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Overhaul your routine with Dr. Barbara Sturm’s new and exclusive kits

Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Incase you missed it, this December is all about the age-defying {skin care} range that countless skin-savvy celebrities swear by, none other than {Dr. Barbara Sturm}!

We hope you're ready for some treats... To kick off the festivities, we welcomed in a swathe of exclusive, sized-to-try minis of her Holy Grail {serums} and drops - all available in 10ml vials. Bound to kickstart an obsession, we also welcomed in FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING* too (you're welcome!).

Need some more inspiration for your routine upgrade? We've got you sorted! this week, Dr. Barbara Sturm is treating your 2020 skin to not one, but TWO all-new and exclusive kits that are sure to whip it into shape.

First up, is the {Back To Basics Kit}, a three-step routine that will help overhaul your routine for the better. Proof that there's beauty in simplicity, Dr. Barbara Sturm's {Back To Basics Kit} curates a pared-back skin care ritual of the core, high-performing classics within her range that you need to know.

To start with, the fine-foam Cleanser (50ml) is packed with potent natural actives to promote epidermal regeneration at the beginning of your regime, as well as aloe vera and panthenol to soothe irritation; it provides gentle yet deep cleansing without upsetting the skin’s natural moisture balance! The perfect post-cleanse treatment, the Balancing Toner (30ml) effectively shifts any missed dirt, make up and debris while also tightening and toning pores, balancing sebum levels and acting as a brilliant base for moisturiser. The accompanying Face Cream (20ml) then works to soothe and ‘seal’ the moisture in while shielding from the elemental onslaught. Rich yet lightweight and swiftly absorbed, this harnesses purslane – a potent botanical famed for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits – to bolster defences and help to delay tell-tale signs of the passage of time.

With the wearing of masks becoming ever-more popular, {maskne} too is on the rise. But – in a bid to save us from our skin care woes, as always – Dr. Barbara Sturm has come up with a fool-proof kit to bid maskne adieu: the {Dr. Sturm Maskne Set}.

Packed with not two, not three, not four, but five blemish-busting must-haves, this kit includes the Mini Calming Serum (with an ultra-soothing, active, plant-based complex that rebalances, strengthens, calms, reduces redness and lessens irritation), Anti-Pollution Drops (to save you from aggravating environmental aggressors while supplying moisture and protecting against the blue light that’s emitted by computers and mobile devices), a Clarifying Face Cream (to balance, purify and replenish hydration levels), a Clarifying Mask Sachet (to prevent blemishes, balance and absorb sebum, refine pores and improve texture) and a {Nano-Silver Mask} (a soft, washable, reusable face covering made from anti-microbial, anti-friction, nano-silver infused fabric!).

Found yourself a must-have kit? Don't hang around - these exclusives won't hang around long! We'll race you to the checkout...


*Applies automatically at checkout. Valid on Dr. Barbara Sturm products for a limited time only.

Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert
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