Chances are, you're already acquainted with {NARS} line of faaaaaabulous favourites - the bestselling {Blush}, the {Sheer Glow Foundation} (in the running for our {Haul of Fame} awards) and the one-for-all {Multiple} stick that tints, highlights and lends lids a whisper of glimmer but, these heroes are only the tip of a beautiful iceberg. Read on to discover the latest and top-rated favourites your make up bag's missing...

An eyeshadow palette for Borrowers, NARS new (and EXCLUSIVE) {Mini Wanted Eyeshadow Palette} is tiny but mighty - boasting six breathtaking shades of peach, berry and bronze for convenient, clutch bag-compatible touch-ups. Perfectly palm-sized, this 'oooooh-inducing' sextet fits in pockets or the miniest minaudières - making it perfect for weddings, flights, festivals... any occasion you need to look fabulous, fast. Team Cult Beauty can't stop cooing over how cah-yoot this petit palette is. Perfection!

Want your eyeshadow to stay put (and pristine) 'til *you* decide otherwise? Step forward: NARS {Tinted Eyeshadow Base} - a blurring and Velcro-esque fluid that acts like adhesive for pigment while helping to neutralise discolouration and thread veins to ensure your colours stay true to the pan. With four shades to flatter a spectrum of skin tones, this works to ward against creasing and caking for seamless (and long-wearing) looks.

Highlight for those who don't like their cheekbones to look intergalactic, these stunning {Highlighting Powders} are suitably subtle. "OMG I LOVE this highlight. These are not the most blinding ever but, beautifully buildable. There are six shades which suit every. single. skin tone! I use 'Capri' which is one of my go-tos - I wore it to college today and got no end of compliments. You also get so much product for a great price. What more could you want?" - Blondieee, Cult Beauty customer

You've probably spied this cult camouflage lurking in BFFs' beauty stash but, if you're yet to discover its brightening, blurring and pimple-disguising prowess then we're here to convince you. The clue's in the title: {Radiant Creamy Concealer} does just what is says on its chic see-through tube. Easy to blend this applies effortlessly to hide every boo-boo with no tell-tale trace. "I will never use another concealer again. It lasts really well, gives great coverage and is really brightening. I have fair skin with bluish dark circles and this is the only product that really makes a difference." - Ilaria, Cult Beauty customer

Ask any beauty buff to name their favourite bronzing product and they'll likely chant {Laguna} like their life depends upon it. The ultimate, olive-toned shade lends the most realistic, post-holiday glow but, who knew the bestselling hue came in new, dewy form? A fresh, golden tint for all those who choose cream over powder, this chic, light-scattering liquid looks gorgeous when mixed with your base to lend warmth, or diffused with a brush for a sun-stripped effect. You're "Impressed" and "Obsessed"... as are we!

And, it isn't just make up that NARS turn their talents to. Much of their skin care slips under the radar so please, allow us to attract your attention to one 'unsung hero' that truly deserves pride of place in your self-care regime. Providing a surge of hydration to plump and replenish dry, post-office skin ("Do your worst, Air Conditioning"), {Aqua Gel Luminous Mask} quickly quenches cells thirst to leave skin feeling 'bouncy' and beautifully luminous.