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These are the top 10 most Googled DIY beauty treatments spiking during COVID-19

Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert4 years ago
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It comes as no surprise that those currently working from home during 'lockdown' have increased their self-care endeavours in order to soothe stressed-out skin, anxious minds and introduce some necessary TLC - inadvertently tempting their partners, their flatmates or family members to jump on the self-care bandwagon. But did you know that the number of Google searches for DIY beauty treatments has not only doubled, but quadrupled since March and April 2019(!), with over a million related queries.

So what are we all thinking about or wanting to replicate at home? Obsessed with all things beauty, Team Cult Beauty compared the number of UK Google searches in March and April 2019 to March and April 2020 to reveal the most popular DIY beauty searches during social-distancing and the results are in; read on for our top tips, tricks and recommendations to help you get through the UK lockdown... and beyond.

1. HAIRCUTS"How to cut your own hair"

After just a few weeks of salons and barbers closing their doors, it seems we’re all fancying ourselves as trainee hairdressers-in-the-making. From all the at-home beauty treatments, DIY hair cuts proved to be the most pressing search with a staggering 419,060 in the last month - that's an increase of 1379% compared to this time last year.

But what kind of hair cuts are we currently searching for? According to our Instagram and Facebook feeds men are making the brave decision to let their partners give them a buzzcut - men's haircuts accounted for 70,070 of the searches while 60,430 searches focused on {grooming beards}. And 'hands up' how many of the men in your life are currently sporting a brand new beard, moustache or freshly-shaven, stubble-free cheeks? Meanwhile, women are carefully trimming grown-out fringes or experimenting with cutting in layers (and ridding hair of split ends while they're at it).

Top Tip: If you are going to cut your own {hair}, drop the kitchen scissors immediately and invest in a pair of high-quality hairdressing scissors as well as a wide and fine-toothed comb. Also, chop off less hair than you think you need to – you can always go back and trim again whereas you can’t get back what you’ve already chopped off!

For those who aren’t so confident, take a look at our Q&A with {OUAI Haircare} founder, Jen Atkin, where we asked our team their top {DIY haircut and wellbeing questions} for keeping hair in prestine condition during self-isolation.

2. HOME HAIR DYE"How to dye your hair at home"

If you have coloured or highlighted hair, you’re probably facing some fading or root exposure right now. Rather than riding it out, many of us are reaching for the box dye kits and {hair colour}, with 179,490 searches on this topic since self-isolation – making it one of the most popular beauty queries.

For those who've always wanted to liven up their hair colour with a pop of pastel or rainbow bright colour, {BLEACH London} offers a kaleidoscopic range of trending colours, from über-cool Rose Gold to eye-catching Tangerine Dream.

Alongside, haircuts and hair dye, there’s also been a lot of talk around hair extensions - particularly on how to take them out at home. "How to remove hair extensions at home’" has seen a search increase of 279%, with tape extension removal the most popular, followed by microbead, and finally keratin.

Top Tip: This is a great time to give your hair some extra love and attention by using an intensive {treatment} to nourish strands and help prevent breakage. Not sure which ingredients are best? We recommend squalane as this does-it-all oil accelerates cell turnover and helps effortlessly seal much-needed hydration into both skin and hair - a must-have for dry and sensitive scalps.

3. EYEBROW GROOMING"How to thread your own eyebrows"

If your {brows} are looking a little unruly at the moment or your arch-defining tint is almost entirely worn away by now and you’re missing your monthly brow session, you might be wondering if you could do it yourself (and you’re not alone), as questions on DIY eyebrow grooming has seen a rise of 429% and terms like "How to thread your own eyebrows" have increased by 1115%!

Whilst DIY eyebrow threading has seen a higher increase, the search term "How to wax your own eyebrows" is also proving to be very popular too with a 619% increase. Wondering whether you've got it in you to perfect your beloved brows? If your brows are too precious to risk accidentally thinning brows then we suggest embracing your natural shape and colour.

Top Tip: Bold brows are here to stay, so why not use this time to pamper short hairs and grow them out? In our guide to achieving the perfect brows, founder of {Anastasia Beverly Hills}, Anastasia Soare, reveals {how to define your arches} to best enhance their natural shape.

4. HAIR MASKS"How to make a homemade hair mask"

The focus isn’t just on face masks, either; DIY {hair masks} are also receiving a lot of attention during self-isolation, with a 333% increase in searches.

Coconut oil is one of the most popular ingredients for DIY hair masks, adding lustre, shine and softness to hair, whilst also repairing hair breakage and split ends too. You can combine it with other hero ingredients or use it alone as a treatment before you wash your hair, applying to the ends and leaving at least 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

Top Tip: It’s not just your locks you need to treat, either, keeping your scalp healthy and build-up-free also has a number of benefits. Revitalising hair and {scalp treatments} are great for tackling dandruff and dry, itchy skin, promoting hair growth with time.

5. LASH LIFT"How to do a lash lift at home"

If you had to miss your professional lash lift treatment top-up you’re probably noticing your lashes are losing their curl. Queries on DIY lash lifts are at an all-time high, with over 20,030 searches during self-isolation. Whilst we suggest you avoid taking on the task of a professional lash expert, there are plenty of fabulous products to help keep your lashes lifted and defined while social distancing at home.

Top Tip: right now {eyelash curlers} are key. Hold the curlers onto lashes for 5 - 10 seconds before applying a high-volume {mascara} which will allow for the most dramatic effect possible.

6. SKIN CARE FACE MASKS"How to make a DIY face mask"

The real question here is, who doesn’t love a {face mask}? It’s the perfect way to pamper yourself and leaves skin feeling fresh and healthy - something we all need when our skin is inevitably showing signs of stress.

With more time than ever to spend on self-care, searches for DIY face masks have increased by 233%, suggesting more of us are using our time at home to look after our skin.

Interestingly, "how to make an oatmeal facemask" saw a rise of 22% with aloe vera, charcoal, and honey following closely behind - all great hero ingredients for soothing, hydrating, detoxing and nourishing skin in need.

Top Tip: Charcoal masks are great for oily and combination skin as they absorb excess oils and impurities, while masks featuring oatmeal and aloe vera are better for pampering dry or sensitive skin.

7. NAIL CARE "How to remove acrylic nails yourself"

If your falsies are hanging on by a thread, you’re probably amongst one of the 137,440 people searching for a hassle-free way to remove them. It's already a very popular query, but questions on how to remove acrylic nails are still rapidly growing and have seen an increase of 129%. Alongside this, it seems like we’re all keen to learn how to master a manicure ourselves and improve our {nail} care knowledge, with the term "How to do gel nails at home" rising by 170%, receiving 33,940 unique Google searches. If you want to give it a go, a good quality lamp, nail file, buffer, and nail scissors should help you get an insta-worthy manicure.

Top Tip: Whether you're removing acrylics or priming nails for a DIY manicure, it’s important to keep your cuticles strong and healthy. Using a cuticle serum will nourish skin and nails, calm post-manicure redness and irritation as well as keeping ridges and breakage at bay.

8. BATH BOMBS"How to make a DIY bath bomb"

With more time to {de-stress and relax}, home remedies for bath bombs are quite literally fizzing, with 62,960 searches - that's an increase of 128% searches from March/April 2019. Amongst the top Google search results, moisturising rose petal is a popular ingredient, alongside calming lavender and chamomile. If you don’t fancy making your own bath bomb, why not try good-to-skin Himalayan Salt to soothe aching muscles.

9. AT-HOME FACIALS"How to do an at home facial"

Last but most definitely not least, whether you're missing your facialist or wishing you had one right now as our skin is displaying signs of stress - from spots to increased redness and dryness - we’re all looking to hone our skills and create our very own at-home spa days.

Our data shows that the search term "facial at home" is up by 115%, whilst more invasive treatments which require professional equipment, including hydrafacials, have seen an increase of 136%.

If you like the sound of a DIY facial, start by cleansing the skin so you’ve got a clean base, then exfoliate to remove dead and dull skin cells for an even base that will increase product absorption too. Follow with your favourite mask, serum or moisturiser. Level up your at-home treatment by incorporating one of our high-tech {skin care tools} - from blood-stimulating and face-sculpting rollers and gua shas to intelligent LED or sonic-powered devices that mimic your favourite in-office treatment form the comfort of your own home.

Top Tip: If you don’t have a facial steamer, you can use a bowl of hot water with slices of orange, cucumber or lemon instead. For the ultimate facial massage, consider using a {facial roller} instead of your fingers. The rolling motion helps to lift the face and eliminate toxins.


Eyelash extensions require a lot of maintenance with beauticians recommending infills every two to three weeks, so it's no surprise searches have spiked as your beloved lashes start to look a little more sparse than usual.

"How to remove lash extensions with coconut oil" and "How to remove lashes with baby oil" has seen a huge increase in search volume last month, with women around the country looking for a natural way to remove them safely and pain-free.

Natural oils can help the extensions slide off without damaging your natural lashes or irritating the delicate skin around your eyes. Try dipping a cosmetic pad, or make up sponge into the oil of your choice and gently swipe your upper and lower lash lines, making sure not to get any of the oil in your eyes.

Top Tip: To help keep your natural lashes thick and full, use a conditioning treatment such as {RevitaLash} or Shisiedo's {Full Lash Serum}, which can help to keep lashes hydrated and nourished, whilst preventing brittleness and breakage.

So, how close are these results to your most recent beauty searches, queries and questions? If you're anything like Team Cult Beauty (we're guessing you are) then they're probably very, very similar. However, while we respect any beauty addict wanting to add a new string to their beauty bow, before you go concocting DIY face masks and chopping chunks of precious hair off, why not spend a little time discovering (read: procrastinating) new Holy Grail products on our website? Whether you're itching to dye your hair an eye-catching colour from the comfort of your own home or simply keen to take your bathtime routine up a couple of über-luxe notches with sumptuous {bath & body} crèmes, our Hall of Fame prides itself on delivering the very best - and you don't have to step one foot out of your door while doing so.

Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert
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