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The men’s beauty essentials we’re loving

Humeara Mohamed
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Whether you’re after something that’ll soothe the {post-shave} burn, bring stressed {skin} back into balance or keep your {hair} perfectly coiffed, men’s beauty has so much to offer. In fact, men’s skin and grooming essentials are just as important as women’s, and we’ve got more heroes on offer than ever in our problem-solving {men’s category}. So, whether you already speak fluent 'men's skin care' or don't really know where to start, here are our current favourites to get you on your merry, moisturised way… It’s a grooming revolution!


Developed with just men in mind, London-based {James + Jake} offers 'clean' (you won’t find any synthetic fragrances or colourants in their concoctions) and cruelty-free essentials that comfort and condition without compromising on health or ethics. When it comes to skin, this brand boasts a succinct edit of do-it-all formulas that protect against the ageing effects of city life, all while balancing, moisturising and softening. In short, their formulas are suitable for everyone – regardless of age or skin type.

A must-have in anyone’s bathroom, the {Major Hydrator Anytime Face Moisturiser} is a lightweight, luxurious and non-greasy formula that you can use at any time of day for a refreshing boost. Working to replenish moisture and vital vitamins that can be lost via city-living, it even encourages brighter skin by dissolving dead skin cells with pomegranate.

Then the {City Recovery Anti Pollution Mineral Mask} is your best bet when things get really bad – think of this as checking your skin into rehab, where it’ll be met with Mother Nature’s finest to deeply clarify and balance. Using natural antioxidants, Dead Sea mud, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and hibiscus flower extract, you can wave buh-bye to dryness and say hello to supple, smooth skin.

Oh, and each elixir is housed in a travel-friendly, recycled (and thus recyclable!) glass jar. Tick, tick and tick!


From our favourite hair care brand, {Davines}, comes an all-new range especially for {facial hair}, with a {Pre-Shaving & Beard Oil}, {Softening Shaving Gel} and {After Shave & Moisturizing Cream} making the cut. Cheekily called Pasta & Love, the beard-driven range celebrates two things that symbolise Italy – where the brand was founded in 1983 – signifying great food and great passion. Boasting high percentages of natural ingredients, this trio of grooming essentials shares a distinctive, citrusy scent that acts as a nod to the Mediterranean with notes of lemon, bergamot and orange blossom. Here to enhance your beard-banishing ritual – as well as to soften your stubble and skin – each formula is an obviously vital sink-side tool when embarking upon a date with your razor. Who said a chore like like shaving couldn’t be a treat?


When your hair looks rough, turn to {Ruffians}. An eponymous line from the award-winning barbershop, each formula mane-tains even the messiest of mops. And consider yourself duly warned, because – although made for men – girlfriends, flatmates and sisters will pinch these from your shelf if given the chance.

Whether you want to look artfully tousled or seamlessly slick, the brand’s {Styling Paste} will do just the trick. Totally customisable – you’re in control of the outcome – the flexible paste is a moveable, making it less about hold than creating the sexy suggestion of just-ruffled hair (oh là là!). With hardworking ingredients like candelilla wax and lanolin working to add moisture and shine alongside conditioning, antioxidant-rich herbal hops, you won’t find a single silicone or sulphate in sight.

If a matte look with greater structure is more your thang, then try the {Matt Clay} – a ‘remouldable’, soft but strong pomade that works without the risk of flaking or crumbling. Olive and candelilla waxes nourish and thicken, while extracts of organic seaweed provide protection against sun and pollution – helping to shield you from aggressors for healthy, happy hair.

For those that are struggling with thinning, the {Hair Powder} creates structure and intense body – adding lift to limp strands while reducing oil levels for a fresh, ‘I’ve totally washed my hair today’ look. The natural-origin silica ‘sticks’ to each strand like a magnet – making each hair appear thicker for volume without any trace of the product itself. That’s right – you can use this without worrying about any white residue. Hurrah!

Humeara Mohamed
Writer and expert
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