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Star sign compatibility: sex tech and self-care edition

Bethan Robinson
Writer and expert1 year ago
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No matter if you only check your horoscope every now and then, or if you know your big three — your sun, moon and rising (AKA ascendant) signs — by heart, we can all agree that there’s something about astrology that’s fascinating. A shared star sign with the right person can elicit an instant connection (“Pisces? Me too!”), so we wanted to take it a step further and connect you with your most compatible {beauty} find... 

a collection of smile makers sex tech toys


As a fire sign, it’s no wonder that Ariens are known for their big personalities; in our experience, their energy is infectious and never fails to light up even the most stressful of days. That same spark often makes them adventurous and ready to try anything. Enter: Coco de Mer’s {Remote Panty Vibe}. Sleek and discreet, this wearable toy makes the world your oh-OH-oyster. 


We could sing the praises of Taureans when it comes to reliability and loyalty — there’s no other sign we trust so implicitly — but their sensuality is often overlooked. Their pursuit of pleasure is often on par with their love of luxury so don’t be surprised if they get out Dame’s {Arousal Serum} when things get hot and heavy. The alluringly scented, lickable serum generates a warm sensation that’ll have you tingling where you can feel it most... 


Attention: Gemini slander will not be tolerated. Anything but two-faced, Geminis simply often have enough projects and passions for two people. That’s why we think they deserve double the stimulation! LELO’s {Ida Wave} sends waves of pleasure internally and externally with a curved wand that mimics the motions of fingers while deep vibrations promise a leg-shaking climax. 

smile makers candle being lit against a blue background


Think of the most caring and compassionate person in your life — chances are they’re a Cancer. Nothing is ever too much when it comes to helping their friends and they navigate the world with their heart first, head second. Our pick for Cancers is an olfactory treat that mirrors their lovely demeanour: Smile Makers {Orgasmic Manifestation of Tender}. In the words of Ryan from Cult Concierge, the scent “has such a creamy indulgence to it that feels tender and intimate... I like to burn it even when I’m not getting hot and heavy! 


The first thing that springs to mind when we think about the Leos we love? Their all-consuming aura. No stranger to the social spotlight, Leos are typically self-confident and unforgettable. It only makes sense then that their passions are just as direct; to us, their perfect match would be either LELO’s {Hugo} prostate massager or their {SONA} sonic clitoral massager. Both get right to the point... 


Practical perfectionists: that’s how so many people see Virgos. Maintaining standards as high as theirs is no mean feat and they somehow manage to do it with a sense of unflappable calm. Since only the best is good enough and they’re most likelydue some ‘me time’, our recommendation for Virgos is two-pronged: start off with steamy soak accompanied by OUAI’s {Chill Pills} and then ride the waves of thought-quietening pleasure with Smile Makers’ {The Surfer} from within the tub. 


In the words of one of our resident Libras, they tend to be ‘insatiable flirts who are obsessed with pointless beautiful things”. We’ll add ‘self-aware’ to that description! That said, since they value aesthetics as highly as they do performance, we can think of no better match than the rabbit vibrator that looks like a Matisse: Smile Makers’ {The Artist}. 


Scorpios often get a bad rap, and their complexity can be to blame: they’re loyal yet unforgiving; forthcoming yet evasive; obsessive yet reserved. We can see how things can get lost in translation! All that aside, it’s thought that they’re the sign that’s most linked with sex. With so many hidden depths, we see LELO’s {Flickering Massage Candle} as a perfect match — excuse the pun. There’s nothing like a little wax play to loosen someone up... 

picobong transformer dual vibrator


This fire sign can be ruthless and impatient at times but if you dig even a little deeper, you’ll likely find an intensely perceptive and friendly person. They like their alone time (like, a LOT) and are driven towards the new: new experiences, new places, new achievements. That’s why we see them with LELO’s {Picobong Transformer}: a versatile toy that can be bent into a rabbit vibe; a targeted clitoral massager; a play-extending cock ring; a G-spot stimulator; a prostate massager; a double-ended vibrator or a sharing-is-caring, double-ended dildo. There’s always something new to try! 


Typically old souls, Capricorns are patient, ambitious and disciplined to a fault. Their work ethic is nothing to be laughed at but it can come at the cost of their headspace. While any of the toys we’ve already mentioned would do a world of good at helping them switch off, we think more serious measures are needed: {Spacemasks}. Lie back, relax (that means muting your Teams notifications) and let the warming sensation of these eye masks work its magic. 


Known to go against the grain, Aquarians value individuality above all else and they’re not afraid to be the outsider — in fact, they often prefer it. That said, we wouldn’t presume to prescribe one thing for all of them. But if you do happen to be looking for some direction, then Dame’s {Eva II} is the way to go. Designed to be tucked under labia, the hands-free vibrator has flexible wings to keep it in place, perfect from providing intense clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. 



We all know Pisceans are sensitive. Artistic? Mostly. Clingy? Certainly. Hopelessly romantic? Without a doubt. They somehow manage to spend half of their time overthinking and the other half with their mind on made-up fantasies. It’s quite a mix but one sure-fire way to bring them back down to earth is {The Poet}. Partly picked because we know it will satisfy their love of pretension, this clever clitoral toy recreates the feel of oral sex. Did someone say E.E.-I’m Cummings? 

Bethan Robinson
Writer and expert
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Bethan is a Senior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. When she’s not trying to perfect the ultimate ‘no make up’ make up look — she swears by Saie — or find new skin care to fall for, she’s likely playing video games, making the most of her housemate’s MUBI account or strolling around Victoria Park with a pastry in hand.