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Bank your beauty sleep with our overnight skin care edit

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We all know {sleep} is essential to your health. Those hours spent in the land of nod help your body to rest and recover; they’re essential to {de-stressing} and boosting your mental {wellbeing} too. But banking those eight hours each night could also be the secret to your best skin yet, thanks to the emergence of a new trend that’s caught Team Cult Beauty’s eye: overnight beauty.

Yep, this new slate of {skin care} superstars are specifically designed to work their magic while you catch some Z’s — sounds appealing, right? Our favourites tend to fall into two camps: on one side, you’ve got The Hard Workers, the active-packed treatments that are all about regeneration and skin renewal, so that you can wake up with a glow. On the other side, there’s The Recoverers, the ultra-hydrating, ceramide-packed barrier rebuilders that are all about giving your skin the TLC it deserves.

Both most certainly have their place in your routine, and in fact, we would recommend a healthy balance of the two for optimum overnight goodness. Here’s some of our favourites to help you get started — all that’s left for you to do is put on your PJs, climb under the covers and let your products get to work…

The Hard Workers

Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Retinoid Cream

Part of {Pacifica’s} aptly named Wake Up Beautiful Collection, the {Wake Up Beautiful Overnight Retinoid Cream} is a light-as-a-feather-filled-pillow night cream that offers a serious punch of hydration. Granactive retinoid — a less irritating alternative to other retinoid derivatives — is the real star here, as it works to stimulate your skin’s collagen and elastin production, adding a healthy dose of radiance and reducing the appearance of fine lines. It can also help to unclog pores of all the dirt, debris and dead skin cells that can cause breakouts.

Powerful by name and by nature, the {Beauty Sleep Power Peel} by {Alpha-H} combines a cocktail of actives that mean serious business when it comes to exfoliating, resurfacing and repairing your skin while you snooze. A high concentration of AHA glycolic acid (14%, to be precise) gently sloughs away dead skin cells, revealing radiance and stopping pesky pimples in their tracks, while 0.5% retinol supports in the rejuvenation of your complexion for a plumped up finish. Our tip? Start slow with this one; the increased levels of active ingredients offer impressive results, but also have the potential for irritation or a compromised skin barrier. Start with once a week, before working up to twice a week if your skin is playing ball.

A double act to rival even the best evening entertainers (Ant and Dec, we’re looking at you), {Youth To The People’s} {ZZZ-Ya, Dullness} set combines a pair of glow-givers that will work hard to reveal the brightest, most radiant version of you come morning. The Kombucha Power Toner unites a host of powerhouse acids and prebiotic ferments — including 8% lactic acid and 3% glycolic acid — to smooth unwanted texture and reduce the appearance of pores, while the Superberry Dream Mask delivers a radiance boost with a medley of super fruit berries, plumping hyaluronic acid and brightening vitamin C. We promise you’ll wake with skin as juicy and hydrated as the morning dew.

The Recoverers

The Inkey List Ceramide Night Treatment

One of the very best ingredients for building back up your skin’s health? Ceramides — which {The INKEY List’s} {Ceramide Night Treatment} has in abundance. This (affordable!) cream is brimming with these skin-healing lipids, which are essential for helping to boost your barrier (that’s the protective ‘gates’ to your skin that keep all the good stuff in and the less desirable stuff out). A healthy skin barrier means more hydrated skin — and that means a smoother, happier and more glowy complexion. All that for less than £15? Yes, please!

A true cult classic (and for good reason), {Skin Food} — {Weleda’s} green-tubed, rich (we mean really rich) cream — is a true SOS treatment for anyone struggling with dry, scaly or compromise skin. A thick, ultra-hydrating mix of lanolin, beeswax, glycerin, sweet almond and sunflower oils cocoon your skin in an protective layer that ensures moisture is locked in to skin all night long. We especially recommend this one for those of you that have got a little carried away with the chemical exfoliants and need to give your skin a little extra love and attention; expect nourished, smooth skin come morning! 

Bring the magic of the A-list’s favourite facialist home, with {Sarah Chapman’s} {Overnight Facial}, a sophisticated serum-oil elixir that’s been (rightfully) lauded for the way it will transform a thirsty, tired complexion into a gorgeously glowing one. While you’ll recognise familiar ingredients like vitamin C and A which will brighten and tone gently, it’s really Sarah’s two advanced complexes that are doing the heavy lifting here. ‘Renovage’ helps to increase the life span of cells and ‘Dermaxyl’ boosts collagen via advanced peptide technology. That’s some impressive science we can get on board with!

And The Rest…

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

For the gorgeous, gorgeous girls of TikTok, our next recommendation will come as no surprise: {LANEIGE’s} {Lip Sleeping Mask}, which promises to feed your lips with moisture and nourishment overnight, so that you’ll wake up with an irresistibly smooth and soft pout. It’s all thanks to the brand’s patented ‘Moisture Wrap’ technology, which creates a moisturising layer of beta glucan (a moisture-slurping humectant that absorbs water from the air) across your pucker. Just choose your fighter: the five lip-smacking scents range from Lemon Sorbet to Sweet Candy.

And finally last — but by no means least — we’re talking all things lash care, because your flutter needs a little overnight care too! A true eye-con for anyone looking to lengthen and thicken their lashes, look to {RevitaLash’s} {Advanced Eyelash Conditioner}. The formula’s BioPeptin Complex – that’s a cocktail of peptides and botanicals – saturates your lash line with nourishment and moisture, preventing breakage and adding strength. The result? Fuller, longer lashes within just six to eight weeks. 


Chloe Lawrance

Chloe Lawrance

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Chloe is a Copywriter at Cult Beauty. She is a skin care fanatic and you can normally find her dispensing advice and recommendations to just about anybody that will listen (her cardinal rules? SPF daily; just say ‘no’ to face wipes; there’s no such thing as too much hydration). Chloe’s perfect day would be spent laying in the sun, a book in one hand and a cocktail (one spicy margarita, please) in the other. However, living in East London, the most she can usually hope for is sneaking 20 minutes with her Kindle and a pint in a pub garden.