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Precious Sodimu
Writer and expert10 months ago
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 From the disco ball era of 1980-whatever to gracing the cover of Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE album artwork, it’s safe to say that silver is back, better and shinier than ever! Transcending its classic confines as wearable jewellery, this light-reflecting metal now adorns our lips and lids like any bracelet or earring would. Insert star emojis… 

So, what’s so cool about chrome? Capturing our attention every party season without fail, move over Midas because this marvel-worthy metallic adds a dose of luxury to anything it touches. Manifesting within the beautysphere in the form of molten pigments, iridescent shimmers and glacier-like lipglosses, this high-shine hue is here to stay! 

Shall we call this ‘Magpie Make Up’? If that’s not yet a thing, allow us to make it one. Encouraging flirtatious light flickers, RÓEN’s52° Cool Eyeshadow Palette lends your lids the most illuminating wash of glimmer. A four-pan colour story that makes applying eyeshadow that much easier. Taking the hassle out of blending, these dreamily creamy shades work together (or on their own) to add depth and dimension to your eyes with a frosted finish. Amping up your look with runway-ready flawlessness, this wardrobe of wearable jewellery takes your glam from here to here! 

Steal the spotlight with about-face’s Light Lock Lip Gloss for holographic hues and foil-like glazes that not only up the ante on your gloss but send lip-softening signals to parched pouts. Infused with nourishing oils like coconut, peppermint and lavender, consider this sheen-boosting formula your secret lip-plumping weapon. 

Familiar with ‘Dolphin Skin’? Opt for silver-adjacent formulas that harness the same skin-illuminating power — minus the metal. Enter: Tower 28 Beauty’s SuperDew Highlighting Balm, a glossy pan offering just-out-of-water reflectiveness without the shimmer or sparkle. Rich in skin-soothing properties from chamomile and green tea extract, this illuminating alternative to mega metallics grants a glow that looks effortlessly natural. 

Precious Sodimu
Writer and expert
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Precious is a Midweight Copywriter at Cult Beauty. Sticking her teeth into all things make up and skin care, Precious is always on the hunt for products that work perfectly together (while remaining loyal to her can’t-do-without staples). Like most beauty devotees, Precious doesn’t go a day without her trusted SPF 50+ and is a self-proclaimed fragrance-phile. Away from the vanity mirror, Precious can be found sat with a good book (probably by her favourite author, Toni Morrison) or nurturing her nostalgia with a quality animated film – namely Shrek.