It’s no secret, beauty trends move in a cycle, constantly making a resurgence long after their original heydays. In recent years we’ve seen the 70s lengthy lashes come back to life, 80s neon shades resurrect, and pretty much everything from the 90s circling back around. But what about tapping into our childhood dreams? Enter: Balletcore beauty.  

Yes, that’s right it’s time to travel back to the younger years and embrace your desires of becoming a ballerina – but this time make it grown up.  

With that in mind, here at Cult Beauty we’re raising the barre and uncovering everything you need to know about TikTok’s latest trend –from what balletcore beauty is to how to recreate balletcore make up, hair and more. Swan Lake, here we come…


Don’t sweat it… Balletcore beauty isn’t about donning leg warmers and leotards to your next core class (phew!). Instead, it celebrates the signature look that ballerinas have captivated and refined over the years.  

While ballet has always been an art in itself, the dance has also inspired other creative mediums – we’re talking movies (Black Swan, we’re looking at you), fashion and now the beauty industry. Evoking grace, romance and elegance, balletcore beauty encourages you to tap into your younger fantasies and choreograph your own ballerina style. Think: slick back buns, blush tones and milk bath manis. Now, who said you need to know how to plié to become the next Misty Copeland? 


Not sure where to start? No problem. We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to get your balletcore beauty en pointe. And luckily for you, there’s not just one way to encapsulate this look. An extension of all your favourite current trends – strawberry make up, glazed donut skin and everything in between – this style steals the spotlight by bringing this year’s trends together for a final coda.  



The beauty of balletcore make up is its natural façade. With that in mind, your complexion should be radiant, but not too shiny – what we like to call sheeny skin. To ace this base, you need to prep your skin with a primer that leaves you illuminated, and complexion make up that’s minimal and light in texture. By this, we mean skip your foundation step completely and rely on your concealer to cover any unwanted blemishes.   

While monochrome make up is a trend in its own right, it works perfectly for balletcore beauty too. The prima tones? Pink blush, of course. Think soft rose, champagne golds and beige peaches. Spanning across all your facial features, these colours can be used for your cheeks, lips and eyes too. But to keep your load light, we recommend using a multitasking blusher that works in all areas. Start by using a creamy blush on the apples of your cheeks, before running it across the bridge of your nose, eyelids and cupid’s bow.  

Pay homage to the signature satin ballet slippers with silky shadows – we’re talking frosted pink and pearl pigments. The key here is to utilise those eyeshadows that fuse a silky application with a high colour pay off. Start by using finely milled, neutral tones to contour your lid’s shape and create a under layer. Then, working your way up, layer up your icy and shimmery shades in the inner corners and centre of your eyelids. Oh, and if you want to dial up the dewy drama, then don’t forget to coat your look with a clear glossy eyeshadow to finish. 

While there are no set rules when it comes to balletcore lips, we suggest selecting a shade that matches your cheeks. Not only will this tie the look together, but it also emphasises the natural, monochrome philosophy that comes with dance. To enhance a soft-focus sign off, apply your lipstick or lip tint with a fluffy make up brush. This technique blurs and blends to add just a kiss of colour. And, just like your eyes, if you’re wanting to level up your luminosity, simply swipe a clear gloss over your pigment. Now, that’s what we call poutfection.




With over 22 million views (and counting), milk bath nails is the latest manicure that can be easily achieved in the comfort of your own home, or studio. But how does it fit in with balletcore beauty? We’re glad you asked. Seamlessly slotting into the neutral nail trend, the semi-transparent shade is natural, elegant and luxurious looking – need we say more? A softer iteration of a white mani, milk bath nails can be achieved by applying a semi-sheer polish to paint a subtle wash of colour. 


Now, we’ve already spoken about glossy lids and lips, but what about your nails? Mimicking the sheeny sign off of a lip gloss, this manicure takes your bare nail base and adds a top coat for a sheer layer of shine. The results? A fresh finish and that radiates under the spotlight.


Bringing your French manicure to a sharp point, this set celebrates the dancer’s precise positioning and sharp silhouettes. Like all French tips, they’re clean, classic and covetable. Prep properly with a hand wash and remove any old polish with acetone-free polish remover. Then take your nail file and shape your stiletto tips. Once complete, apply a base coat and swipe on your white tips. 




Let’s face it, the ballerina bun is one of the easiest and most effective ways to embrace the balletcorebeauty trend. Silker and more structured than ever, it’s ideal for all hair types and textures. By using an anti-breakage shampoo and conditioner to prep with, you’re strengthening and protecting your strands before styling. What’s more, using your go-to styling products as a moisturising base creates the perfect foundation for the look. Now your mane is prepped and raring to go, create a clean middle parting and brush your hair back diagonally into a high ponytail. Follow by twisting the pony into your preferred bun shape and secure together with a silk scrunchie. To finish off, keep your look locked in with a spritz of finishing spray.  


An elevated take on the tradition pigtails, braids and bows add a whimsical touch to any balletcore beauty look. In just four easy steps you can be living your Nutcracker dream in no time. Start by using a leave-in detangling spray and flexible-bristle brush to removes any knots from your hair. Next, centre part your hair by drawing a line with your comb from the front to the back of your scalp, before smoothing your tresses into two sections. Ensure the flyways stay at bay by evenly distributing your styling product to each section. Once all the above is complete, all that is  left to do is to get braiding and add in your bows. We suggest scattering them throughout both your pigtails.  


Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, the half up, half down hairstyle works on every type of tresses – and is open to interpretation too! You can boast a ponytail, bun or braids when working this look, all you need to do is smooth out your strands beforehand for that clean, put-together finish. With this style, no two good hair days need to ever look the same. 

Trifonia Asmar
Writer and expert
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Cult Beauty’s Senior SEO Copywriter, Trifonia started out in the industry when bold brows were just becoming a ‘thing’, and shares a passion for all things fashion and beauty. Currently embracing her curly girl journey (after endless years of straightening her strands), she is finally reverting to her natural ways! When Triffy isn’t busy testing out the latest curl-saving solutions, you’ll find her binging the latest reality TV show or on a long walk listening to her ever-evolving country music playlist.