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Found: soul-soothing aromatherapy staples

Cult Beauty
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Psst, have you discovered the notable names in our collection of self-care saviours? The ultimate foil for the seasonal gloom, these beautiful brands boast a buffet of opulent oils, mists, soaks and {candles} to conjure a comforting ambience… if you need us, we’ll be in the {bath}.

Sure to make your soak all the more serene, Odacité's {Soul Soothing Bath Soak} is crafted with detoxifying Himalayan crystal salt and moisturising oils infused with relaxing lavender, neroli and patchouli to centre your mind, body, and spirit.

With a delicate and subtle rose aroma to lure you into a sense of tranquillity, Herbivore's {Coco Rose Soft Glow Body Oil} is overflowing with virgin coconut oil, vegan squalane, and Moroccan rose that casts a silky-smooth finish and soft, diffused glow. The silken elixir has a rosé pink hue that diffuses when massaged into your skin and makes quick work of quenching limbs that look dry and rough.

Known for aromatherapeutic blends, {de Mamiel} has an impressive array of treatments to bolster your everyday routine. If like us, your mind goes into hyperdrive every time your head hits the pillow (who can blame us really?), then their {Settle} ointment is for you. The bespoke blend of herbs, calming lavender, jasmine and wild rose essential oils settles both senses and body to ease you into a deep, calm, comfortable slumber.

Lift your mood and transport yourself to the Amazonian rainforest with Costa Brazil's {Resina De Breu - Aromatic Oleoresin With Ceramic Tray}. Breu is a natural resin that grows in the jungles of Brazil and, when burned, releases a complex, woodsy aroma of rich earth and crushed leaves that helps to purify and reinstate harmony to a room. Burning the Breu helps to relieve stress and enhance mood - simply light the tip of one stone and let the resin burn for a mere 30 seconds to a minute.

From the world-renowned Aromatherapist Michelle Roques O'Neil, the {Therapie} line is a salve for the senses, easing the effects of our high-stress lifestyles. One such therapeutic treatment is the {Himalayan Detox Salts}: a blissful blend of Himalayan mineral salts, powdered amethyst and essential oils of lemongrass, juniper and geranium that fortifies your spirit as you soak.

Respecting both skin and planet Earth {REN CLEAN SKINCARE} boasts a range of pioneering products known for their eco- and skin-friendly standards. Treat your head, shoulders, knees and toes to a soul-soothing soak with the Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium or Moroccan Rose Otto range that help to relax and restore in no time at all.

Born and bred in Britain, {Elemis} create exemplary, results-driven skin care and wellness essentials to cherish mind, body and soul. With a foundation in aromatherapy, these thoughtfully created products work holistically – providing stress-quelling, blues-banishing and mood-elevating solutions for those who crave peace and tranquility (ie: everyone).

Another Great British-grown brand, {ESPA} delivers results you can see and feel. With luxurious textures and stunning, sensorial scents, these specialist blends harness precious botanical extracts to help keep you calm and restore equilibrium. Distilling in-spa expertise into a range that lets you drift off and imagine you're wrapped in the fluffiest towel as you wait in the spa's inner sanctum, these opulent cocktails are great for upgrading your humble abode.

Based in London, we were beyond excited to welcome {Earl of East} into the fold. What started as a succinct edit of candles has since evolved into a line of home fragrance favourites that spans across bath salts, incense and aromatic mists. Speaking of which, the eucalptus-infused {Japanese Bathing Ritual Mezame Shower Spray} instils your morning routine with a scent so invigorating you'll have the energy to jump out of the shower (and the good sense to step carefully out...).


Cult Beauty
Writer and expert
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