Last year we surprised you with the news that {Drunk Elephant}'s fan favourite and rave reviewed {T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial} was finally coming to the UK! But now we've got even more news to share...

If you want to try this rave-reviewed beauty hero but aren't sure about investing in a full size we've got some good news, because you can now test out an all-new midi size (15ml) before taking the plunge and investing in the full size (30ml). A must-have for those with sensitive or reactive skin wanting to take this potent problem-solver on a test drive, or the perfect way to stock up on your go-to for getaways or tempting loved ones with its tangible results, it's not to be missed.


A {skin care} must-have, Babyfacial as it's better known by its adoring fans, is a world-renowned AHA/BHA “facial” - i.e. an {exfoliating mask} - that resurfaces to reveal greater clarity, improved skin texture and tone, and a more youthful-looking radiance. It really is a must for your winter skin care routine so keep your eyes peeled for our launch date!


This next-generation mask is an at-home “facial” that effectively - yet gently! - exfoliates the pore lining and resurfaces by getting rid of built-up dead skin cells. With a whopping 25% AHA and 2% BHA blend of the brand's dream team glycolic, tartaric, lactic, citric, and salicylic acids, this pro-quality formula dramatically smooths texture while minimising the look of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. Phewph!

Uniquely formulated with chickpea flour, pumpkin ferment, and a soothing antioxidant blend of matcha tea, milk thistle, and apple, Babyfacial delivers incredible brightening and enzymatic action, improves skin’s elastic feel, and reveals the look of a more even, radiant, baby-soft complexion. Think of it as an extra nudge for stubborn dull skin.


For best results, we recommend you use this once weekly as part of your #SelfcareSunday ritual. The perfect way to end a long week, apply an even layer of Babyfacial to clean, dry skin and leave it on for 20 minutes to exfoliate away dead cells, pore-clogging residue, and anything we need to shed from the week. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.


Think of {T.L.C. Framboo Glycolic Night Serum} as nightly maintenance and {T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial} as a weekly deep cleaning. Follow with Drunk Elephant's {Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil} and we think you’ll have a very satisfied glow.

However, if new to Babyfacial, maybe consider starting with 10 minutes and gradually working your way up to the full 20-minute time and to get the most out of this product, Drunk Elephant's founder, Tiffany Masterson, recommends "giving your other potent treatments a break."

"This probably goes without saying, but if your skin is already in a confused state (i.e., sunburn, redness, or sensitised areas), wait until things are on the calm side before using Babyfacial. You’ve made the investment, and I want you to get the maximum results."