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5 New Year’s resolutions to help get 2022 off on the right foot

Chloe Lawrance
Writer and expert2 years ago
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The final piece of tinsel has come down, the last morsel of cheese scoffed from the fridge, and the New Year has been toasted in with a glass (or two…) of champagne. January has arrived, and with it, of course, comes New Year’s resolutions.But we’re not talking about those typical resolutions that set you up for failure, disappointment and negativity. No, we mean the goals that bring joy; that encourage you to put your {wellbeing} first and indulge in a little self care. Yes, 2022 is officially the year of TLC. 

Looking for inspiration for your own resolution-making? Here are five {wellness} goals that you’ll actually stick to (and that don’t involve going anywhere near the scales...)

1. Perfect your supplement routine

Not all {supplements} are created equal, and if health is wealth, {HUM Nutrition}’s extensive collection of high-potency chews and clever capsules is here to help you win the wellness lottery.

Looking for an ally in your monthly clash with cravings, cramps and irritability? {Moody Bird} calls upon the potent dong quai root and chaste berry herbs to battle hormonal imbalances. Want a hit of vitamins and nutrients to keep your immune system ticking over nicely? {Boost Sweet Boost} delivers a daily dose of vitamin C, zinc and elderberry extract in tasty, heart-shaped gummy form. And for energy levels that rival the Duracell Bunny, there’s {Über Energy}, which gives your system some serious ‘oomph’ by helping to control stress levels and nourishing depleted adrenal glands.

2. Prioritise (self-)pleasure

We know January can be tough. The days are short, the weather rotten, and leaving the comfort of your sofa feels akin to scaling Mount Everest in a pair of six inch heels. So batten down the hatches and enjoy an abundance of pleasure instead.

With breathtaking sex tech to suit all, {Smile Makers} extensive range offers a one-way ticket to complete satisfaction, whether you’re riding solo or turning your twosome into a threesome. Francophiles will enjoy a lesson in (cunni)linguistics from {The French Lover}; {The Tennis Pro} will leave players feeling more breathless than a match against Emma Raducanu; and {The Ballerina} is the perfect palm-sized pal to satisfy all plié-sures.

3. Get consistent with your skin care

The secret of a successful {skin care} routine? Sticking with it. As a general rule of thumb, you won’t start seeing results from a product until about a month of consistent use; so while it can be tempting to slather on new lotions and potions every night of the week, trust the process and give your routine time to work its magic.

If you're particularly keen to shake things up in the meantime, tools like Odacité’s {Crystal Contour Gua Sha} or BeautyBio’s {Rose Quartz Roller} can help you to get the most out of your regime. Using these to gently massage your skin promotes blood circulation and helps lymphatic drainage for that extra glow.

4. Switch off your screens

Are your social media feeds feeling never-ending, and the news just one bad story after another? Vow to regularly take some time away from your screens this year by focusing instead on moments of relaxation.

A long, hot bath really can do wonders for the soul. Invest in a relaxing {candle} — we love ESPA's {Restorative Aromatic Candle}, infused with comforting aromatherapy to bring balance to minds that are full rather than mindful. And don’t forget {bath} buddies to really elevate this newly instilled habit; OUAI’s {Chill Pill Bath Bombs} emit a gorgeous jasmine and rose fragrance that will do the trick nicely.

5. Take the fear out of fitness

Fitness-related resolutions don’t strictly mean forcing yourself to do hours on the treadmill. Take this time to make exercise work for you instead; movement should help you feel good, both physically and mentally, after all.

{Bala Bangles} features functional fitness accessories that fit as neatly into your everyday routine as easily as they do your workout sessions. The {1LB Wrist/Ankle Bangles} can be slipped over your limbs to add a little extra resistance during simple chores like walking the dog or sticking the washing on. Easy.

Chloe Lawrance
Writer and expert
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