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Crystal Healing: our obsession with gemstone-powered skin care tools

Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert5 years ago
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Does the mention of "birth charts", "star signs" and "mercury's in retrograde" send you into a eye-rolling frenzy? Or does it peak your interest and result in a Google deep dive on all things spiritual and 'new age-y'? It would seem that in 2019 most people are opting for the latter and as semi-precious crystals evolve from altar trinkets and spiritual talismans, to being carried around in handbags and pockets as energy and aura-defending protectors, trusted authorities within the beauty sphere have quickly adopted and infused their bestselling products with all things rose quartz, jade and amethyst.

But this is no unique skin care innovation. While we may have quickly become obsessed with moon-soaked and energy-charged gemstone skin care tools, this beauty ritual has been used by people for hundreds of thousands of years.

First used in seventh-century China, and then allegedly used by Cleopatra in ancient Egypt, the skin-healing and energy-balancing abilities of jade, rose quartz and a whole host of other crystals have definitely earned their place within Holy Grail beauty routines and rituals. But what are the benefits and how do you incorporate them into your routine?

The 'crystal healing' trend comes from the fact that gemstones vibrate at a higher frequency than our bodies and release mild electrical charges which can heat or cool the skin's surface. This can help boost blood circulation, calm puffiness and aid lymphatic drainage as well as helping to amplify the effects of other products, driving ingredients towards our weaker cells when used in skin care.

Gua Sha and Facial Rollers gained notoriety in Chinese medicine and beauty rituals due to their concerns of premature ageing being caused by poor blood circulation. Gemstones are filed and carved mirror-smooth and used in conjunction with a massage oil help to work the skin, stimulate blood flow and collagen production, as well as aiding lymphatic drainage and calming puffiness and inflammation for a sculpted, toned and lifted complexion.

Best for lymphatic drainage... why not try a facial roller to target the lymphatic system (the bodies detoxifying system) and help de-puff, reduce inflammation and cool skin. Top tip: pop your facial roller in the fridge to intensify the rollers effect on your complexion - a must for tired eyes first thing in the morning. Whether you want Omorovicza's multi-tasking dual-ended {Rose Quartz Roller} which can be used on the face, body and eye area, or BeautyBio's innovative {GloPRO Rose Quartz Roller Attachment Head} for their iconic GloPRO microneedling device, these boost elimination of accumulated toxins.

Firming and toning the skin as it rolls, this elegant tool can also help to minimise discolouration and even out texture, tone and clarity. Use it around your eyes and, with regular use, fine lines can be reduced and dark circles diminished – it even works to reduce persistent wrinkles (it’s great for combatting ‘elevens’). Store in the fridge to enhance the relaxing and tightening benefits.

Best for fascia muscular massage... The OG gemstone tool, Gua Sha (also known as 'scraping therapy') has long been used in Chinese medicine to massage the face and relieve deep muscular tension and due to the tools characteristic contours, it can also produce an immediate face lift result.

The more perpendicular a Gua Sha is held to the skin, the more effective the tool becomes at massaging and breaking up tissue, allowing it to release and relax. Meanwhile, the more parallel the tool and softer you press, the more you address the body’s lymphatic drainage system and detoxifying. As well as this, it can reduce sagging, blotches and bags and lines around the eyes, quickly revitalising skin. Having imparted noticeable results for the last 1000 years, this is a piece of skin care tradition to treasure, helping skin to remain youthful and supple today just as it did in ancient times.

Odacité offers three gemstone Gua Shas, there's {Rose Quartz}, {Green Aventurine} and {Blue Sodalite} which all provide different elemental and energy-defining results depending on the stones characteristics.

Not sure which gemstone can help realign and improve your energy levels and chakras? Here's a handy guide:

Jade protects the skin and increases circulation.

Rose Quartz is known for improving self-love and acceptance as well as reducing fine lines, wrinkles and smoothes out rough skin while also improving circulation and calming the complexion.

Diamonds are known for strengthening, brightening and exfoliating while also being create energy clearers and restorers.

Moonstone gives skin a youthful glow and helps balance your 'yin-yang' energy, protecting against ailments like anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Amber is known for promoting healing, purification and cleansing - great for clarifying and detoxifying the skin as well as alleviating pain too.

Aventurine is known as a positive and lucky stone, green aventurine ensures the odds are always in your favour. The positive energy of this stone is conducive to prosperity and good luck while attracting more opportunities and abundance into your life.

Sodalite is known as a balancing and peaceful stone, blue sodalite encourages harmony, restores peace and inner tranquillity while releasing fears and tensions.

Rubies are thought to be great blood cleansers, removing toxins and clearing up acne. They also recharge your energy, helping you feel powerful and in control.

Amethyst soothes tension and negativity, which can lead to reduced stress and less anxiety. Perfect for tension headaches or restoring calm and aiding relaxation.

Tourmaline crystals warm as they are rubbed onto skin, increase blood circulation for a dewy and healthy glow as well as aiding skin absorption helping your products work harder and get where they need to go.

Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert
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