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Bringing sex toys into the forefront of the sexual wellness space, Scandinavian brand LELO dreams up high-tech playmates that put pleasure back into your own hands. Frustrated by the lack of options available, the trio behind the brand were adamant about creating toys that everyone was proud to own and use. The days of hiding your rabbit in the bedside cabinet is no longer an option with LELO’s sensational, sensual, silicon stimulators...



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Founded in 2002, LELO has changed the landscape of the sexual pleasure space with its beautifully designed and high-tech creations. Crafted with a modern aesthetic and premium, body-safe silicone (that’s waterproof), each tantalising toy is sleek, ergonomic and easy to handle. Whether you’re looking to climax alone or with a partner, the brand has a range of artfully designed sensual stimulators that unlock a world of pleasure at the touch of a button...


LELO was founded serendipitously after friends Felip Sedic, Eric Kalén and Carl Magnuson failed to find an adequate sex toy for their female friends 40th birthday. Frustrated that the only options available where jelly-type phalluses and strange plastic buzzers, the trio decided that they would create a sexual wellness brand with beautifully designed products people wouldn't want to hide. With their expertise in engineering and industrial design, the team spent three years developing LELO and sourcing the most luxurious materials and cutting-edge technology before launching LELO in 2002.


Bringing you internal and external stimulation (which has sharing controls too...) is LELO’s Ida Wave. Available in a coral red colour and classic black, this tool uses the brand’s unique ‘WaveMotion’ technology that mimics the experience of a finger-like massage. Allowing you to reach climax quickly, it boasts Bluetooth connectivity so you can immerse yourself in a totally handsfree experience too... Need we say more?