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We all have that one {face mask} (or several if you’re somewhat of a hoarder) that we can rely on to truly deliver an instant and all-consuming sense of relaxation. All it takes is just one turn of the lid and that’s it, we are in full self-care mode and blocking out the world. Nothing else matters besides your mask, your skin and the TV show you’re about to binge. In my time as a self-proclaimed beauty devotee, I can confess to probably trying every kind of mask you can imagine. From {sheets} to {overnight} formulas and {clay} to home-made recipes goaded by TikTok — you name it, I’ve tried it.

10 different face masks revealing their colourful contents.

Is there such a thing as mask madness? Perhaps. Do we mind? Absolutely not. My mask of the moment truly depends on how my skin is feeling; on make up heavy weeks, I opt for a detoxifying formula that’ll vacuum out all the gunk in my pores and when my skin feels tired, I reach for something zingy and refreshing — it’s like a game of mask roulette and it’s super fun. 

Recently, my skin has been beaming and quite literally porefect thanks to Glow Recipe’s {Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial}. Cemented into my Wednesday wind-down is this innovative hybrid formula that purifies pores and delivers a surge of {hydration} to give you results that you can see and feel. Whipped to perfection, this bouncy texture differs from any other clay-based mask and its uniqueness doesn’t stop there. Uniting {hyaluronic acid}, willow bark extract and congestion-clearing chemical exfoliants, you can give your room a quick tidy and effortlessly sweep away dead skin cells at the very same time. Talk about minimal effort, maximum glass-skin results!

Woman wearing a orange-hued face mask and looking to the left.

Cult Beauty’s team of editors are somewhat revered for our beauty insights and recommendations so of course it’s important to know what masks we swear by:

“If I’m ever unsure what to reach for to help me wind down and give my complexion a boost, then this warming hug of a mask never fails to bring my skin back to life. As you massage in the luxurious golden potion and feel it warm onto your skin any stress just melts away. Brimming with hydrating and healing honey, the naturally antiseptic properties of propolis and royal jelly rich in amino acids, even the most stressed and lacklustre complexion will be revived after a little one-on-one with Farmacy’s {Honey Potion}.” — Natalie, Junior Copywriter

“Whenever my skin is feeling stressed out and dry I reach for fresh’s {Rose Face Mask}. It’s like a hydrating glass of water for my face — after using it my skin is super soft, thanks to the moisturising algae Porphyridium cruentum. Brimming with pure rose water, the gel-like formula feels soothing on my sometimes-irritated complexion and cucumber extract and aloe vera gel provide an immediate cooling effect. If you’re looking for something to calm overworked skin — let it be this mask!” — Bella, Senior Marketing Communications Manager

“I’m a big fan of a clay mask; as someone with oily, blemish-prone skin I find that feeling of impurities actually being drawn out of my complexion oh-so-satisfying. What I don’t like, however, is when my skin is left feeling dry, tight and kind of crusty. Enter: Charlotte Tilbury’s {Goddess Skin Clay Mask}, which helps to unclog my pores and balance my oily T-zone while also leaving my skin feeling really nourished. Oh, and the glow it gives my complexion? Well, that really is heavenly…” — Chloe, Copywriter

Animated image of two women wearing face masks: one also has a cucumber on an eye and the other has a towel on her head.

“I have truly, deeply, and irrevocably fallen in love with 111SKIN’s {Celestial Black Diamond Lifting and Firming Treatment Mask}. Celestial by name and by nature, my skin’s texture and dullness seem lifted instantly; smoother, brighter, and more hydrated skin is just on the horizon. After all diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” — Niall, Copy Assistant 

“If you thought the cult-favourite lip mask was the star of LANEIGE, think again because the {Water Sleeping Mask} is unbeatable in its hydrating and glow-giving powers. Every time I use it, I wake up to super hydrated, plump skin with just enough dewiness locked in to fake a good night’s sleep. It also smells divine, which helps with drifting off into a slumber. This has been a mainstay in my routine ever since I discovered Korean skin care secrets and I’ve been obsessed ever since!” — Nasreen, Junior Copywriter


Precious Sodimu

Precious Sodimu

Junior Copywriter

Precious Sodimu is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty as well as a self-proclaimed beauty fanatic. Sticking her teeth into all things make up and skin care, Precious is always on the hunt for the best products that work perfectly together. She loves learning about the benefits of new ingredients and formulas and the wonders it could do for her. Like most, if not, all beauty devotees, Precious doesn’t go a day without her trusted SPF 50 and niacinamide serums. Away from the vanity mirror, Precious loves to sit down with a good book (probably by her favourite author, Toni Morrison), or go out and try new cuisine.