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Why vinegar is showing up in clued-up beauty rituals

Not just for les frites, find out why vinegar’s found in the skin care routines of those blessed with a beautifully balanced complexion *eats chip*.

Specifically apple cider vinegar (less-so malted, sorry), vinegar’s reported benefits are numerous – not to mention compelling. Believed to be key to a clearer complexion, this natural wonder has caught the attention of those formulating with ‘cleaner’ ingredients. From {Vintner’s Daughter} to French favourite {Gallinée}, forward-thinking brand’s are using vinegar to brighten, tone and keep your skin in sync.

Derived from fermented apples – which makes it a cousin of cider (delicious!) – ACV is naturally acidic, which means its effects are in line with your favourite skin-brightening formulas. Shown to normalise skin’s pH level, when used as a toner it regulates oil and is thought to maintain status quo – helping skin’s flora and fauna to flourish while stopping the ‘bad guys’ from thriving (which means fewer breakouts).

What’s more, it’s naturally rich in malic acid (a type of AHA-BHA hybrid), which makes it an excellent foil for dull, dead cells and blackheads – helping to ‘excavate’ pore-clogging dirt as it works to refine the skin’s surface. Ideal if you’re looking to dial up the brightness without leaving skin feeling overexposed (a boon if you’re sensitive).

And if spots are your bugbear, vinegar’s naturally antibacterial assets are perfect for quelling rebellion. A gentle, rebalancing option for skin prone to breakouts, this not only helps to protect against blemishes but, it is perfect for calming and helping to lessen the post-flare up redness, as well as diminishing dark spots and scarring.

In brief, there’s incredibly little this kitchen essential is not known to benefit – a godsend for dressing your salad and keeping complexions content, here are the picks you should add to your shopping list, stat:

Gallinée {Face Vinegar}

Gallinée have used hibiscus vinegar instead of ACV but all the benefits are similar (if not the very same). Mildly astringent – so ideal for oily, congested complexions – as well as refining and soothing, this toning elixir pairs vinegar with lactic acid and prebiotics, to ‘feed’ the good bacteria that keep your face protected from aggressors. With a legion of cult devotees (it’s frequently found on the shelves of our fave ‘skinfluencers’), this overnight toner is made with 97.5% nature-derived ingredients and is great for supporting your skin’s microbiome.

THE INKEY LIST {Apple Cider Vinegar Acid Peel}

Marrying the benefits of ACV with 10% glycolic acid and a 5% multi-fruit blend to refine and revitalise, this twice-a-week treatment ensures that you wake to a glowing reflection. And at £14.99, it’s a must for your skin care collection.

Volition {Apple Cider Vinegar Resurfacing Peel Pads}

Crowd-sourced solutions that harness traditional ‘at home’ remedies, each one of Volition’s convenient pre-soaked (and 100% compostable) pads provides controlled, skin-friendly doses of exfoliating acids – AHA and ACV – to retexturise and clarify without offending delicate complexions.

Vintner’s Daughter {Active Treatment Essence}

Blending apple cider vinegar with an abundance of skin clarifying, replenishing, resurfacing, brightening, balancing… you name it acids, probiotics, micro algaes, vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts, Vintner’s Daughter’s does-it-all elixir is the bomb dot com. A 360˚ buffet of goodness for every complexion, this helps to bring harmony (while streamlining your ritual).

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