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This game-changing range will sort your skin out

Got 99 problems? Your skin needn’t be one with #CultBrandoftheMonth {Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s} spot-fighting and brightening line-up. From dark spots to breakouts and scars to fine lines, the best-loved {Alpha Beta} range targets the catalogue of complexion concerns with an impressive blend of skin-refining, purifying acids which work to re-texturise and clarify stressed-out, mature or acne-prone skin types.

A relatively recent new addition to the range, the brilliant {Alpha Beta Pore Perfecting Cleansing Gel} is unlike any other gel cleanser we’ve come across. Unusually thick, this creates an incredible lather that deep cleans your pores and controls excess oil to leave skin über fresh but not stripped. When lightly massaged over just-damp face (and neck!), this brilliant, acid-laced formula lifts daily dirt and dead cells (“Bye pollution!”) and penetrates pores to expunge all the gunk that contributes to blackheads and breakouts.

It’s perfect for those who are prone to pimples or are plagued by large, prominent pores – just use every evening post-make up removal to ‘undo’ the harmful impact of the day and help aid penetration of subsequent skin care…

Which brings us to the {Alpha Beta Exfoliating Moisturizer} – a featherweight, citrus-y-scented hydrator that’s packed with a cocktail of skin-vitalising malic, mandelic, citrus and salicylic acids, which gently dissolve all the ‘glue’ that binds dead cells and dirt to skin’s surface without irritating or triggering redness. With squalane to strengthen and fortify delicate tissue, alongside ceramides, Chinese foxglove and hyaluronic acid to ‘plump’ and prevent water loss, this cocoons your complexion with much-needed moisture while gradually sloughing the radiance-ruining debris.

Which leads to the game-changing chemical peels – {single-use sachets} infused with a potent resurfacing blend of AHAs to brighten and stimulate collagen synthesis (acids kick-start sluggish cells to re-boot manufacture of ‘scaffolding’) – before the second step (a blend of balancing, soothing ingredients) halts the hydroxyl activity, making them safe to use every morning. {Dr. Dennis Gross} prescribes a peel-a-day to keep skin smooth, supple and glowing with health (they’re great for diminishing pigmentation). With three ‘grades’ to choose from, newbies should use {Ultra Gentle} until they’re acclimatised, then move on to {Universal}.

If you’re an acid addict, you can even use the {Extra Strength Peel Pads} on the regular, or intersperse with Universal when you need an extra beauty boost.

And if you want a ‘kiss’ of colour with your peel, Dr. G’s thought of everything. Infused with tanning agent DHA to grant a gradual, holiday glow while maintaining a beautiful, ‘lit from within’ look, the {Alpha Beta Glow Pads} come in ‘Gradual’ and ‘Intense’ to combat congestion, eliminate dryness and prolong hard-won summer colour.



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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