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The secret to lengthy lashes that everyone should know

Humeara Mohamed
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Lustrous and lengthy ones are the dream, but we can’t all be genetically blessed with eyebrow-touching, curly, showstopping, "are they extensions?" type {lashes}. (Thanks, mum and dad). And if {mascara} or heavy {make up} isn’t quite your thing, (because you could always trick the world into thinking you’ve got thicker lashes via an {eyeliner} tightline), then an eyelash serum is your best bet. Still a semi-secret weapon, eyelash serums are yet to become a night-time routine staple, and we’re struggling to see why. You might be mistaken in thinking they’re expensive, but as luck would have it, there’s an ever-growing selection of more affordable lash-lengthening elixirs on offer – with tried-and-trusted brands like {Indeed Labs} hopping onto the bandwagon. So, grab a cuppa, get comfy, and allow us to take you through our current favourites…


Okay, okay, we know we just discussed affordability, but it would be borderline criminal if we didn’t discuss the OG lash serum: {RevitaLash Advanced} by, well, {RevitaLash}. A true investment piece, this serum boasts legions of devotees because it actually works. Blending ahead-of-the-game scientific technology with natural botanicals, this daily treatment encourages strength, resilience and suppleness – reducing the chances of breakage and minimising the thinning effects of eyelash ageing. Using the brand’s proprietary BioPeptin complex (which is chock-full of conditioning and strengthening peptides), the formula saturates each lash in moisture without feeling gloopy or sticky. In fact, you’ll barely notice it’s there at all – simply swipe the non-drip serum along the lash line and go (with fantastic lashes in tow).


Putting less pressure on your purse strings, the {Full Lash Serum} by {Shiseido} innovatively ‘fills’ stubbornly thin and short lashes, encouraging a thicker and healthier appearance. Also suitable for sparse eyebrows (Cara Delevingne who?), this formula is powered by arginine – an amino acid that’s naturally found in keratin, which is the protein that makes up your hair. Arginine strengthens each lash, moisturises, minimises breakage and reduces hair loss, all while protecting your precious lashes from oxidative stress. If you’re after long, fluttery, shiny and strong lashes (and brows!), then this one’s for you – simply add it to your {skin care} routine to restore long-lost condition.


The most affordable offering by far, Indeed Labs’ {Peptalash II} can give you up to three times more volume in just 15 days. Making lash serums more accessible (in true Indeed Labs style), this formula aims to lengthen, thicken, strengthen, intensify and nourish your natural lashes via Swiss apple-derived plant stem cells and two peptide blends. Targeting eyelash growth with ease (even if you’re used to short, stubby hairs), it repairs and reduces breakage too – all in under a month! And –sorry, we know you just want to race to the checkout– you should also know that this multitasking marvel even nourishes the eye area – smoothing skin and minimising the appearance of fine lines. (You can proceed to the checkout now).


Not quite a lash serum but still deserving of a place in this post, the {Strength & Length Serum-Infused Mascara} by {bareMinerals} will up your mascara game with its instant and cumulative lash-boosting properties. Strengthening, lengthening and volumizing with a plant-based, serum-mascara hybrid formula, this gives you all the benefits of a lash serum, but without having to add an extra step to your skin care routine. Therefore ideal for mascara lovers and minimalists alike, its brush lengthens, lifts and defines each lash, while the formula itself features red clover flower and peptides to promote hair growth and prevent lash fallout. Totally safe for contact lens wearers too, this mascara is long-lasting, smudge-proof, flake-proof and easy to remove with a {make up remover}. We’re sold.

Humeara Mohamed
Writer and expert
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